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People Are Waiting … For The Next Big Thing

Rob Benwell's Blogging To The Bank

Well, May has been quite a month! Mary Hart has made other plans after 29 years at Entertainment Tonight, Oprah Winfrey has moved on after 25 years, Mark Haines has checked-out and Osama bin Laden has finally been dispatched. Then there’s Rob Benwell ………

Rob Benwell has finally tapped all there is to tap with “Blogging To The Bank“. Rob has sold his flagship product “Blogging To The Bank” ……….. twice! The first sale came in at $1.16 Million and the second sale (after the first fell through because of financing issues) was for $900,000.00.

As I said or wrote, as the case my be; the first sale fell through because of financing issues. This comes as great surprise as I’m sure that most banks would see ole Rob there as “bankable” an investment as Warren Buffet.

I guess I should mention here that the buyer should have had the money that he pledged for the sale stashed under the mattress at home, but I understand that most of us in Internet Marketing don’t have that kind of money lying around these days.

But the point here is that some lucky someone managed to come up with 900 large to close the sale. Think of all that cash flow, the 174,000 subscriber list and the 6,400 person affiliate army. Looks like the guy who purchased is set for life. I can’t really quote how much money is coming in as the records are kinda hard to read ( image that ). Rob is said to have sold the site to raise money for offline investments ( more smoke and mirrors ).

Now, I want you to stop and think about what $900,000.00 would do for you. I can assure you that it can do more for you than any product Rob Benwell has to offer you. As far as cyber deals go this is a rather small one. About the same time Rob was selling, Twitter was buying “Tweetdeck” for a reported $40 million.

Internet Marketing has become a real head-hunting game these days. Everyone is looking for the next big thing. I guess it’s human nature or “the nature of the beast” that everyone is looking for the next big thing. Everyone is looking and few are producing.

Producing comes with inherent costs of course. I’m going on a ton of money myself in the development of my Linux OS. Most that produce fail to “cash-in” on their ideas. For anyone that does manage to come through, there are a thousand who exploit the market of those looking for the next big thing. They’re an easy target.

That is what Internet Marketing is all about for the most part. Everyone looking for the next big thing and those who are exploiting those that are looking for it.


  1. Paul says:

    Great blog. I wasn’t aware of the sale, so great tip. Will be interesting to see if the person who picked up the site/list changes the marketing approach.

    I referenced your site over at WarriorForum – no direct url to it as I thought it might get nixed – just your site name.

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Paul, thanks for coming by today!
      I understand that part of the sale was that the new owner can retain all rights to everything including Rob’s name for one year after the sale, so it looks like we will be in for a wait to see what actually becomes of the product.

      Thanks for the reference over at Warrior Forum and don’t be a stranger around here.

  2. That is crazy, but you’re right, whoever bought the site is set for life, and can always increase the revenue.
    Thanks for sharing, always inspirational for all of us to continue doing what we do.
    Vitaly Tennant recently posted..Corporate America Destroys Passion

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Vitaly, glad to see you back!
      I was being a bit humorous with my post. People who purchase products like the one that Rob just sold rarely earn their money back. Not because of the product, rather they lack the skill to mange the day to day.

      Those that purchase such products are ( not always of course but for the most part ) looking for the next big thing. They look at it like purchasing a stock or a piece of real estate or a brick and mortar business. Virtual property is just not like that; at all. Unless you know exactly what you are doing you are going to be on the losing end. And if you do know what you are doing in this business, you’re not going to be buying anything that Rob Benwell has for sale.

      I understand that the standing Affiliates and the Mailing List will have some inherent value ……… but not 900 grand! Dang!

  3. Joshua says:

    You should always work in a fearless way. Never let the fear of crashing take over your spirit of taking risks, else you will stagnate. And, instead of waiting for someone to be the next big thing, why not we try to be that ourselves?
    Joshua recently posted..Plumbing Practice Test

    • Jeffrey says:

      Good Morning Joshua!
      I’d just like to get my PHP / TinyMCE problem solved. I’ll work on being the next big thing tomorrow.

      My father once told me that such a spirit that you mention in your comment is inherent in most people, it’s nature’s way of insuring the continued existence of man.

      I also had a music teacher tell me that “everyone wants to sing”. Hey, I’d love to be the next big thing, however the bills continue to get in the way.

