Monday, December 18, 2017

Internet Marketing – Lesson 11

Whenever you are designing your artwork for your sites and your affiliates, only use original images. Don’t try to copy someone else’s idea and paste your icons or logos into it. BAD IDEA!

There are also a number of royalty free sites where you can gather your needed materials. Again, pull together the needed pieces and build what you need. Even if you are granted royalty free status, don’t take a single piece and paste your materials on it. Design your own ideas.

Once you have a general idea as to what you want, then you can spread that around to all of your artwork that you will need for a certain campaign. In other words, you only have to design once and then you can deal with making the square artwork fit into the round hole. By re-sizing and shifting things around a bit you should be able to make a go of it.

Avoid any kind of video usage except for the main landing-page. Too much use of video and you will surly lose the attention span of your target market. Using video is nightmarish at best, so be really cool here. When you design your landing-page video, make sure that you keep it to FOUR MINUTES (4) …… get it 4, 4, 4, no longer.

I have read tons of material on the power and length of videos for Internet Marketing, and the loss of viewers is simply astonishing after 4 minutes. If you are using instructional videos for an opt-in campaign, don’t go over 8 minutes here. And if your end product is some sort of educational series, keep each video at an hour. If it goes 8 hours give them 8 different videos.

Putting together these types of artworks takes a huge amount of time. Sometimes as much time goes into the artwork as goes into the product itself. But show great patience and restraint here and you will be well rewarded.



  1. Eric says:

    Hey there Jeffrey!

    Long time no see.

    For images I’m actually just creating my own right now. For instance, on Friday I have a post going up about writing blog posts regularly without going insane… it’s called something close to that actually.


    I take pictures of me or write up something in Office and make the text huge, change colors and styles and take pictures of that with my smart phone.

    I just do this because it’s fun, creative and that way I’m always legal.
    Eric recently posted..The Dream, The Adventure, The Reality (How Starting A Website Fits All “Worlds” here)

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Eric,
      How’s it? I actually dropped by your Facebook page a couple of days ago. Yeah, I didn’t even have the common courtesy to say hello …… sorry!

      It’s good to see you up and running again. I can only imagine the challenges you have faced over the past several months. As for me, I hang in there, in hopes of one day, seeing those Internet Billions!

      I am however, actually able to make my bills now, so that is pretty good!

      Hope the family is doing well!


  2. Just couldn’t leave your website before telling you that we really enjoyed the quality information you offer to your visitors… Will be back often to check up on new posts.

  3. Eric says:

    Hey man,

    Yeah, it’s good to get back into it going at it from a business now.

    Glad you stopped by! :)

    Family is doing good after getting over some horrible colds.
    Eric recently posted..How To Regularly Write New Blog Posts Without Going Insane (Five Quick Steps That Work)

  4. Hey Jeff,

    To be honest, it’s my first visit to your site and I just can’t help noticing the Lessons you have and so I decide to pick one lesson and read it. Luckily enough, I clicked this post and then realize that everything that you’ve just shared is true. It’s not good to copy even for images because it might ruin your chance of having a successful online business. I know that its bad to skip lessons (like in school) so I will try to catch up by reading the other former lessons. Thanks for sharing this.
    Farrell Conejos recently posted..One Piece Vs Zombies

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Farrell,
      Thanks for stopping by today. I’m running this series for 52 weeks, so there will be plenty to choose from. Advanced techniques are coming soon, such as how to script and program for dollars.
      Remember this, I can’t supply you with a fool-proof path to prosperity, experience will provide that for you. So never give-up man!

  5. Hi,

    I read it. It is impressive information. I hope you will continue this type of informative post.
    Thanks for posting….
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  6. George Tent says:

    Hey J,
    Totally agree with your whole post J and the point that “Design your own ideas.” Yes must have design our own ideas to be different from others. What is your opinion about article spinner is it correct to use article spinner? you gave really great idea of video posting and corrected my mind also.
    damaged hair
    George Tent recently posted..Chlorine and Hair – Hair Care For Swimmers

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hey George,
      I have and will use article spinning. However, only from the standpoint of “Pillar Content” for a Blog or Website that I am trying to sell. For instance if I build a Blog on Space Travel to sell to someone, I’m afraid that I’m not qualified to write about space, so I”ll spin the content. And I make sure the buyer of my Blog understands that. Once the Blog is sold the “Pillar Content” drops off after a couple of weeks anyway and should be deleted as a whole after the new owner gets going. “Pillar Content” should never be archived. And Google will remove it within a couple of days once the content is removed and the site is manually pinged.

      From the standpoint of using it as a practice in the running of your Blog on a daily basis, “DON’T”!

