Monday, December 18, 2017

Pros And Cons Of TypePad


I thought I would continue my rant on TypePad with this “Pros and Cons”. TypePad is a popular Blogging service and CMS and is widely recommended. But, as with everything, TypePad has it’s good points and it’s bad points. Here are just a few to begin the debate.

So what’s hot about TypePad?

  • TypePad has a killer line-up of customers to point to as happy Bloggers.
  • TypePad has its own affiliate program.
  • Easy tech support forums with which to work with.
  • Plenty of cool themes to choose from.
  • Killer Micro Blog set-up! Even has templates for Micro Blogging.
  • Clean Pod-Casting system, users subscribe to your RSS feed to auto download.

So what’s not about TypePad?

  • You have to pay for the service.
  • Kinda pricey for the business user.
  • Performance can be a problem. Features are not exactly “web 2.0″ or competitive with other blog platforms (IMHO).
  • Design tends to lag just a bit with the latest in Blogging apps and gizmo’s.
  • Your dependent on TypePad for server performance, which has had it’s fair share of problems.
  • You have to pay for the service. Thought I would throw that one out there again!


  1. Thank You very much for the wonderful information. I would not have found the bad points about typepad without this post.

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