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Internet Marketing – Lesson 24

I’ve taken some time off to try to determine exactly where I wanted to go with this series. I’ve actually got more than enough to keep you going for the next several years. However, trying to place that in context is rather hard at times, especially if you are new to either Blogging or Internet Marketing.

Pitt Goumas who is a regular reader here, made a comment a while back, about how what I was writing about had little to do with the niche that I’m in. Indeed! It’s that context thing I mentioned above.

As I’ve evolved Online, I’ve realized that there is better money to be had then within Blogging. One sticking point …… I love Blogging.

I have tried to stay with the mechanical means with which to earn an Income Online, even if you have a Blog. However, from time to time I will wax philosophical.

This week I want to talk to you about the true challenges of earning an Income Online Blogging, and I’m afraid I’m going to have to get philosophical.

When you are considering a life-changing decision to change your occupation, from whatever to trying to earn an Income Online by starting your own Blog, you’re really moving into an arena where you probably have little experience.

If you are deciding to do this on your own, you are really going to have to consider “Direct Response Marketing”.

As Blogging evolves, only the large operations have a good chance of making any money at it. Reason? There are just too many Blogs out there for your voice to be heard.

I’ve been doing this for nearly 5 years now and I have built a pretty good traffic pattern. However, I have another Blog that I do not participate in that I have opened to the general public to let them do what they will, and that particular Blog gets 100 times the traffic that I have here. That was eye-opening. I painfully learned that Blogging was not about me, but about US!

However, when starting out, a Blog is a great way to learn the ropes. There really is no exceptions here. Trying to earn an income Online any other way and you are just not going to have enough tools to get the job done.

By managing a Blog, you will be able to learn the ropes easily enough and it will give you the confidence to provide goods and services that will provide you with the income that you desire.

If you jump into direct response marketing right off the bat …… what exactly are you going to offer? How to solve others problems online? How are you going to do that? Are you going to sell sunglasses, recipes, or spices? How? Even if you have someone who can do all the work for you ( not likly ), you won’t even know how to communicate what you want or need.

You know that they say that the money is in the list, however, I say it’s in the database …… “what’s that ?”

You need to start with a Blog …… just don’t expect to earn any money with it. I was reading about a Blogger not to long ago that went viral and was seeing millions of hits to his site and mentioned that he banked a couple of hundred bucks off the traffic …… “Oh Man!”

I know of Internet Marketing Pros who see a couple of dozen hits and make millions of dollars a year!!! “What’s Wrong With This Picture?”

If you really are set on earning an income Online by Blogging. Here’s what you are looking at; you need to pick your niche, you need to set-up good hosting services for your Blog, and you need to get crackin’ and get social!

You will have to have a premium theme, fluid database and people working for you. By that I mean you will have to have many different writers to draw enough traffic to your Blog so that you have a good chance to monetize. How do you do that ……. really through advertising. Then you have to socialize your site.

Considering the information mentioned above, your Blog will have to look similar to a newspaper. Your content will have to be “write-on” and you will have to pitch to a lot of different people with a lot of different interests.

This really is your only chance of earning a living income Online by Blogging.

You can look at the so called “Pro-Bloggers”, however, most are “Direct Response Marketers” and use a Blog as their platform from which to pitch from. These people just stuck with their Blogs long enough until they knew how and what to market.

Those Bloggers that earn big money Online are professional writers AND EDITORS, that manage large business enterprises and invest large dollars into their businesses.



  1. adityakumar says:

    this nice post so many and help InternetMarketing more profitable business
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  2. Joe says:

    I finally just caught up to Lesson 24. You’ve created such a thorough series here. Thanks for all of the hard work you put into this!
    Joe recently posted..250,000 Instagram Followers

  3. Waqass says:

    Your article was interesting though I am disappointed in my approach to earn from blogs. I currently have two blogs running but I have heard this; that you have to have some team in case you want to run a professional blog which is more news oriented in order to earn from advertisement. Otherwise no chance :( ….
    Waqass recently posted..InstaWeather For Windows Phone

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Waqass,
      Thanks for coming by today!

      Actually you are closer to what it takes to succeed in Blogging than most. I mean you are right at the door! I really like your content. Just stick with it!

