Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Internet Marketing – Lesson 10

This week we will look at “ARTWORK”! To me it is almost painful to look at the word. If I am motivated in the future to out-source any part of my business, it will be the artwork end of things. When I think of artwork, I think of Photoshop; Arhhh!

Of all the software that I have ever encountered, Photoshop and GIMP are the most intimidating. With open-source software that award goes to Wiki-Media, however, I can live without Wiki-Media, I’m just stuck with Photoshop and GIMP.

Of course, these software packages are not trying to destroy your quality of life out of spite, rather by design, they are just killer to learn. Once learned, if you do not use the software everyday, you tend to forget how all the parts go together.

I personally use GIMP, as I’m just not a big fan of the cloud and you have to subscribe to Photoshop to the tune of $50.00 a month or pony-up a couple of grand for a license. And who would want to do that for the dread of torture.

For the basic Internet Marketer, GIMP will do fine for all your needs and it’s open-source and FREE!

Time is always an issue in your business and you have to cut corners from time to time, however, avoid this while working and designing your artwork as it will truly show to the world. Take your time here and do the very best that you can.

When I work with private clients, oh they just love my artwork. Yeah, well, whatever. They don’t see the 3000 lines of PHP underneath, that took 3 weeks of 18 hour days to write to get their site to work so that they can even view the artwork!

So take your time and don’t get frustrated that such seemingly easy work takes a great deal of time. In the end you will be rewarded for your efforts.



  1. Absolutely true! I really agree if you don’t use those applications everyday, you will tend to forget how to put things together again. It is my first time hearing about GIMP. And it sounds very interesting to me. Thank you for this information. I’ll definitely try this application.
    résidence étudiante montréal recently posted..Home – EN

  2. Ron says:

    Adobe Illustrator is also an incredible asset to have as it is vector based.
    Thanks for sharing

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Ron,
      Thanks for dropping by today! As for the dup post …… at least you took the time to run the test yourself! If I see one more piece of spam-bot trash, I think I’m gonna stroke.

  3. wajid khan says:

    Got to be honest, I didn’t listen to all the words but I looked through it and I appreciate that it is here and I can come back to it. such useful information thanks for sharing Jefferey :)
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  4. James says:

    This is a really good published article. Such a great yet interesting post. Thank you very much for sharing this useful stuff.
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  5. George Tent says:

    Oh i didn’t visit your blog for 2 or 3 weeks and here is the lesson 10 i am reading now and have to read 2 more lessons you have posted :)
    I make you know that i am a beginner in photoshop so i can’t get the whole post. I am trying to learn photoshop suggest me how and from where i can?
    Family Dentistry
    George Tent recently posted..Meet our new Assistant, Colleen!

  6. Pitt Goumas says:

    ‘When I think of artwork, I think of Photoshop’

    I like your sense of humor :)
    Pitt Goumas recently posted..Understanding Home Chlamydia Test

  7. I think GIMP is far much better than Photoshop because GIMP is free, much smaller install , amazingly fast and stable, user-friendly and portable.

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Shavonda,

      I wouldn’t say “far much better”. However, for the Internet Marketer, there is really no need for Photoshop, unless you really stress over the need for breath-taking graphics.

      If you have a good product and clean graphics, you’re good to go!!!

  8. Ah! You are talking about adobe photoshop and I have little experience about this. If you want to become photoshop expert you need to more and more practice. One thing more, If you are creative man, Your creativity will be help you to develop your career
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