Monday, December 18, 2017

Internet Marketing – Lesson 9

Last week I provided an Internet Marketing Products designs and launch list. I would like now, to address this list one item at at time. I have already covered the first and second items on the list, so this week I’ll look at announcements to your mailing list and to your affiliates.

When you have a product in mind and you are ready to commit to bring that product to your market, you need to let everyone know. You need to drum-up support for this process and product about 8 weeks before you are ready to launch it. And no you are not going to be sending them E-Mails about how they need to check-out your way-cool product when you launch it; you’ll lose their interest pretty quick if you do that. You’re going to be doing a bit of story telling along the way to maintain their interest.

As for your affiliates, you need to keep this all business and let them know that you will soon be providing the next best thing since sliced bread! “Stay tuned for more”.

Actually, you want to let everyone know what is going on and the process that you are going through to bring them your next product. You want to let them know about all the cool stuff that you are adding with your offer and all the trials that you have gone through to make your next product launch the best ever.

By doing this, you are communicating to your market as a friend and not as a potential sales figure. They in turn have to respond by reading it as intended, and not as a sales pitch, thereby gaining interest.

By the time the actual product launch comes around they will be ready to receive your products, you can count on that. In the end they may not purchase from you, but they are sure to promote your product on their site as an affiliate.


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  3. Susan Raj says:

    Generating Hype before a product launch is a very good idea. I think Apple is a real good example for us. They generate huge buzz, months before launch . I think email , is one of the ways to gain attention. But the email content had to be catchy.

    • Pitt Goumas says:

      I think email is a great way to catch attention but nowadays all mail like this ends up in your junk. What do you think?
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      • Jeffrey says:

        Hi Pitt,

        Interesting point of view. I was reading a marketing report at the end of last year that stated that E-Mail is still the overwhelming successful way in which to market Online.

        You see, other forms of marketing can and will change on a moments notice, leaving you with difficult choices. However, with E-Mail, it is what it is. And while Google can play games and blacklist your site, no one can take your list away from you.

        I was noticing the other day that “Frank Kern” has more traffic to his site ( than I have to mine, and all he has is a squeeze-page for his site. Reason being he has built his business almost entirely off his list, his affiliates and his direct response efforts. Outside of Youtube, you won’t find him on Twitter, or Facebook, or any social forum, and he has no website that he actively maintains.

        E-Mail works!

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