Monday, December 18, 2017

Point Of Decision – Lesson 24

We’re almost half way through my series on Blogging for the new Blogger. After six months of Blogging you should be well on your way to …………….. a decision. It’s a big one in fact. You will come to the point where you must decide on whether you want to be a Blogger or Internet Marketeer. There is no reason why you can’t do both of course.

You will in fact find yourself at the crossroads one day, wondering; contemplating on which path to take. Here’s where things get a bit dicey I’m afraid. I’m going to pull out all the stops and this could stir-up decent in the comment’s section. Making money Online is a bit easier than Blogging. Ok, it’s a lot easier to make money Online than it is to Blog.

To all the Bloggers out there who struggle to make money Blogging, my apologizes. I understand that earning a full-time living is a real challenge for the Blogger. The problem comes with this challenge; Blogging is a full-time challenge, money is the companion to this type of pursuit. Making money Online is a full-time pursuit.

I know a lot of great Bloggers; I know a ton of great Internet Marketers. I really don’t know that many successful Bloggers who earn great money with their Blogging. I can count them on one hand.

I love Blogging! I really grove on it. However, I spend a tremendous amount of time Blogging. When I get hungry I have to stop and go to work marketing my skills. My Blogging stops. I could hire someone to provide Blogging services, but then, it wouldn’t be my Blog. For me personally I tend to shy away from Bloggers who provide their content through out-sourcing in one form or other. I visit their Blogs to read their content, not someone else’s. There are just too many killer Blogs out there to read, by the great writer themselves, to be bothered with reading “canned content”.

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