Friday, December 15, 2017

Killer Blog Roll

Alex Whalley

Alex is hosted by Alex who hails from Sydney, Australia. Alex manages a verity of niche sites on the Internet. His site is built on an MuBlogs premium theme and focuses mainly on SEO.

Alex is a Platinum Expert Author for Ezine @rticles.

Nicholas Cardot

Site Sketch is the brain child of Nicholas Z. Cardot who also manages Nicholas Site Sketch is built on an artistic theme, of which I am sure that Nicholas designed himself.

He has instructions for guest posting and a services section. He is also available for hire for a variety of WordPress services including design. Judging from his Websites, you can’t possibility go wrong here.

Nicholas Cardot offers one publication of his own titled: “Blogging To The Third Power“, you can opt-in for a free preview if you would like before you purchase.

Suresh Khanal

SEO MMO is the Blog of Suresh Khanal who lives in Kathmandu, Nepal. SEO MMO Tips is built with a variety of services for the Blogger.

There are two main categories on the homepage to choose from. However these categories Topics and Tutorials have a multiple of sub categories.

The Topics include most of the usual material found on a Blog about Blogging. Plug-Ins, SEO, Blog Promotion, Blogging Tips, and information on Monetizing your Blog.

The Tutorials include instructions on how to install WordPress and Working with your Themes.

One of the really unique areas of Suresh’s Blog can be found in the Topics area under the sub category of Friday Gems & #FF. The mention of “#FF” is an area of Twitter that is dedicated to those who wish to acknowledge those that they follow. It is properly titled: Follow Friday.