Saturday, January 20, 2018

Internet Marketing – Lesson 18

This week we will take a look at Upsells. I’ve never really been keen on Upsells, but that is just me. I’ve seen some really crazy Upsells over the years. Most have nothing to do with what it is that you are interested in. Again this is just how “I” see it. There is nothing wrong with Upsells, and you should actively pursue promoting them. Just make sure that what you offer is solid.

When you get ready to provide an Upsell Offer, make sure that what it is that you offer is of really high-quality. I got caught-up in poor quality Upsells when I started out by offering crummy PDF’s, and it really hurt sales.

Two signs that any offer you view is not worth the purchase is if the Upsell is crummy, or the Upsell is endless, with literally dozens of extras if you “just purchase today”.

As these lessons go on, the information will become more in-depth and ever-more technical. So I will get into the positioning and proper promoting of Upsells in later lessons. The one thing I am trying to get across in this post, is that your Upsells “MUST, MUST, MUST” provide tangible value.

Remember that good Upsells can round-out a killer $30.00 dollar package, however, if you are not careful you can run yourself into trouble with your profit margins.

I once saw a Marketer offer two Upsells that equaled the value of what he was trying to sell as his main product. He wound-up with great exposure, however, I would not have done it. You are just too close to the line to losing money. Refunds can kill ya!

When considering your Upsells make sure that they can be delivered to, and received by, your market ASAP. If not then you will have to make sure that your main product that you are trying to sell can be delivered to, and received by, your market ASAP.

Whatever it is that you are trying to Sell or Upsell, you will have to wrap your brain around this point which is worth the price of admission; you will have to deliver both electronic and hard-copy products for you to stand-out at what-ever it is that you wish to be successful at in Internet Marketing. This is called a “rolling product launch”. You deliver a set of Audio CD’s or MP3′s by download instantly upon completion of sale with follow-up Auto-responses, along with a hard-product arriving in your customers Mail-Box in a week or 10 days.

Guess what Amazon does? Delivers hard-products quickly to it’s market. Get it? Obviously I didn’t when I started out, and my sales really suffered. I even went electronic with “Kindle” when I went commercial, ( which was a real pain to do ) with my materials and again my sales really suffered.

Don’t sweat this stuff right now, I’m going to provide you with the necessary information later in these lessons that will give you the ability to deliver your products on the cheap without being cheap.



  1. Pitt Goumas says:

    Hello Jeffrey, very informative lesson here. Please post something to explain cross-selling as well.
    Pitt Goumas recently posted..How Accurate Are Home STD Tests?

    • Jeffrey says:

      Good Morning Mr. Goumas,

      I’m going to go ahead and touch on cross-selling now, as comments on Blogs are indexed as well. I’ll post more information later on in the series about cross-sales.

      Cross-sales are the impulse sale of Internet Marketing. Found on more traditional sales sites that sell a wide variety of goods say like an Amazon or Wallmart. Cross-sells are usually offered as a good that closely resembles what you are interested in or are about to purchase. On Amazon or Wallmart they are presented as “Customers who bought this also bought these also”.

      Cross-sales are not nearly as profitable as Up-sells. Or rather I should say they do not convert as well.
      To make this type of sale as profitable as possible, your Cross-sell needs to be shown next to or close by your shopping cart, so that your customer knows the cost involved of all items shown. Thereby making the decision to buy easier.

      Say Pitt, “Would You Like Fries With That” ?

  2. Hey Jeff,

    Well, another informative lesson indeed. I guess upsells can really give a boast in terms of income or monetizing products if it’s done right. The only problem for me right now is how to do it the right way. Though you have shared your knowledge about it, I should experience this upsell by myself to fully understand what it can offer to me. But, with the information that I got from you through this post, I guess I would encounter a less problematic approach with upsell. Thanks for sharing this.
    Farrell Conejos recently posted..One Piece Vs Zombies

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Farrell,

      First lets say you want to Upsell for the sake of Upselling. Called the List Building Sale; go out and put together an E-Book on your niche, DO NOT USE A PLR OR MRR PRODUCT. Stay within about 30 to 60 pages of materials. If you outsource, expect to spend about $300.00 to $500.00 for the project. Offer this E-Book as a “FREE” opt-in on a page offsite to your website. In other words have this offer on it’s separate page; don’t try to place in somewhere on the homepage of your website.

      You are going to build an opt-in page that holds a video where you are telling people about the book and to have at it and then ask them to leave a comment if it was helpful to them. Next lay out a comments section where those that download the offer can comeback and tell you that the book was really helpful. Place this right below the video. That’s it you are good to go!

      Use PPC to get the word out! VERY IMPORTANT TO PPC! Go Social with Twitter and Facebook and Google +.

      Next take the harvest and broadcast to them in 3 days time asking them if the book was helpful and say you hope they left a comment, and oh by the way you thought you would pass along this new video with a few tips to follow-up with your book and to please leave comments. This also is also on a separate page.

      Next take the original harvest and broadcast to them in 7 days time asking them to help you out with a new project that you have that you would like to get some feed back on. If they will pay you $10.00 bucks for shipping and handling you will send it to them if they will give their honest feedback. Make sure you get at least the cost of your sale item plus shipping out of the offer. I like to get a couple of bucks extra, so that I at least get something out of the effort.

      If they like it, have them leave feedback comments, and you will bill them $95.00 in 30 days time. 3 days before the thirty days are up remind them that you are going to bill them. That’s important. If they wish not to be charged fine, you lose nothing. The other side of the coin is those that you bill for $95.00. This type of up-sell converts well.

      I’ll be going into this in depth later on in this series.

      Farrell, wrap your mind around this critical point. You must offer them something that is your very best work or this type of Upsell will not work for you and then you will be mad at me! :(

      Oh and by the way did you read lesson 19? Lesson 19 was about Launch functions.

      See you soon Farrell, have a good week!

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