      Indeed if this Blog (Bloggers Market) is to maximize it’s potential it will have to cater to Blogs exactly like yours. However, my interest in in “PERSONAL” Blogging. As in I have a “PERSONAL INTEREST” in Sport Bike Motorcycles ( ). To achieve any type of success with that type of approach, you must do “Direct Response Marketing”.

      You on the other hand “ARE THE REAL THING”.

      However, to achieve the success of “TechRadar” or “Phonearena” you are going to have to take it to the next level. Please carefully note the many different categories and pages that each of these Blogs have. “GOOGLE LOVES THIS AND INDEX’S HIGHLY, THESE TYPE OF WEBSITES.”

      You need much more content and many more writers, then your advertisers will come. Find writers that are willing to post once a week with 300 words (elance and odesk would be a great place to start as well as placing a jobs categories on your own site). Find 1 writer that will post once a week with 3000 words.

      Now Socialize your site. And send “PERSONAL” e-mails ( hire a copywriter …… say “ME” ) to any advertiser that you may think is interested in your site. I think you will find many who will provide you with much needed help if you ask.

      If you would like to talk further send me a personal E-Mail at

      • Waqass says:

        Thanks Jeffery for such a long descriptive guide, I totally needed it…..keeping it short and precise first of all I need content to promote. Ok I got that but I don’t even think of taking the site to “TechRadar” level yet but in order to get some handsome traffic just to boost up my moral how much content or back links would I require?
        Waqass recently posted..Does Your IPad Do It All Yet?

        • Jeffrey says:

          Hi Waqass,

          Let the “back-links” go; don’t worry about that, that will take care of itself with time. To gain exposure and traffic, you are going to have to have additional writers beyond yourself. A couple of more writers including yourself would be a great start.

          I was able to take Bloggers Market to 500,000 Alexa ranking with a daily post of 300 words so you should have no trouble meeting that with 3 writers working on your Blog.

          However, you will have to make it under 100,000 Alexa to really get the ball rolling.

          You will have to socialize your site through facebook and twitter.

          You might think that Twitter is kind of strange, however, if you just mention the title of your latest post and how it will help people. You will get all kinds of traffic. NOT FROM YOUR TWITTER, FOLLOWERS, BUT FROM GOOGLE. Google loves to index tweets! So if you have 3 followers on your twitter account …… you’re good to go! You will see all sorts of traffic from google …… why? Because it is real time information that you are providing. Google, like your Blog has to stay current to be relevant. I use to fire those things off with hootsuite, 1 every 15 minutes, 18 hours a day. I had so much content I never sent the same tweet twice in the same day. It worked like a charm!

          You should set up an editorial section to your Blog for you to personally comment on Tech then you could “TROLL”.

          In Internet slang, a troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a forum, chat room, or blog), either accidentally or with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

          You could mention that you have it on good authority that “Blackberry” is finished. Then you mention that you are that authority …… that ought to do it.

          They should come out of the wood-work on that that one and Google will really lock on to something like that.

          However, DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS IN THE MAIN BODY OF YOUR BLOG !!! Just your editorial section.

          Keep your Blog clean and factual and to the point, no shenanigans, period!

          Your credibility and image are everything!

          Now get a section up for advertisers and get rid of the “Google Ads” ( better known as Bloggers Welfare ).

          I will pass along some additional info on this if you provide me with an email address that I can contact you at.

  4. raftermysty333 says:

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  5. Dhams says:

    Well, just visited your website and found you have a huge database of net marketing chapterwise, any chance I will get a summary somehow, do you hold any presentation or summarize data of your all posts so far? Of course I will follow rest of the blogs but need to have a look at previous posts quickly.. thanks.
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  6. Peter says:

    Impressive Jeffrey! Enlightening tutorial with respect to an internet business. The following lesson can benefit anyone to take a good start, these are really profitable lessons I was also seraching for this. Thank you for sharing this integral information..!
    Peter recently posted..Top 5 Music Playing Apps for Android

  7. Jeffrey says:

    Hi Peter,
    Thanks for stopping by today!
    Impressive you say. Sometimes I wonder.

    I’ve got a four day, 6 hours a day, webinar that I am developing for this site and I’m seeing tons of important questions that I’m not addressing within that time. I should have been a college professor!

    My upcoming post here at Bloggers Market will be dealing with “Copywriting”, “Content-writing”, “Comment-writing” “Play-writing” and “Trolling”.

    Yea …… I can handle that in a 300 word post!

    Regardless Peter, Thank you for your kind words!

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