      Keep this in mind in regards to your content. Google is looking for real-time interactive content. So if you have an active “Facebook” and “Twitter” account. Google is looking closely at what you have to say here. They also will index your comments you make on this Blog, your own Blog or Website, as well as others. Your written content or articles on your Blog or Website comes last. It’s static content.

      Google is really interested in what “George Tent” and “Jeffrey Morgan” have to say about “Article Spinning” together. Not what either one has to say about it separately. In other words, Google is more interested in indexing what “WE” say, not what “YOU” say!

      Yes the quality back-link is everything! Savy?

      • George Tent says:

        Oh this read is really good you explained it in a perfect way J thumbs up. One thing! can you explain “Pillar Content” a little bit more what is it?
        means all the posting or other thing?
        George Tent recently posted..Chlorine and Hair – Hair Care For Swimmers

        • Jeffrey says:

          Hi George,
          Just came over from Facebook and got your message on “Liking” my site. Now If I could just figure out how to “Like” Yours, we would be in business! Facebook! Aggghhh. I’m in the process of launching my own social-media site that is a little more user friendly. I’m in the process of raising the necessary capital to launch this site. I’ve finished most all the work. You can find a dead-link at Look forward to seeing you there someday!

          As for your question on “Pillar Content”. This is the content that the site is designed around. Most of the time this content is keyword specific to the theme or niche of the Blog. You can see that I have been running nothing but an “Internet Marketing” course for the past 3 months. However, if I were launching the Blog, I would have content that touches all aspects of Blogging. Even if I have no interest in say, Joomla!, I would still place a piece of “Pillar Content” about Joomla!, to anchor the Blog within the Search Engines. So I would write about WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Plug-ins, Themes, Internet Marketing, Ad Campaigns, Back-end Products, Comments, Facebook For Bloggers, Twitter For Bloggers, Google Plus For Bloggers, all at once and all on the homepage. This will anchor the Blog pretty well within the Search Engines, if proper SEO, and best practices are used.

          By the way you can see most of my personal work over at “”. I have several other sites along with a couple of forums that are listed there. I’ve even got a “Wiki” about Joomla!, that is seeing 25,000 page-views a day. It’s about to kill me …… I’m busier than a three-legged cat in a sandbox!

          However, if you notice my last post at “”, “The Conundrum Of Tech Support”, you will see a good example of my personal writing. This would not be a good piece of “Pillar Content”. The title would not be right for the Search Engines to index. Please note that my personal Blog is already established and I have no interest in ranking it, as everyone already knows me as “Mr. Bloggers Market” :lol:

          See ya in the funny-papers George!

          • George Tent says:

            Oh no problem J i am working on my facebook page when its ready i will give it to you to hit LIKE ;)
            BTW thanX for writing about pillar content for me. I have visited your social media website its just a photo over there. Try to change its name rather than strong angels. and i will check jeffery when i’ll get time.
            George Tent recently posted..Chlorine and Hair – Hair Care For Swimmers

  7. Pitt Goumas says:

    I think it’s OK to look at others’ ideas and then use your own imagination to change them a little and make them your own. I cannot always come up with completely original images since I don’t have a very active imagination, but I agree with you when you say copying someone else’ ideas is a bad idea. It can never bring you the kind of satisfaction you need to keep you going
    Pitt Goumas recently posted..Understanding Home Chlamydia Test

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Pitt,

      I agree, and indeed that is how I manage to pull together most of my own projects. My main enemy is time. This indeed inhibits my imagination.

  8. Garen Arnold says:


    You make two Excellent Points! Use original artwork, don’t copy! Especially since there are many places to get royalty-free images.

    And as for videos, once again, you are so correct! Don’t make long videos or you will lose your audience!!!! People are busy and they get bored very quickly!

    This is another great post in your series!
    Garen Arnold recently posted..Using The Ultimate TinyMCE WordPress Plugin For Typography

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Garen,

      Thanks for dropping by today! Yeah, you made it in. As WordPress has become the foremost CMS, it has also become the foremost system to spam. So “Akismet” just as a matter of course spams most everyone now. As I travel the Internet and join in the social scene, I get the same treatment. I mean, I’ve been here every day for 5 years and I’m being sorted out as spam on others Blogs …… really!

      In the mean time, the last time that I checked, Akismet has managed to delete over 50,000 spam comments here at Bloggers Market. I actually did a contract job about 18 months ago for a Blogger that needed a PHP script that would allow “LONG-TIME COMMENTERS” to avoid being consumed by a spam filter.

      See ya later Garen, I look forward to your return and your continued input!

  9. tager says:

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  10. danish says:

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