Monday, December 18, 2017

“Ruh-roh, Raggy”

Scobby Doo

I started off back in the middle of December with the intention of re-building Bloggers Market with a new theme. I knew what I wanted, but couldn’t come close to finding anything out there in “Theme World”. I really figured that I was going to have to build the theme that I wanted and that was going to take time; time I really did not have in light of my other troubles with my Blogs.

I decided that for the next year I would just go with the new “Church” child theme, built on the “Genesis” theme framework. This probably spelled trouble or at least challenge for me as Bloggers Market is a tech heavy site. I’ve taken liberties with the site and experimented with different technologies which I really should have tested over at “Bloggers” which is why I built the site in the first place; as a testbed or what is commonly referred to as a “sandbox”. Unfortunately I had ridden the site until it broke and then rode off into the sunset. I actually have the site repaired now, but not in time to help me here.

Over the holidays I have put the new theme through the paces as you probably know by now, and have had challenges, but nothing to get into a twist over. Everything seemed to be predictable. After the big build I took a couple of days off and then decided before I do any new E-Book offerings or projects, that I would take the shot at upgrading here at Bloggers

Everything went pretty smoothly, I was able to dump a lot of unproductive software, technology and plugins. Out went all the old comments from those that just came by looking for link juice and all the irrelevant posts that I have written that have had little value to my readers. Really just odds and ends for my own reference to some sort of WordPress issue that I was dealing with at the time.

By the time I was ready for the transfer, I backed-up everything and imported the database ………. in pieces, as I had built a respectable 100 Megs of Information. I took a shot at “wp_posts” and Ruh-roh ……. DATABASE BREAK! The import of the posts torched my “pages” and “categories” that I had set-up ……… even without the “terms” tables!!! Whateverrrrr ! Wages of Weirdness !

Whenever I run into un-predictable behavior with WordPress or any software or programing, I lose the thrill to experiment. What this means is that I will have to re-build Bloggers post by post; comment by comment ! I’m really not in the mood to wing it.

Oh well ……… see you this Summer !   :roll:


  1. Sounds like a lot of work! You have volumes here. I would think the WordPress platform would have a solution for you.
    Jay@DishNetworkTVblog recently posted..Dish Network Current Offers Effective 2-2-2011-5-17-2011

  2. Jeffrey says:

    Hey Jay,
    Like I said ……… once things get a little squirrelee’, I go about things very carefully and predictably. I don’t want to take any chances here. This is the flag-ship, so I’ll just take my time. Thanks for stopping by man.
    Sorry about the link thing. I’m working on restoring the comments as well.

  3. Maria Pavel says:

    Hi Jeffrey,

    Wow, it seems that you really have a lot of work – as Jay said. The new Church child theme is very nice, it looks great. Rebuilding bloggersmarket post by post and comment by comment isn’t really a walk in the park, hehe. I guess there is a software or something that can help you with the database break problem. Though, I wish you good luck repairing the database and keep up the good work!

    Best regards,

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    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Maria,
      Trust me, I’m like over … trying to repair the database. I have 18 Blogs that I re-build every two years to keep them on the cutting edge and it takes about 8 hours of focus to take each one down and then back up. Optimizing and exporting and then importing is a pretty straight forward process. When things get squirrelee, I stop right there and re-build from scratch before I find two years worth of work and SEO on the dark side of the moon.

      As a point of interest you can look at the difference between the “Traffic Rank” from Alexa. My site widget says 209 and Alexa says 325. The drop in rank is due to the fact that content that was once searchable is now gone …….. yet to be restored. I’m still about a month away from having it back in working order.

      I fear the problem lay with the way that the new theme was designed. Going from one piece to two means that you are dividing things and that is sure to cause problems.

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