Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Refining Your First Products – Lesson 20

After five months you should have things pretty much sorted out with your new Blog. Now, just keep hitting it with your content. Really focus on keeping things as simple and straight forward as possible. Don’t get concern for right now with changing things with your Blog and taking a lot of time to do it. Just focus and put up content. If you are committed to this it will take a couple of years for you to establish yourself anyway, so just post, then post again. If you need something to do ……….

It takes time for the search engines to index a Blog properly. The more content the faster this will happen. While you can post 10 times a day and get things rolling pretty quick, once done, what do you have to offer your traffic from the stand point of products? Most of the profit made by Blogs are made by the owners products. So it might be a good idea to only post once a day and then spend the rest of the time on working on your own products. The coming lessons will deal with getting your products ready to go.

If you post once a day and work on products for that Blog that you post to, by the time the traffic arrives you will have something to sell. Try not to get distracted with any other projects or Blogs right now, just work on content and products for one. Having multiple Blogs in the beginning will not improve your changes to earn income, rather it will just multiply your problems.

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