Sunday, December 17, 2017

My Take On Blog Comments

As I was doing some research the other day, I came up on an article that had been written about the subject in question. I thought I would surf on over and check it out and I actually made comment as to the content. It was close to dinner time so off I went to hunt and gather. Enter the Bloggers Nemesis – The Editor.

The Editors Take

While away from my desk the powers that be read over my interactions with the aforementioned Blog and the fur started to fly. After careful examination of ALL content on the site as well as a dozen or so SEO parameters, I was told that I was wasting my time ……. time I didn’t have to waste. The Editor slowly dissolving into the background of domestic static.

After careful examination I came to the conclusion that she was right, actually I had been mulling the idea over or rather turning the idea over in my mind’s eye and had come to an unconscious assumption that maybe this was not a good idea leaving a trail of bread crumbs for the disenfranchised ( I just love this writing part of Blogging ).

The Moral Of The Story Take

OK, enough of the rhetoric. Sometimes I think I should have been a novelist instead of a Blogger. My point being for newbies and old salt alike (there I go again) is this – you need to be cautious of who you visit and who you attract to your Blog that could very well possibly leave comments that are nothing short of trash. In the beginning I’m not so sure you need to be concerned about this. However, as you establish yourself among the top Bloggers of the world, you should proceed with caution with who you interact with and attract to your Blog.

Keeping your quality standards high will benefit all involved in the long run!


  1. Adrienne says:

    I only wish I could write a novel but since my mind doesn’t wander enough like yours Jeffrey, I’ll stick to my blogging.

    Yep you’re right! In the beginning people are just happy others have found their content and left a comment. As time goes by though they eventually learn that there are some people who are only interested in backlinks or being heard! It’s your blog and you make the decision which ones you will approve and which ones you won’t. If you don’t like a certain someone, stop visiting their place. Trust me, they will get tired of coming back to yours and they’ll eventually move on.

    Interesting topic today my friend. But as always, an enjoyable read!

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Adrienne,
      Mind Wandering is right …… you have no idea! That’s what got me in trouble in the first place. I was reading and commenting on a Blog which I had no business visiting let alone interacting with.

      On the other hand I’m not so sure I need to be visiting and commenting over at a “Pagerank” 9 Indiana University. I have no idea who President Emeritus John Ryan was. More wasted time.

      I think I’ve got a handle on things now, I’ve been working on my very own “Big Red Button” site for most of the day however, I just don’t get it. But I’m willing to hang in there! See you soon…….. Maybe! :)

      Oh by the way …….. I’ve got a much better post coming next week. Dealing with your aged content, how to manage it, and getting the really crumby content de-indexed avoiding broken links. See you back here next week. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Rick Byrd says:


    How dare you leave a spam comment! You pull that crap over at my blog and you’ll be banned forever. LOL!

    This is a good lesson to share with those people that do not fully understand the real reasons for leaving comments. I know I was taught to blog hop and leave comments on all kinds of high PR ranked blogs. I have learned that I can be a big waste of time. At this point in my marketing life it is more important to build relationships with other bloggers and be a part of the commenting community. I still lack a little in this area. By that I mean I do not usually comment on others comments even thought I know I should at times.

    This is a good lesson to learn.

    Take care my friend.

    Oh, by the way, I started to leave a spammy comment but I figured you would just deleted it anyway so I did not want to waste my time.

    - Rick

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hey …….. I fixen’ to abandon this ship come the first of the year, so knock yourself out. I think I’m going to be turning Bloggers Market into one big landing page!

      It was kinda funny that someone wanted to purchase one of my Blogs that was about 18 months old and when I went to move it, I kept getting a database error ……… No Way! Database what? Error! How’s that?
      I took another look at the tables and noticed that I had collected about 3800 spam comments over the past 18 months that were awaiting moderation. I dumped the table and the database came right up!

      Dang …… lions, tigers, and comment spammers!   :lol:

      • Rick Byrd says:

        3800 spam comments that you never deleted. That’s too funny!!! Thank goodness there are plugins that can eliminate this problem.

        So your changing but I assume you are still going to be blogging somewhere else about something else, since you like to write? Have you also thought about selling (no I am not interested as I would not have any additional time but I am curious).

        - Rick

        • Jeffrey says:

          Yeah, sometimes if one of my builds does not sell, I just put it in a dark corner of the server. I don’t do anything to it, I don’t post to it, don’t play with it, nothing. So when I got that database error, I’m kinda lost on the issue. It worked last year, now I’m broken, how can that be? 3800 spam comments is how!!!

          Ahhh yes the old Bloggers Market. We’ve talked about a sale. If it goes, I’ll have to have $250,000.00 for it. You see it’s not really Bloggers Market that goes, it would have to be “The Bloggers Market Group”. And there are 18 major pieces to that puzzle. And another 100 premium and I do mean premium names. I’ve got one block “Strong Angel” most everything that is over 10 years of age that appraise off the Richter Scale.

          The new move will go to “Jeffrey Morgan” most everything and then funnels to about 6 other sites that are really product landing pages.

          And then there’s CottonTail Computers ( don’t ask ) and my own hosting company which is doing pretty well. Then there’s ……………..

  3. Interesting take on this Jeffrey. I totally agree that in the long run it may be harmful to your blog. Although the content may be timeless; the comments aren’t (anything can be edited or deleted). People change in time, I sometimes think back (months to years ago) as to what comments and the impressions that were left on my behalf. It’s true however that we grow with our blogs and content, although I always tend to focus on the present moment.
    I couldn’t agree with you more on the types of people that we interact with as bloggers, as this may either be beneficial or detrimental.
    Thanks for yet another thought provoking write up Jeffrey.

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Vitaly, how goes it ?

      One thing that is a real challenge, is that we all think differently. So while I’m wasting time trying to explain myself on a third world blog where I have no influence or market share, the rest of my work gets put on hold. However, I learned a valuable lesson about who and where I go to comment and who I want to attract to my Blog.

  4. Writing your “About” page in a way that drives away people you know have a different philosophy than you.

    Then, if someone doesn’t see your “about” page, or they choose to stay and battle with you in spite of you trying to turn them off, your raving fans can come to your aid and put them in their place in your comments section.

    This can lead to you falling in love with your fans even deeper because you guys end up having so much in common.

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Lewis,

      Thanks for stopping by today.

      So far it really has not been a big problem for me. And as far as an about page, I don’t support one. I’m of the mind that I’ll be well-known by those of my peers that support me and my work. If you really most know something “about me”, than please read my Blog ….. that’s me!

  5. sanjay says:

    Agree with most of the points, commenting is supposed to be building relationship with the owner and user. Giving your own points / opinion on the topic is what makes the topic / article more interesting.
    sanjay recently posted..How to Create a Contact Author Form without a Plugin

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Sanjay, thanks for coming by today!

      I took a look at your Blog. Pretty interesting.

      I’ll have to study on your work when I have the time.

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