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Internet Marketing – Lesson 25

This week I want to pick-up on last weeks tread …… moving forward with the central theme of this Blog which is to “Learn How To Make Money Blogging”.

I guess I should have sub-titled this Blog “Learn How To Make Money With Your Blog”. Most Bloggers will attempt to monetize their personal Blogs. This is a real challenge for anyone. If you are a true hard and fast Blogger your product is indeed your content. The only way to monetize that content is through advertising.

However, most will try other methods of monetizing which will define them not as Bloggers, but rather as Marketers.

I want to talk to you this week about the process of marketing your Blog from the very beginning even if you have no products to promote. If you are new to Internet Marketing, the easy way to go is to start your own personal Blog about your personal interests which will make things really easy for you. If you Blog about a niche you have no personal interest in, you will soon abandon it.

When starting a Blog you will have little traffic if any until you gain a little traction. This process takes about 18 months. During this time you need to write as if you are trying to sell a product for a profit. What exactly do I mean by this?

Eventually in order to pay the bills you will be selling something, and the best way to do this is to sell your own products and ideas. This will take good copy-writing skills …… START NOW!

Perhaps you are interested in “Affiliate Marketing”. This will take similar skills.

Copy skills must be developed early on if you are to have any type of a chance to survive Online. Learning “Copywriting”, “Content-writing”, “Comment-writing” and “Play-writing” are all important to your progress and you have to start applying these techniques from your very first post.

Indeed you should apply these techniques even to your E-Mails if you wish to excel. Again, START NOW!

To cover this subject clearly will take several posts so next week we will start with “Content-writing”.


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  2. jawad zaib says:

    18 months is a long time, if some one is writing some quality content and using some of the best SEO techniques then they can get more traffic from search engines pretty easily and very soon like 2 to 3 months but for this they will need some hard work on the SEO and writing side…
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    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Jawad,
      Remember that I’m writing here for the person who is relativity new to Blogging. I am also writing about my own experience when I started out Blogging.

      I just built a site for a client that grabbed number 30 in Google for a really popular keyword within 60 days. Along with that ranking came the traffic. Throw in some socialization and I’m off and running.

      So yes it can be done, however, I’m an established Blogger who understands the process of “Concept”, “Design”, “Build”, and “Socialization”.

  3. This lesson was really helpful to me as I’m a new blogger on the Internet. I was looking for something that helps me in making my website more popular and that I have found here. Thanks for sharing this post here with us.
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  4. Susan Velez says:

    I have realized that copywriting is a skill that everyone who gets started online must have. Sure you can outsource it, but after pricing it, I feel like it is much better to learn how to do it yourself.

    I have a blog, I am journaling my own experience about creating a product and what I am doing to create an income online.

    I chose this topic, because I will always have something interesting to share. Plus I will be able to provide people with information that is helping me out in my business.

    Great tips and internet marketing lessons.
    Susan Velez recently posted..Driving Traffic To Your Website Using The Warrior Forum

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Susan,
      Welcome Back!

      You can look at it this way …… if you have a product that is selling for a million dollars, copywriters are worth the cost. So you can bet they are not pitching to you, but rather to someone who is selling cars online, or something similar.

      Learning copy is one of the greatest challenges you will ever have. However, collect the staples of the business and you should have a foot in the door. I don’t hear anyone speak of recent materials on this subject, so if you collect the older ones, you should be good to go. Older as in some are over a 100 years old? Indeed!

      As for your topic you mention; I learned early on, I guess after I had been Blogging about six months that I could kill those 2 birds with one post, and write on what I personally needed to remember. You can get a better understanding of what I mean here by checking out this site here:

      I started this site to store everything “”"I”"” personally needed to know and remember! I’ve been writing for myself ever since. My readers can come along for the ride if they like.

      It’s great to never have writers block. As I have said before in earlier posts, I don’t really understand writers block for Bloggers such as ourselves. You will never have writers block if you remember this one word …… WordPress!

      See you soon Susan!

  5. Thanks for these internet marketing lessons. I shall be waiting for more such lessons as I feel they are really effective and I see that I am learning a lot from them. Hope you keep coming up with more such information and soon.

