Sunday, December 17, 2017

People Who Drive Too Fast, Crash!

I was browsing the new Google phone Online, looks cool and it’s expensive; Par ………………… but it got me to thinking about the direction of the Internet in regards to mobile devices. I’m not so sure that I’m going to be looking for the latest in Blogging Goods as I’m cruising down the highway or even waiting on my salad in the local pub. Unless I’ve got to, I usually don’t.

I’ve got a Blackberry Storm and it does all the Internet stuff. ( I like looking at my site while waiting for my salad’s.) I have several e-mail accounts that are tied to the thing. The other day I had to do a special opt-in on my blackberry; it really was very important. Now ……….. this marketer hits my phone about once an hour. Spam, Spam, Spam, well ……….. not really. When I get around to looking at the e-mails (with that annoying feeling of “whatever is it that you want ???”) most of the mail is tied to Blogging products that I am interested in. Hence this post.

I got to thinking about all the mobile devices and the changing Internet and how it affects me, which got me to thinking about all those e-mails. There are just too many to deal with, period. I can’t sort through them to make an informed decision. So I just delete them and move on.

Now, ……….. I told you that to tell you this …………. It will really improve your bottom line and go a long way to improving your credibility with your market if you keep the product introductions and the subsequent follow-up e-mails down to a dull-roar. Take something and run with it ( I keep my blackberry by my desk and it’s ringing; I just got a new e-mail from the above mentioned marketers right this moment, titled: “What’s YOUR concerns ? (Here’s ours)”. Man ……… you just can’t think this stuff up !!!)

My point; take your products that you sell and actually spend some time promoting them. That way people will be able to relate to not only the product but to you. Don’t go so fast!

People who drive too fast on the “Information Super Highway”, crash !

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