Monday, December 18, 2017

Ready To Do Some Writing? – Lesson 33

Launching a product should be fun. I’m afraid that you will find it a lot of work to boot. And now that you are on the road with your first true product launch, it’s time to do some writing. I know, you’ve been doing that already. Well, get this. Time to do more. Except this time it’s for the product launch.

While in the mist of managing your Blog and writing your daily post, you will have to write over the period of 7 to 10 days, posts about the product. All about your product.

The way that you go about this is in a story book way. You write about the proposed upcoming launch of a new product and you mention what you have in mind. Then you want to go into some of the challenges of building the product and how it will help your readers achieve their goals. You need to mention the people involved and what it is going to take to bring the product to market. You will write a short post detailing the path to your products launch over the next few days to come. Every day.

When the big day comes you will continue to write about the new product and all the bells and whistles attached to the product and all the goodies you are going to throw in along with the purchase if they will visit your site in the next two days. You’ll provide plenty of links in the posts that point to the landing page and you will ask your readers to re-tweet your post and to take a look and pass on the good news about your product.

The following days are the most important of the launch. You want to inform your readers of the affiliate opportunities available with your new product. You will have to make this a no brainer. You will need everything set up. You will invite them to sign up, grab an HTML link of their liking to your product, of which you should have several sizes of artwork and links ready to go.


  1. Maria Pavel says:


    I would like to start with the fact that I can’t believe that you wrote 33 lessons on how to do some writing, this is absolutly fantastic, you defintely have talent and great skills on writing quality content. Oh, and yes indeed, launching a product should be fun, but there can’t be a lot of fun in the start because of the stress with promoting the product and getting the product’s message heard by as many as possible people, also, the results will be as the work. Lots of work – lots of great results, less work – less great results. Thanks for sharing another great lesson, keep up the good work!

    Best regards,

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  2. Jeffrey says:

    Hi Maria,
    I appreciate your kind words. Writing of course is just the beginning, it’s the readers who provide the icing on the cake who provide comments such as yours to those writers. Thank you!

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