  6. ThanhThien says:

    I feel more confident with the knowledge in your lessons
    thank you very much
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  7. Amy smith says:

    I am sure this post has helped me save many hours of browsing other similar posts just to find what I was looking for.
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  8. Lisa Chaves says:

    Hello Jeffrey. Did you happened to attend the SES last week? Hope you can feature a recap of the conference. It would be very helpful for your followers.
    Lisa Chaves recently posted..The Best SEO Tools and Resources

  9. Wayne Rodden says:

    Hi Jeffrey,

    I am quite new to blogging & suffer from dyslexia, so it takes me a little longer that others but am getting quick all the time.

    I some what started back to front I think! I have set up my blog but had already created my first product which I have decided to give away for free as the blog is pretty much brand new.

    Is this a good idea?
    what would you recommend as to start getting traffic first.

    Wayne Rodden recently posted..Building Your Wealth Platform

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Wayne,
      Thanks for stopping by!

      I’ve looked at your site carefully. I personally think you are off to a better then average start. Your disability however, leaves you at a distinct disadvantage as a Blogger!

      Sooo …….

      With 31 years experience, here I come! First keep your written post’s short, no longer than 300 words. You writing has some strange grammar errors. Your videos are pretty good in that you communicate well. Focus most of your attention there. This will be a super, super, big plus in your third and fourth year (most of your products will certainly be video based), when you can look forward to good earnings.

      While making your first product was important for the experience, you should immediately look forward to building your list and marketing other people’s products to your list (you don’t have enough knowledge to market your own at this point).

      One thing that will keep you in the poor house is not having anyone tell you about metrics. So listen up! You will have to purchase your traffic, “DO NOT RESIST THIS SUGGESTION”. PPC WORKS!!! This is how you build your list!

      You have to have a list where you can sell to 2% of your customers. So if you wish to earn $10,000 dollars, and your product cost is $95.00, you are going to have to have a list of 5000 people. And those 5000 people are going to have to be “RESPONSIVE”! If it takes you 10 years to build to that level with generic traffic, I can assure you that your list will not be responsive at that point.

      You have to build those 5000 people all at once with a PPC campaign. Your list will now be responsive …… they just opted-in! It is going to cost you about a $1000.00 to do this. Focus on about 20 to 25 cents per click. I’ve gone as high as $1.00 per click. You get traffic then!!! Never do the penny click scam. Google will frown on you for it! (In other words bidding for 1 Cent per click, bad idea!)

      If you rely on generic traffic you will never get there. I, like you, built a list with my Blog, but it was never responsive! I thought I could overcome this and I was just never able to do it. By the time I started my first PPC campaign, I had more subscribers in one day then I had built with my Blog over 4 years.

      Don’t worry about the traffic to your Blog, this is just your business card of sorts. You need to worry about how to drive traffic to your offers. You will never make anything with your Blog! Remember that “John Chow” is not a personal Blogger like you and I. He is a professional with dozens working for him!

      Can you make money as a personal Blogger? Sure! But not likely. Your real money will come from promotion of your own products off site. In other words, you will advertise you new video series with PPC. You will have a squeeze page for your opt-ins and then a landing page for your offer. The good old traditional sales funnel! Better known as “Direct Response Marketing”.

      A final word! Make sure that when you release a product, you have something more to offer than a $4.95 Blogging Book like I have on my Home Page (just haven’t gotten around to removing it yet). Stay above a hundred dollars for whatever it is that you offer, and remember that the sweet spot starts at $1995.00. However, make sure it is a damn good product!!!

      I hope this has been of some help and remember Wayne, I’m just an E-Mail away.

  10. Jerry says:

    Nice series of lesson about internet marketing, please consider converting the articles into an e-book for ease of reading. Thanks and good luck

  11. samfrank says:

    Thank you for sharing valuable information. Where else could anyone get that kind of information in such a complete way of writing? I have a presentation in coming week, and I am on the lookout for such information., I like to hear more about internet marketing from your side.

  12. Lisa Chaves says:

    Awesome post !!!

    It’s a fact that your blog posts are so unique and interesting and I enjoys a lot while reading your posts because you explained your post very deeply in a very easy and clear language.

    Thanks for your support and Happy Blogging :D
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