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Internet Marketing – Lesson 16

The path to success for the Internet Marketer has three elements; a good product, good landing-page with compelling copy, and a good ad campaign. While there are many ways in which to monetize a Blog or Website, putting these three elements together will provide you a path of least resistance with the greatest chance of success as well as profit.

Good copy and ads for a product are essential to your success, however, this will have to come with a good dose of experience. There really is no way to cover this subject in a Blog post or even a good book.

I have seen books that go on and on with the details that may or may not work for you. This is probably one of the reasons that this subject is not as well covered on the Internet as others. You really have to assemble a ton of bits and pieces to effectively put together your Marketing campaign. In the end it all comes down to a good split test and a better product.

What is most important to the exercise of writing effective ads ( as well as copy ) for your product is coming up with a collection of ads, split-testing, and then deciding in a fairly quick order whether or not “your dog will hunt”.

And if you do have success with a good product, keep in mind that eventually you will see a point of diminishing returns, at which time you will have to make a judgement call on when to get out.

If the product has no “Pop” at the beginning of your launch, don’t extend your loses past a month. In other words don’t go for 90 days thinking that your product will eventually catch-on.

If you are not seeing some kind of a return on your investment within a couple of weeks, you might as well set your sites on starting over. This is taking into account that you have given it a fair chance at launch. Don’t think that by bidding 03.00 cents for a keyword, that this is going to provide you with healthy profits.

Again, in the long run …… experience will make the difference here. You just have to keep trying and be smart about how to structure your ad campaigns, as well as how much money to commit to your goals.



  1. Paneru says:

    I really love your article. I have been here since first lesson. All the lessons are great and knowledgeable. Thank you very much for sharing

  2. Thomas Henson says:

    I love your “Internet Marketing” series. You always publish interesting tips. Thanks,
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  3. I am really appreciate this wonderful post that you have provided for us. I assure this would be beneficial for most of the people.

  4. Hey Jeff,

    Glad to be back in your site. You have shared another interesting and valuable lesson for everyone. I totally agree with the experience. Experience is the best teacher and the books and guides that are being posted is a result of someone’s experience. So, I guess its safe to say that having a trial and error stage is normal when it comes to establishing anyone’s desired sites.
    Farrell John Conejos recently posted..Ten Artists And Thirty Songs To Musical Ecstasy

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Farrell,

      I wrote a series a couple of years ago about that trial and error stage that you mention. Much like you building content for your site, you need to build products for your growth.

      When you produce content, you have to have a schedule for the release of that content. That way, you are never under pressure to perform and your content is released at the same time and the same day. Google loves this and so do the readers. Instead of putting out a ton of garbage at once, I take my time and put together a series of solid content that is scheduled. I stay out in front about 90 days. I call this “The Content Hopper”. I have a dozen or so pieces ready to go at any given time for scheduled release. I’m like clock work!

      Now, dig this; I also have a “Product Hopper”. This is a little more difficult to manage as the products take much more effort to put together. However, I try to provide some sort of product every 3 or 4 months. So I always have 2 or 3 products that are ready to go. Reason for this is that not all products will be a success. You will know in short order if a product is productive or not. If you have a product that bombs with no back-up, then you are stuck there in your office wondering what to do next. Your first reaction is to try to do a series of different things to get this product off the ground, making the whole mess even worse. When you should be removing the product that failed and immediately launch a new one in its place.

      Hence why you do not see me posting content here at Bloggers Market everyday, I’m dealing with product development, and it takes a ton of time, especially if it’s video based. A good video series takes about 1 week for each 10 minutes you build. So if you have 3 one hour videos, you can look forward to 3 months of work …… start to finish, if you do this work yourself.

      See, you go nowhere unless you have a product to sell, and trial and error is just a fact of Internet Marketing.

      See you soon Farrell …… take care   :)

  5. David Hood says:

    The challenge for some is delivering a compelling copy. It makes people to get hooked with the message and act on it.
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  6. Pitt Goumas says:

    I think out of all the three elements that you mentioned in your posts, a good ad campaign is the most powerful one.
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  7. Ron says:

    Your series is great! Just wish it had been out years ago when I was just starting out, I would have not wasted so much time on things that didn’t work lol Still, even after over 12 years of working online I find great tips in your series and things I can still apply and “work smarter” in the end. I hope others will benefit from your series as well!
    Ron recently posted..Printing PLR Articles with private label rights

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Ron,

      While I have twice the experience as you in computing, I have only less than half your experience Online. So if you find my series enlightening, I’m humbled.

      Do me a favor please! See your way clear to come back around and leave your hard won experience with my readers. Your comments here at this Blog can be of great help, not only to my readers, but to myself as well.

      Thanks for coming by Ron. See you soon!   :)

  8. Everyone is selling something. It might be a product, a service, a download, an idea, or a worthy cause.
    Whatever you’re selling, it’s got to be worth the price.Deliver great content.Then keep delivering great content, but in a strategic and focused way.

  9. Entering in the marketing field without a plan is like entering a battle field without a map. You get lost and your have no sense of direction. However the above marketing ingredients ie. good product, good landing-page with compelling copy, and a good ad campaign. I agree that These are the primary ingredients for marketing success. Thank you for sharing this insightful post.
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  10. Another excellent internet marketing lesson here. Thank you for sharing all those very insightful and useful lessons. Keep posting!

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