Sunday, December 17, 2017

Playing It Safe Won’t Get It Done

As my time here at Bloggers Market slowly draws to a close, I’m left with thoughts of my new direction. Beyond a “Gone Fishin Blogin’ sign on the front door there won’t be a lot left behind here. I’ll slowly remove the content to the Archives and will only post here about once a month. Hey, I’ve got a Pagerank of 3, I’m not about to let that go! I’m kinda crazy at times, but I’m not exactly a slow coach.

Having Fun With WordPress

I’ve been working on a new WordPress template as part of my offerings over at my new site and have come to appreciate all of the work that such undertakings require. It certainly is not my first project, however I’m tending to push the envelope a bit. Only problem with such activities is that while pushing the envelope may be cool to the ego, it doesn’t really provide much in the way of income. What’s worse, with no back-up of any sort, I’ve expended a ton of time while sorting through all of the different variables.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

I’d like to think that once I reach the end of the template rainbow I will find the hordes rushing in to make their purchases. The reality of course is that I’m seeing more and more websites that are offering dozens of templates for free …….. and man, are they killer looking. Sometimes I have to stare in wonder at the beauty of such designs. While I’m strong on the code end of things, I’m a touch weak in the imagination end of things. I’m sure of course that this will develop with more experience. Only problem is that I just don’t have the time or resources to pursue such things. I’m just not naturally gifted to make a go of it ……. what a shame.

Where To Bank

There are so many, doing so much, it’s hard for me to see where I might fit in. I’ve seen tons of themes with tons of plug-ins with tons of software to take you anywhere you may want to go ………. and all for free. Man, it’s kinda hard to figure where or exactly what to bank one’s future on.

What It Takes To Get The Job Done

My new sites will have a number of products and services that are sure to do well ……. but I don’t think I’m going to be “Blogging To The Bank” anytime soon. I’m playing it safe of course and those who profit the most take the greatest risks.

I’ve said it before; I’m still of the mind that to stand out among the millions of others out there, you’ll have to sell yourself. If you intend on earning an income Online; Running Ads, Offering Affiliate Products and playing it safe just won’t be enough to get the job done these days.


  1. Adrienne says:

    Hey Jeffrey,

    A little change up on the background here I see. Nice!

    Boy can I ever relate to what you are saying about creativity. Some of those themes out there are just killer cool. How in the world do those people come up with that? I’m just not that creative and for the life of me, my mind just doesn’t work like that. I just admire anyone who has that kind of an imagination.

    Overall though, I have no doubt your templates are just as nice. I’m sure you can add some things to them that others haven’t thought of or didn’t want to spend the time on. I can’t wait to see what you’ll be offering down the road.

    Ah, can you believe this year is on the downhill slope now? I can’t believe November is already here. Wow, this year did fly by. It will be over before you know it!

    Adrienne recently posted..I Accept The 7 Links Challenge

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Adrienne,
      I’ve really patched togeather a bunch of derelicts when it comes to the themes that I will be offering. Some are premium of course that I will be selling as an affiliate that come with full support from others.

      When I actually get around to releasing my themes, I’m going to be focused on Internet Marketing Themes. In other words those that are simple in design, colorful, load quickly, are super, super SEO friendly and can be managed easliy for affiliate offers. More of a money making theme as opposed to a personal weblog theme.

      See you soon ……… grab it and growl girl!

      This thursday starts the pre-launch process ……… once I get my ducks in a row!

  2. Gregory says:

    I always believe that being risky is the heart of a successful business. If you are playing safe all the time, then most likely you will be left behind. So it may not be sure of the outcome of the action but at least you tried.

    Webmaster of Lethal Commission Review
    Gregory recently posted..Mass Cash Espionage Review-By Ian Ross

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Gregory,
      I’ve been thinking of this subject all night long. Thinking about risk vs. reward. Much focus is given to the rewards that come from risk, no so much given to the potential “pitfalls” of failure.

      Those pitfalls leave real wreckage in there wake. Life changing wreckage. Call it “Universal Chaos”. I know a cleaver play on words however, very few are able to avoid these consquences of failure when one assumes risk.

