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Internet Marketing – Lesson 19

Launch functions are really all about strategy.

Once again I can’t really do this subject justice with a short Blog post. I will however, cover this subject in detail in later posts of this series.

I understand that you continue to see the above information provided time and again in this series, and while Internet Marketing is not Brain Science or Rocket Surgery, it can be complex in its application to a successful end.

When launching an Internet Product, you should be aware that to do so with any degree of success takes some time and effort. I suggest that you undertake this process after your product is finished and ready to market.

To successfully launch a product you will have to take about 10 days to 2 weeks to do it right in about 5 different phases. The goal here is to prepare your market and stoke your affiliates while pre-selling your Product. Add to this the ongoing strategy of building to a larger market.

To kinda give you an idea of the scope of things, you should concentrate on building cool products, launching those products and driving traffic to those products right now and in the future …… ya know …… “CASHFLOW”! Your Blog or Website is just the platform from which to do so.

Like I said I could go on for days on this subject, but to give you the quick so that you can take away the essence of this subject, you will have to become a story teller. That’s how you sell Internet Products, you tell stories, the product should sell itself.

Internet Marketing is definitely not a high-pressure sell, you have to develop a relationship with your market to sell your products. The very best way to do this is to tell them stories about you and your product, again your Blog or Website is a great platform from which to do this. You are going to tell them about what it took to bring your product to the market, and you are going to tell them about what your product means to you and what it will provide to them, and by providing them with great tools to make a difference with and for others.

While the money is certainly great here, you should be focusing on helping a friend. This is what the product launch is all about, indeed this is what Internet Marketing is about, and is what your life should be about.



  1. Pitt Goumas says:

    Exactly. Some people make a mistake of talking about their products only, listing their benefits, etc. It would be so much more helpful to THEM if they focused on how their customers can benefit from their products. Same thing, just put differently.

    Thank you for this lesson Jeffrey. I’ve learned a lot from you. Keep posting.
    Pitt Goumas recently posted..How Accurate Are Home STD Tests?

    • Jeffrey says:

      Next week I’ll be writing on “Social Promotion” then the “Formal Launch Process”. I’ll wrap-up with “Customer Service After The Sale” and then I’ll start on the real meat and potatoes.

      Hi Pitt, what is the deal with “Order Science”. That looks to me to be a pretty hard sell for what it is that you are writing about on your site.

      You have a great URL, it has got to be worth a ton to someone who would like to sell nothing but Science Books. Please see my site:

      SEO has to be kinda tough …… Yes?

      Can I help in some way!

      • Pitt Goumas says:

        Hi Jeffrey
        Indeed I started out as a medical book site but then moved to a similar niche. Nowadays, the domain name is not that important SEO-wise. I’d say, that domain name has nothing to do with the niche you’re in. Of course SEO is always tough and I work it alone right now.
        Thanks for your offer anyway.
        Pitt Goumas recently posted..Home Test for Syphilis Symptoms & Treatment

        • Jeffrey says:

          Hey Pitt,

          I could not help but laugh at your comment. Very perceptive.

          Your right about my domain here. I originally stated out with good intentions about Blogging, however as I progressed through the system, I was starting to Earn an Income Online with my Internet Marketing skills …… not with my Blogging Skills, however, by then I was in too deep. I had established myself here at Bloggers Market. I had a readership, I had people that I cared about here at Bloggers Market.

          Eventually I hope to move everyone over to and brand my self with “Internet Money”. I don’t think you want to here about the other 100 sites that I have! I’m hoping to sell them off under the brand “The Bloggers Market” in the next couple of years. The real tragedy in all of this …… I really love to Blog and to interact with my readers.

          We all have a story I guess! Thanks for coming by today Pitt, I will see you soon!

