Saturday, January 20, 2018

Internet Marketing – Lesson 22

This is the last post in this brief series. While the series lives on, the material will become a little more in depth and will require a little more of your time to read. I think you will find it worth your while.

This week we will look at the final component or cornerstone of Internet Marketing; Customer Service!

Customer Service is always a challenge. While it is best to let the professionals deal with the customers, remember that they are your customers, not the professionals.

You must always provide a way for your customers to contact you, so that if they have any issues with you, or your products, they can feel confident that you will respond in a timely manner.

Try to keep this in mind; your affiliates are your customers also. Every person deserves to be treated fairly and kindly, ya know …… do unto others and all that jazz! Whether affiliate or product consumer, handle all complaints and special requests, with sensitivity and common sense.

Satisfied customers are your most important asset, so you want to go to extremes to keep these extremely happy customers …… well, happy.

As for those that are not all that satisfied; use some common sense! If they desire a refund after 93 days instead of 90 days, do the refund. If they go social …… you will wish you had refund the monies.

In the past, those who took exceptions to your business practices would tell a couple people, now if they go social with a Tweet or Blog post, you are looking at thousands who know of the issue in quick order. Not Good!

Remember this; blowing off your customers or affiliates for a few extra bucks is bad for business. Greedy and Stupid is a really bad combination!




  1. Carl Thomas says:

    Hi, I noticed your Product Page only showed a shortcode [productspage]
    Carl Thomas recently posted..Markus proves he’s 50

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Carl,

      Thanks for coming by today!

      Sorry for the confusion on the products page. Actually, the shortcode is for myself so that I am reminded that I was actually working with the page. About a year ago I moved everything over to and left the products page here at Bloggers Market for a series of Blogging products that I was developing. I just have not had time to move things along.

  2. Emily says:

    For me the excitement and fun is the actual building of the product that I am promoting. The Sales process is just the work that I have to put in to get to the end of the rainbow.

    My issue is that I can never really seem to get comfortable with just one type of design for the squeeze and landing-page. About the time I re-use my last code for a new landing-page, is the time that I figure out that I need to start over and I really don’t have the time to do that. Plus I’m losing time on the creative side of things.

    What’s good is that I’ve got my system down to “five easy pieces”. In other words, I don’t have to think the process, I already know what has to be done and that in and of itself saves a great deal of time.

  3. MicroEdges says:

    Thanks for another lesson
    Internet Marketing really helps to improve Sales.

  4. Jerry says:

    Indeed, you need to receive feedback to the customers, this is really important for the future of business.
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  5. Lisa Chaves says:

    Amazing lessons Jeffrey.
    I was reading few of your internet marketing lesson and I feel that they are really helpful and informative. Thanks for writing such detailed articles for us.
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