Saturday, January 20, 2018

Internet Marketing – Lesson 15

Squeeze-Pages for the most part are pretty straight forward, after all you are just trying to harvest E-Mail Address. I’ll address the more complex designs that are tied into product launches as we go along here.

Landing-Pages are where all the action takes place for the aggressive Internet Marketer. Managing a Blog’s structure is a real challenge, however that is just one half of the issue …… the other is the landing-page.

Not only is a landing-page complex in its design, there are also multiple parts to a good landing-page system. What makes landing-pages complex, is the need for a captivating design along with compelling copy.

I’m going to list the parts of the landing-page system, yet I really have no way of going into the parts, as they are really an art-form that takes years to master.

My last design took me two weeks of full-time work to complete, yet I have been working for years on perfecting the system. My first system took me months to complete.

Here is my list:

  • Landing-Page
  • Squeeze-Page To The Offer
  • Downloads Page
  • Affiliates Page
  • Graphics Page For The Affiliates

Tie in a shopping cart and you are set to go!

When you view the above list you may think to yourself that really the landing-page is the only challenge in the group. However, I can assure you that all parts of the list are a real challenge.

You may say, how can a graphics page be a pain? Just drop your images in and go! Not so fast, you have to design a number of images for use by your affiliates along with “clean code” to go with them. You must then arrange those images in a “pleasing-to-the-eye” way on a beautiful page.

While the landing-page is used to sell the customer, the affiliates page is used to sell the affiliates. If the page is just “functional”, you will run the affiliates off. The affiliates page has to be a knock-out, just like the other pages to the system.



  1. Hey Jeff,

    I’m back! (Presuming that I am the very first to comment) Well, this week will be a busy week for me so while I had the chance, I came to your site to sneak in to see if there is another lesson that you posted and oh boy how lucky I am to see it and comment on it first (still presuming). First of all, I agree to what you posted. The list you made is no easy task but that’s where the excitement and fun is. And to add, if it turns out to be successful, its also a relief. Well, I am still in the process of learning so I guess I’ll take my time to study land pages bit by bit. That’s for it me today. Thanks for sharing another informative and very helpful post. Cheers.
    Farrell John Conejos recently posted..One Piece Vs Zombies

    • Jeffrey says:

      Good Morning Farrell,

      For me the excitement and fun is the actual building of the product that I am promoting. The Sales process is just the work that I have to put in to get to the end of the rainbow.

      My issue is that I can never really seem to get comfortable with just one type of design for the squeeze and landing-page. About the time I re-use my last code for a new landing-page, is the time that I figure out that I need to start over and I really don’t have the time to do that. Plus I’m losing time on the creative side of things.

      What’s good is that I’ve got my system down to “five easy pieces”. In other words, I don’t have to think the process, I already know what has to be done and that in and of itself saves a great deal of time.

      Have a good week Farrell!   :)

  2. credtree says:

    A good landing page can definitely be a powerful marketing tool, I definitely agree with you!
    credtree recently posted..Credit Score Repair

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