Sunday, December 17, 2017

Internet Marketing – Lesson 1

Last weeks article, spotlighted what can be achieved in Internet Marketing, or Marketing Online. This week I want to write about Internet Marketing in kinda broad terms. As I start out this year, I can report that I make most of my income from Internet Marketing, kinda strange, since I would love to make most of my money from Blogging.

Blogging is really one of my true strengths. However, I make very, very, very …… little income from Blogging. I remain prayerful!

The sub-title to this Blog is; “Make Money Blogging”, so Blogging is where I will start this series. Make no mistake; I have said it many times; you are, or should be, an Internet Marketer first and a Blogger second. I started out as a Blogger first and this really hurt me. Oh, I’m a Pro-Blogger alright, I just don’t make any money at it.

Part of my problem with this issue is that I manage too many Blogs. I now have 24 and am in the process of trying to trim some of these things from the tree.

Lesson One (1) = Don’t get in over your head with too many projects in the beginning. If you are to compete; indeed to survive, you will have to laser focus. You really need to start with One (1) = Blog, and make a go of it with that. If you can’t make it with one, you more than likely will not make it with two (2) = Bad Idea!

If you start with one and you feel like you chose the wrong niche for yourself, sell that Blog on Flippa and move on to something else. I understand that you may have more than an interest or two that you may want to pursue. I say, go for it. However, focus most of your attention on the one and restrict yourself to no more than three (3)= Boat Load!

To achieve success on any type of level you will have to manage your Blog with some real skills. You should know HTML, CSS, MySQL, some PHP, art design, ad design, affiliate artwork design, sever management, resources management, plugin management, theme management, saying nothing of being a good writer, comment moderator, good at socializing your Blog and ferreting-out broken links. This of course, is just what comes to mind as I write this on the fly.

You have to master all these skills; this indeed is step one (1)=Good Move, before, and while you take on the “Internet Marketing” side of things.

A finial word of caution: Earning an income Online is not the easiest of tasks, however …… it you are bound and determined …… read on!



  1. Jason says:

    Wonderful post and good internet marketing guide for beginners. I like the last line of this blog which is very true.. :)
    Jason recently posted..7 Best Shorten URL and Earn Money Sites that Pays for Clicks

  2. Peter Mutiso says:

    Good lessons for internet marketing. I will read all other lessons and probably share what i will get from your lessons
    Peter Mutiso recently posted..The Great Depression

  3. I enjoyed the part of the article that said if you are not making it with one then you will probably not make it with 2 blogs. There is just no short cut around growing a blog. Thanks.
    Jennifer Cunningham recently posted..Increase Website Traffic with Google Plus

  4. very inspiring for the spirit of learning internet marketing, it takes hard work and thoughts to create a blog that makes money

  5. Wamiq Ali says:

    Yes! Learning the HTML and CSS is the most important part and anyone who is a good blogger should know how to edit his theme how to manage his site errors ETC.
    Wamiq Ali recently posted..Google Glass Specifications – 720p Recording With 5MP Camera

  6. Pitt Goumas says:

    Good one. I think you cannot be a good blogger unless you’re a good writer. Writing skills come before all the real skills that you mentioned.
    Pitt Goumas recently posted..Understanding Home Chlamydia Test

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hey Pitt,

      You know you are probably right on this one. However, I was only a so, so writer when I started. I can remember that I deleted well over half of my posts from my first year. Not only were they bad, I just did not want to waste my readers time with my stick. However, with a lot of reading and a lot of practice, I have become a pretty good rider …… don’t you think ?

      Thanks for dropping back by Pitt, I’ll see you soon!

  7. George Tent says:

    Hey J,
    Its has been a long long time since i visited your blog, how are you keeping?
    Now i am here and shock to see that there is a long long read to internet marketing when i choose it to read :) anyways i will read it in a week.
    Wish you best of luck in making more money from internet marketing rather than blogging and in both also.
    In my opinion you should focus more on internet marketing as you have true strength in blogging that you can handle it easily…..anything we do new will be much difficult in the beginning but when we keep doing it we are being perfect in it that practice makes man perfect.
    Agree with your lessons specially lesson 1 that Don’t get in over your head with too many projects in the beginning.
    Oh its really hard that you are handling 24 blogs at a time, its a brain box for you i think to handle them :-)
    Nice start on internet marketing CHEERS!!!

    AC Repairing

    • Jeffrey says:

      All right George, you sound like you are in good spirits …… this is a good thing!

      One thing I have learned the hard way, and I mean the really hard way is that even in Blogging, it’s not about you …… it’s about us!

      I started out with this Blog, doing everything there is to do. I’ve done fairly well. I’m looking at about 50,000 unique’s a month here. However, I’ve yet to turn a profit.

      I have another Blog that I have virtually turned over to the social sphere that is Blogging and I sit by and watch the traffic go by …… to the tune of 750,000 unique’s a month!!! However, I’ve yet to turn a profit there either! I could sell the traffic of course, but I’m not really interested in that yet. I’m really wondering how big this thing is going to get.

      At Blogging you really only have two sources. Ads or Affiliates. If you sell your own products off of your Blog, you transition over to “Direct Response Marketing”. And that’s Internet Marketing.

      See you soon George!

  8. George Tent says:

    Yes you are saying right blogging is about us…..i am reading into internet marketing will get what internet marketing really is. Appreciate your effort……..

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