Monday, December 18, 2017

Internet Marketing – Lesson 5

Last weeks post left me a little unsettled, in that I felt that I was not able to adequately cover front-end earnings for your Blog. Primarily ad sales. Normally I would not try to tackle such an extensive subject with just 300 words, however, I’m trying to provide some sort of a train of thought as to how Internet Marketing comes together with your Blog.

This week I wanted to cover back-end sales, yet I have to add a word of caution here. I, nor anyone, can cover such as an extensive subject as Internet Marketing with just a 300 word post. The intent here is to just provide you with some sort of a rough guide as to what you will be looking at when you undertake this challenge.

When going over back-end sales, it is hard for me to anticipate your desire to market what it is that you desire to promote. I have to go with what I am doing and hope that it provides enough of an identifiable path for you to follow.

For instance you may be very interested in promoting others products on your Blog. I have little experience with this as I tend to offer mainly my own products. So please keep this in mind.

Most everyone who markets online through a Blog will tell you that most of the income of that Blog is earned on the back-end. So it is with myself. And I mean the really back-end of things. As in a couple of Blogs over from this one and a landing page or two. It is just what works for me.

To promote your products, or someone else’s for that matter, you have to build yourself a mailing list first thing. Really you need to be building your list from the very beginning. You can find a number of “PLR” or “MRR” products that you can pick-up and promote to those that are interested in the same niche that you are for an opt-in.

Now, it has been my experience that there is a lot of junk out there that is not worth reading, yet may have an idea or two for anyone that is interested. Try to be careful about what you offer to others. And don’t try to build a list with your own publishing, as you really are not that experienced when you are just starting out.



  1. AZ WORLD says:

    This is a great article. I totally have gained a lot on it. The instructions you have pointed out were very concise that I can really understand it even though I’m just a newbie. Thank you for this post. I’m looking forward for more of your updates.

  2. Katherin says:

    There are different types of internet marketing. I prefer to work with inbound marketing when the blog of the company is used for attraction of the potential clients.
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  3. Lily says:

    This is a very interesting post. I enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing.
    Lily recently posted..4 Easy Ways to Create Your Own Marketing Images

  4. Raheem Khan says:

    Jeffrey, Thank you so much for providing such a great lesson about internet marketing. I’m a newbie in this field it’ll be going to help me alot. Keep it up. Will be waiting to hear more tips from you ;)

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Raheem,
      Thanks for stopping by. I’ll have to apologize for the slow response. I’ve had some technical issues to deal with after 30,000 hours Blogging. You gotta love that Internet Lifestyle. I’ll see you soon!

  5. michelle says:

    I try to write as much as 350 words per article. Thanks for all your lessons!

  6. Hard work… its true what you say theres a lot of junk and skipping it isnt that easy…
    Masini Spalat recently posted..Reparatii Masini De Spalat

  7. Raheem Khan says:

    Thanks for such awesome Internet Marketing lesson. I’ll waiting for more lessons.!
    Raheem Khan recently posted..Samsung Galaxy Xcover Unveiled

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Raheem,
      Thanks for stopping by today! If you are waiting for more lessons …… wait no longer! I really like your Blogs! However, you need to stay away from anything “Windows 8″, and you need to include a “Linux” section in both of your Blogs. DO IT NOW!!! If you are into tech as deep as your Blogs suggest, you need to be working on a Linux system. This will greatly enhance your speed! When you have worked with the OS for a while you will see what I mean. Start out with something like Linux Mint!

      Go over to my site, “Down The Rabbitt” and read up on my Linux Section. Now the good part about all this is that “Linux” is open source, so all the information on “Linux” is also, for the most part, open source. You can just provide a lot of the same information on your site that you see on other sites. Raheem, you want to discuss traffic, you’re going to be drowning in it if you do this! The open source movement is powerful and growing.

      I see about 50,000 page views a month here at Bloggers Market. This is after 4 years of writing. On my open source Blogs I see “more than” 600,000 page views a month! Understand ?

      • Raheem Khan says:

        Jefferry Sir, thanks for the most inspiring comment. I’m 15 years old and want pure guides and I got it from your blog. Being a kid, it is really dificult for me to buy another sustem specially for Linux. Will surely work on your guide within a few months.
        Thanks and Regards Sir.

        • Jeffrey says:

          Hi Raheem,
          Please come back as soon as possible. I committed to this series on Internet Marketing for the rest of the year. However, starting next year I will be beginning a new series on Internet Marketing in and for the peoples of India and Pakistan.

  8. Raheem Khan says:

    One more thing I forgot to mention that I just love your writing style. You are simple awesome!
    Raheemullah Khan
    Raheem Khan recently posted..How To Make Internet connection Faster

    • Jeffrey says:

      Thanks Raheem, I hope to see you back here soon!

    • Pitt Goumas says:

      I agree with you Raheem. Jeffrey’s writing style makes these lessons very easy to understand
      Pitt Goumas recently posted..Understanding Home Chlamydia Test

      • Jeffrey says:

        Hi Pitt,

        I’m really aiming at the beginner here, so sometimes it can really seem like I dumb things down a bit. However, I try to be as clear as possible in my writings.

        I can remember when I was starting out coding PHP, I found a wonderful script that I tried to employ. I worked on what was a very very clear script to understand, yet I just could not get it to work.
        I mean I spent days on this thing, going so far as to detail all actions on a flow-chart. This thing looked like something out of “NUMBERS” on T.V.

        After about 10 years, I discovered that the script was missing a “Syntax Trigger”. The author of the script taking for granted that the person employing such script would naturally know this.
        Here is the actual code that was missing:

        function current_season
        include (“current_season.php”);

        It would have been very easy for the author to write this as a courtesy for the beginner. Arghhhh …   :(

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