Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Pro-Blogger Designs

Blogging Designs At the Edge Of The World

Hello, and welcome to The Bloggers Market Group Pro-Blogger Designs Page. Here you will find most everything that you need as a resource for understanding of our Blog design process. These websites have been nearly a year in the making and are considered a high-tech product for the Blogger offered to you from The Bloggers Market Group.

The Bloggers Market Group has taken on this project to test and promote the latest in Blogging Science. We usually do not venture too far into the future, trusting instead to work within a solid structure of the proven.

With the construction of Gated and Blue Ridge we decided to pull out all the stops and see what the future of Blogging has to offer. We have never done this before, so this is a first for The Bloggers Market Group.

Gated and Blue Ridge are built on the state of the art Blogging Platform; WordPress, which is actually a WordPress design of our own. We prepare WordPress to function as a high powered cutting edge Blogging Platform right out of the box. So the latest Themes and hottest Plug-ins are added before installation to our servers. Everything is tested for dependability before we deploy any Blog and Gated and Blue Ridge as well as the other sites you see at our auctions are no exceptions.

We decided to build Gated and Blue Ridge on the latest Church Child Theme provide by StudioPress. Both the Child and the Parent: Genesis, are both brand new. Using a Child and Parent for Theme purposes, while not new is a growing trend, giving the developer more flexibility and control in design.

We at The Bloggers Market Group are old school; preferring to “hard code” our Blogs which gives us a tremendous amount of control and stability as opposed to using software that is still in development to control. The Bloggers Market Group believes in nothing but the running gear which we believe enhances speed and security.

But new software tools also seem to be a growing trend. The benefit of course is that in so doing you provide greater access to quality Blogging tools for a greater variety of individuals who may not be tech savvy.

We hope you enjoy our latest efforts and that you are able to invest in this the latest and greatest for your Internet Marketing Efforts. Blogging, more than any other type of Internet Marketing effort is hugely competitive. The Bloggers Market Group offers you just those very tools and opportunities you need to compete on a professional level.