Sunday, June 26, 2016

Managing The E-Mail Services – Lesson 17

Before you go much further, you are going to have to learn how to manage your e-mail services. You might be wondering, what’s so hard about managing spam!?

As I sat down to do this post, I needed to catch-up with all the e-mail that has collected over the past few days I have been away. It’s now more than ever. People waiting for a response, and it would seem to them I am sure, that no one is home. I just over looked a lot of it, because it comes at me in the most unusual of places.

People will try to communicate with you in the medium in which they are presently positioned. At any given moment, I have mail coming from Twitter DM, Contact Us, Contact Form, Admin E-Mail, Support E-Mail, Sales E-Mail, Sever side re-directs, G-Mail, Yahoo Mail, and last but certainly not least the good old standby AOL Mail. Yes, “You Have Mail”. Last time I checked, I had about 15,000 pieces. This is what is called “E-Mail Bankruptcy” in the Blogosphere.

Granted, most of this mail is junk, but there is a lot that is genuine. To prevent you from winding up in E-Mail Hell, it would help if you built an E-Mail system from the very beginning. First, do your best to keep all your E-Mail Accounts in one place like “GoDaddy E-Mail Services” and make use of folders to store your mail as soon as you read it. If you use G-Mail, AOL, or Yahoo, never use these accounts for any type of important or personal E-Mail, EVER. Not a day goes by that I am not signed-in to some else’s E-Mail account at Google by Google’s mistake.

Remember that all Form Mail and Contact Us Mail should be sent and stored server-side, for security reasons, especially if you take donations or personal information on your site. Careful with your opt-ins also, don’t go overboard with everything you see. If you Blog, opt-in on Blogging offers. Don’t go for every affiliate offer, traffic offer, money-making idea. The few offers you sign-up for will eventually cover all these subjects in time. And it cuts down on your chances of missing something really great out there, because you have some much mail coming in you don’t catch it.

Make sure you test all E-Mail systems at least once a month and keep a folder of test E-Mails that you send so that you can keep-up with the last time you sent test mail. Never, ever, give a cloud address to someone important that you are trying to do business with. If you are trying to sell them a $500.00 Blog, don’t give them a G-Mail address,……… how tacky can you get? Use an important E-Mail Address for Important People like “” not “”

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