Friday, December 15, 2017

WordPress Secrets – The Clean-Up

Bloggers Market WordPress Install E-Book


This was to be my final post for the launch of “Bloggers Market WordPress Secrets – Set-up And Installation”. I had hoped that I could have gone out with a bang, but as you no doubt know by now, I have had to withdraw my E-Book for Editorial Reasons. That’s Blogger speak for “I screwed up by not getting permission to print certain material before I launched the product”.

While I’m in this funk, or in the jaws of the dreaded “Anti-Launch”, I thought I would go ahead and take this time to clean-up an almost complete mess on my computer.  If I can screw-up the courage, I’ll even clean up the removable storage units where I send everything that I don’t want to deal with at the moment.

I don’t think I have ever read a post on anyone’s blog that deals with the mess, or the aftermath, of a product launch.  I know that power Bloggers usually have a staff to clean-up after the “2 hours a day” work day; but for those of us mortals, who have to hack it on our own, there really is a lack of time to do the housekeeping.

This post is really just killing time for me, as I head into the weekend to attack this mess.  I really don’t want to tackle this job. The real problem, of course, is not the job or mess ahead of me: it’s the job or mess that is my product launch, and the “where do we go from here?” challenges of managing a Blog on a daily basis.

I knew I should have bought that Jeff Paul program “Shortcuts To Internet Millions”. You know, the “Easy As Sending E-Mail” and “No Computers Skills Needed” program! Oh well, we live and learn I guess.

WordPress Secrets – The Anti-Launch

Bloggers Market WordPress Install E-Book


Despite my every effort to provide a smooth product launch for “Bloggers Market WordPress Secrets – Set-up And Installation”, I find myself in Anti-Launch mode. That seems to be one of the buzzwords around the Blogosphere these days; “Anti-Launch”. I”m just glad that David Risley nor Frank Kern is over here reading this and weighting in on my ordeal.

In all their editorial wisdom the editors over here at Bloggers Market have decided that Bloggers Market WordPress Secrets is going mainstream. I never really intended it to go “mainstream”. In other words they want the E-Book to be available to the general public through the major book stores. I never wanted nor intended the E-Book to be available that way.

Bloggers Market WordPress Secrets was always meant to be a little; just a little geekie. If I were to go mainstream I would have to use red arrows in my instructions instead of the normal computer cursor arrow. The reason I did this, is that I wanted my readers to really look closely and “study” my screen shots. And you have to look closely if you are looking for a computer cursor that isn’t moving. Geeks like to do this kinda thing; hunt for arrows and such. The general public and the visually impaired don’t.

There are other things of course like ISBN numbers that have to be assigned and copyright permissions have to be approved and a host other challenges that go with going mainstream. It’s not that I’m against going mainstream it’s just that I don’t have the time right now. The irony of it all is that I’m a Blogger not a writer of Books. I already have a full-time job here at The Bloggers Market Group.

This brings me to my anti-launch. I am going to have to withdraw Bloggers Market WordPress Secrets from this Blog and the Internet until I have cleared all of the hurdles that a writer has to deal with to become published in that Main Stream!

Back to the drawing board, the inkwell and the quill. Oh Joy …………