  2. Very well written post Jeffrey. Rightly said to successfully sell internet product it is important that we are able to convince customer how the product will prove useful to him/her.
    Vishakha Singh recently posted..Key Elements of Quality Data Recovery Software

  3. Hey Jeff,

    Another interesting and informative post you have here. Another lesson that needs to be learned. Well, after reading your post, I found one sentence that made me think that launching a product is not easy. That sentence is this, “When launching an Internet Product, you should be aware that to do so with any degree of success takes some time and effort”. For some reason, I thought that launching a product online or offline really takes time and patience since we want to make our products very successful and to do so, consistent persistence and thorough planning is needed to achieve that certain goal. With that said, launching a product is not an easy task to make especially online where people only see pictures and read about it compared to offline product lunch where people not only see the product but can also have a test to it to convince themselves that the product is good to purchase.
    Farrell Conejos recently posted..One Piece Vs Zombies

  4. Jeffrey says:

    Hi Farrell,

    With so many people online and so many different products out there, you really have to take the time to make sure that what you have to offer is really special.

    When you have a product that makes $750,000.00 on launch in its first 30 days, you may think that you are on the road; up until you see that the next month you only take in $18,000.00 and then $1,900.00 the following month. Then it’s back to the drawing board for a new product that may take 18 months to bring to the market. You still made $500,000.00 on your last product after taxes, but that is pretty good; up until the next product you launch makes only $77,000.00 on launch after 2 years work.

    That is why you have so many that put out trash and live with the $500.00 that it brings and then going back and doing the same thing over again …… eventually someone complains! Not Good! And then they give-up, because they are convinced that they can’t make money Online.

    You can of course, however, you have to realize that you are working for a 1 month pay-out and you have to make it count. That is for any product that you release, be it 1 year to build or 1 month. So as long as you are doing a formal launch, you might as well make it count. You have to have everything up and running and tons of affiliates Online and ready to go. You have to have at least 30,000 on your mailing list that you have spent the past year providing free material to, and everything that you are about to do you should already have been done on a run-through or test, to make sure everything is set.
    If you try to deal with issues as they come up you will fail for sure, as time really is money in Internet Marketing.

    Remember when you release “Farrell’s Doom 400″ as a game, it will only do well it’s first month or two, after that …… everyone has it, so no else is really interested. You may make a sale or two, but everything in Internet Marketing happens within it’s first month. Hence, why you should be so careful with your efforts and take your time doing it.

    That is why you see so many of the really big, big Internet Marketers going to Offline sales ( like consulting to other businesses ). This money can be just as good and it’s a whole lot steadier.

    Some Marketers go for the one sale Online instead, like yourself working at providing quality content over at “One Piece Games” for 12 years until you shop the site to “Biohazard Games” for $400 million.

    And speaking of quality content, watch your inbound links over at “One Piece Games”, Farrell. Google will eventually catch-up to you on that, and penalize your site. If your visitors are not willing to engage you in a meaningful conversation like the ones that you and I have, let them go.

    You have been over here at Bloggers Market for a while now. Google will see this and index what we say to each other so that others may benefit. This is what they do; provide meaningful links and information, at least that’s the goal.

    Both of our rankings will move up in Google, however, when they get to “One Piece Games”, and they see all that comment spam, they are going to hit you for it ( mainly because it is of no use to anyone ), trust me on this.

    Clean your site up and I’ll design an ad for you to place here at Bloggers Market and I’ll give you six months free advertising. You’ll see traffic spike in a big way! Offer some good opt-ins and you will see your list grow too.

    Remember Farrell, if you have to go to Google Adwords to campaign for your list. Your CPA will be right about $1.30 per lead. So if your list grows to 10,000 you will have to pay about $13,000.00 dollars to get it there. Why do that when you can build a list off of your own traffic.

    Let me know what you want to do …… and here’t to you having a great week.

    It was good to see you come by Farrell, see you soon!

  5. venkat says:

    Hi Jeffrey,
    these article is excellent regarding the internet marketing.
    thanks for the information.
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  6. Jacqueline says:

    This site was… how do you say it? Relevant!!
    Finally I have found something that helped me. Thanks!

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