      You remember the story of the Exodus don’t you Joshua ? Moses lead two million Hebrews into the wilderness from Egypt toward the promise land. After spending forty years there, who actually made it into the promised land ? Joshua and Caleb. Let’s do the math ……… that’s one in a million.

      Hey, I’m not saying give-up on being the next big thing. I’m just pointing out that the odds are against us!

      Now about that PHP / TinyMCE problem …………………

      • Joshua says:

        It seems like you took it in the wrong way! Odds weren’t against whom? Even Bill Gates has gone to prison, and he had started Microsoft with just a bunch of people, and they had to deliver their products themselves, wasn’t it tough for them.
        But they eventually kept on sailing in the hope of good times, and they did!

        Joshua recently posted..Plumbing Practice Test

        • Jeffrey says:

          Good Morning Joshua!
          I think Bill Gates went to jail, not prison ……… I get it though! As for starting Microsoft ……. boy howdy! Yeah, that must have been the mission.

          I’m not so sure that in the final analysis that Bill wasn’t moved aside after the DOJ challenge along with the total waste of resources that was Vista. Remember that he changed positions and became the chief software architect and after he left, the next OS was Windows 7.

          Once again ….. I get it. If it were not for Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Steve Ballmer, and the good folks at Microsoft, I would never have had a career in computers.

          Bill Gates In Jail

  4. Adrienne says:

    Never purchased “Blogging to the Bank” so not sure if it’s actually worth the price. But like you mentioned, most people never get their money back from buying something like that. Let’s face it, it’s probably already run its course wouldn’t you say! Things change so often online that keeping up with it is the hardest part. But if they have that kind of money, they can hire someone to update it I have no doubt.

    The end of an era. Yep, that’s life Jeffrey!

    Thanks for this interesting post my friend,

    Adrienne recently posted..Wow- I Am SO Blown Away!

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Adrienne,
      While looking for the artwork for the post, I actually took time to read some of the personal reviews of the product and it seems that the product you purchase for the $37.00 is an acceptable product. It’s the up-sale that gets ya. I’ve never had the pleasure of purchasing a $37.00 product and the purchasing $4000.00 in up-sells.

      Unfortunately, what the new owners of this time-worn product fail to grasp, is that if the product were still productive then whoever owns it ( this goes especially for Rob Benwell ) then there would be no reason for them to sell it. This new owner thinks that they are buying a “business in a box” and all they really have is a worn tire. I truly will be amazed if they earn their investment back. I’m sure that the only one who could squeeze another $900,000.00 out of “Blogging To The Bank” is Rob Benwell himself, well ………. come to think of it ………. he did !!!

  5. Rick Byrd says:

    I am kind of amazed that someone would buy “Blogging To The Bank” from Rob. I know that Rob has released the product a couple of times but how much more can it continue to sell. Maybe the new owner will make some changes to the marketing of the product and re-release it. I would think the subscriber list and the affiliate army is probably the best part of the purchase.

    I’m waiting for you my friend! I personally am not ready to be the next big thing. I do not know if I want to be a next big thing.

    Thanks for the good read!

    - Rick
    Rick Byrd recently posted..Affiliate Marketing – What Product to Promote

  6. Jeffrey says:

    How goes it Rick ?
    I think given enough time that the “majority” of us would be able to produce “the next big thing”. What gets me are the Ben Franklin’s of the world.

    “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”

    Benjamin Franklin

  7. Sally says:

    Hey Jeffrey,

    I wanna strangle half of them, how come they are all so young, the make me feel older haha!

    Yep 900k would be lovely sitting in my bank or under my mattress, ok maybe it would be hard to sleep but I am sure I could cope.

    I will leave the next best thing to someone else, I just want to be a little more comfortable financially and spend more time with Jade, I am sure that being the next big thing contains quite a bit of work and quite frankly I am wayyyyyy to lazy for all that (and too old ha ha)

    Sally :)
    Sally recently posted..I Faced Another FEAR… Bring It On -

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Sally,
      I’m not clear on exactly how old Jade is now, by my last calculation, I believe she’s 21. That would make you about ……………. anyway, I’m thinking that the next big thing in your corner would be Jade. Bring her into the biz ! I can’t wait till we start seeing Alex Jeffrey’s kids online.

  8. Mihai says:

    This is insane :)

    I really want to find a person to sell my stuff for at least 10,000 :)

    Thanks for the info!

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Mihai,
      Well you know what they say ……… there’s a fool born every minute and two to take him! Sometimes I think that’s all the real estate market is all about.

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