      In chaos theory, chaos refers to an apparent lack of order in a system that nevertheless obeys particular laws or rules. Chaos is not disorder but a higher order of the universe.

      However, when one gets caught in the gears of this machine, the consquences can be devastating. Been there ………. done that!

  3. Brian says:

    Good idea to keep blogging at least once a month to hold onto your PR. I think I’ve let too many sites drift from a 3 or 4 pr to 1 and 2. For some reason, I thought good PR related to high traffic, something I’ve never had.
    Brian recently posted..Stock Photo of Lucky’s Cafe in Dallas

  4. Jim Calaman says:

    Hi Jeffrey,
    Good luck on your new theme package. Competition is brutal and it seems to be getting tougher. Focusing on one small area and becoming an expert seems to be the way to go I think. I build adsense sites and that is going OK. However, I am afraid of google and their power to zap your websites. Content is king seems to be theme.
    Jim Calaman recently posted..The Blue Morpho Butterfly- One of Nature’s Disappearing Beautys

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Jim, thanks for coming by today!

      I can tell that you are new at this game …… welcome aboard. I’m working on a program that should be ready by the first of the year that is along the same lines that you are working right now. However, instead of adsense I focus on affiliate offers aimed at the niche.

      Adsense is known in the business as “Bloggers Welfare”. Now, it’s nothing to be bummed over. It’s just not the way that you want to go.

      Oh by the way, you picked a great niche with the Butterfly’s. I have a Butterfly site that that I will be selling about the middle of next year for $250,000.00. Obviously it’s a little bit more intense then what you have, but I’m in love with the niche.

      As for content being King …….. you might want to put that in the back of your head right now. While it’s important, it’s not as important as “Jim Calaman”. I hope you can understand that. You’re the important ingredient not the content. You have to provide a trail of breadcrumbs for your market to find you not your content, they can find that anywhere Online. However, they can find only one of you Online.

      Check out at the first of the year and you’ll understand what I am trying to communicate to you. Pre-launch starts tomorrow here at Bloggers Market!

  5. Barry Wells says:

    Hi Jeffrey,

    I can only imagine the stress of putting this all together and then finding loads of free stuff as competition. However as Adrienne pointed out a lot of the free themes won’t have your extra touch, so I don’t think they’ll be much competition really only by the fact that they’re free.

    I know you’re the coding King so am looking forward to seeing what you have on offer. I’ll be checking that out straight after this comment ;)

    I see from the comments above that you’ll be selling Bloggers Market so hopefully that’ll go smoothly for you and not add to the stress levels that you must be suffering. I know I would be ;)

    Best of luck Jeffrey, catch you up in a moment

    Barry Wells recently posted..I’m Going To Interview An Expert, Do YOU Have Any Questions You Need Answering?

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Barry, thanks for dropping in today mate.

      I’ll only be offering a select few to start with. However, once over at full-time I will begin to focus on adding all sorts of different themes and plug-ins.

  6. Barry Wells says:

    Hi Jeffrey, where’s the pre-launch mate, sorry i can’t find it. It’ll be right in front of me won’t it :(
    Barry Wells recently posted..Triple Blog Traffic

  7. Dee Ann Rice says:


    I really struggle with the creative side of things also. I think it really takes some creative talent to do some of that but am trying to learn it.

    Am looking forward to seeing your new website. I did click on the ducks and on the Patient image. I will be excited to see it in the new year.

    There does seem to be lots of free themes and plugins right now. Good luck with your theme.

    Dee Ann
    Dee Ann Rice recently posted..CommentLuv Premium Goes Live

    • Jeffrey says:

      Alright Dee Ann, you’re my girl ………. you clicked on my Ducks!

      My life has taken a decided dip since the Ducks have gone clickless. Life just seems a little less exciting. I think I need the “AFLAC” Duck running around quacking “Click Me” “Click Me”. Oh well, I thought it was a good idea………..

  8. ecuador art says:

    great blog…really enjoyed it ,personally i think focusing on one small area and working to become an expert at it is the way foreward for anyone in their business

    • Jeffrey says:

      Focusing on the one small area that you mention in your comment is something that took me years to understand. My bad!!!

  9. abhinav says:

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