Monday, December 18, 2017

Now Comes The Money, Right? Wrong! – Lesson – 12

As I mentioned last week, no one can monetize your Blog for you, you have to make that decision all on your own. However, I can provide you with a template of sorts. I’d love to have you carry all of my products on your site, but if your blog is about Honey Bees, I don’t think that the “Bloggers Market Guide to WordPress Installation” is going to be a big seller, and you can throw out the idea of the auto-parts banner ads too.

When just starting out, you will be reading about how to make a ton of money doing this or that with your Blog. I can tell you right now, that your earnings from your Blog are going to be dependent on your traffic. You’re going to be needing to see about 1000 visitors a day before you are going to be able to see any income at all.

Now, if you are loaning money out at 2% interest per annum, than you are going to be making sales right out of the box. But if you have a general Blog, It’s going to take time to build up your traffic and your income. To that end and with this in mind, you should not be in any hurry.

I would advise for you to think long-term right out of the box! I have known Pro-Bloggers that waited until they were at the very top and I do mean the very top and then they decided to monetize their Blog only to find out that their business model was all wrong and had to start over. Did, you catch that, I said “business model“, that’s right your Blog is a business and you have to run it that way, like a business ……… right out of the box!!!

You essentially have two ways to go; one with advertisers, and two promoting products, both yours and someone else’s. As a Blogger, did you catch that, AS A BLOGGER, you need to stay away from Google adsense, commonly referred to as “Bloggers Welfare” and affiliate promoters like “Commission Junction” and “ClickBank“.

Can you make money for adsense? Yes, if you want to spend 18 hours a day managing static blogs. Do you really want that as a job? Can you make money with “ClickBank” and “Commission Junction“, you bet you can ……. if ….. if ……..if, you are an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketers don’t run or manage Blogs, they do landing pages, period!

How is this ever going to work? Glad you ask! See lesson-13. ;-)

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