Sunday, December 17, 2017

Providing The Incentive To Your Market – Lesson 32

In the course of focusing in on your marketing plans. Don’t forget that once you have a killer product and landing page with all the bells and whistles, no one will really come unless you provide the “Bread Crumbs”.

The are several ways in which to bring your market to you. For this post we will be looking at the mailing list as the others are really post related to your launch except your keyword work for a good “AdWords” campaign.

Now that you have a few names on your mailing list. It is really time to turn up the heat and get really serious about building that list.

You should already have at least one product ready to go at this point and now your efforts should be centered on the launch. Done right, you are probably looking at about a month before launch. Now is the time to start providing a ton of cool freebies to your following. You need to scour the web looking for any and all really cool E-Books that will give you permission to give their E-Book away on your site. Remember that you are just trying to harvest a lead here.

Your own E-Material is good to throw in at this point to the effort. Don’t make it a sales pitch, not now. After launch you can release a good E-Book or two for free that you can provide a link back to your funnel. The shorter the product, the more focused on the point, the more powerful the presentation. In other words, don’t release an E-Book on the install on WordPress. That is going to be far too long for anyone to read at one setting and you will lose the momentum need to capture a lead or a possible sale.

Provide an E-Book like: “Three techniques to attract the right Twitter followers” and make it 3 to 6, no more than 10 pages. Stay very focused here, get to the point and then throw in the link to capture your lead.


  1. Maria Pavel says:


    I don’t know very much about lauching E-Books but this is true, you need to stay very focused and get to the point and then throw in the link to capture your lead. It’s very important to write not too many but not too less words in your E-book, don’t bore the reader but also don’t be superficial or you will lose the readers. Great job you did with this article as well as with the others, I’m very fond of this blog, keep up the good work! Thanks for sharing.

    Best regards,

    Maria Pavel recently posted..Certified Nursing Assistant Practice Test

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Maria,
      If you spend some time with this Blog as you have, you can gain insight into how things should be done with your Internet Marketing Business. However, most have to navigate the waters by themselves within their own Blogs. They have to work to be competitive. They have to keep moving by necessitation. They have little time for reading and “studying”. Even if they did, to search out and find the information needed for their business is time consuming and may not bear fruit.

      With some many in the game and so little needed to launch an Internet business, there are literally millions out there who are burning your time trying with everything they have to hold your attention. For you to sift through this complex maze can be mind numbing. In the end, to get to the bottom of the barrel you have to part with your dollars. This again can be complex to sort through.

      My focus is to hit as hard as possible and focus on what is truly important.

      Thanks for coming by to see me Maria!

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