Monday, December 18, 2017

My 100th Twitter Follower

100th Twitter Follower

We all like to reach milestones I guess, save maybe our 100th birthday which is usually celebrated in a nursing home. Milestones are important points on the time-lines of our lives. We remember when we reach 16, 18, 21 years of age. We can remember our first bike, our first car ………. our first wife or husband! So …… in the grandest of traditions, I hereby announce my 100th Twitter Follower …… problem is I don’t know who he/she is. I usually write my post several days in advance and the post for the 100th Twitter Follower, is no different. I write, I wait. I write, I wait. I write, I wait ………..

We have a winner, yes, the 100th Twitter Follower to the Bloggers is …………. Wakooz ……… Wa-What ? Well, really the name is J.Sebastian from Montreal ……… I’m assuming Canada! He has 84,897 Followers and he follows 92,013 good folks on Twitter. WaKooz website looks like a social media homepage that you can customize to your hearts desire. Have at it Kids!

And the one that got away, (or something like that) ………, Kelly Fuller Pope of Social Media Optimization based, in what looks like Phoenix, Arizona. Why do I bother to mention her ? Well, she was Bloggers 101st Twitter Follower. I have always been curious about the ones in life that just got away or missed, as the case may be, like missing the lottery by one number, or being the 1 billion and 1st customer at McDonald’s, just missing that golden gift certificate.

Kelly is the CEO “Media Master & Consultant” of “Media Master” and they “specialize in helping corporations and small businesses use social media tools, sites and applications to increase their connection with customers and prospects and to increase their return on investment”.

As I have said many times before ……… Twitter Followers Are Good !

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