Friday, January 19, 2018

I’m Proclaiming MySelf … Yoda Of WordPress

Yoda Star Wars 3

As the work continues here at Bloggers Market, I thought I would take the opportunity to polish the code and clean-up the template a bit. I ran into a nasty Feedburner coding issue that had me rebuilding a widget for the E-Mail updates to the site ( You can see it on the Homepage here at Bloggers Market; It’s the one with the “Subscribe” button on it). Now I just have to figure out how to integrate it into the template …… later!

As I near the end of the build I thought I would take the time to limit the number of posts that are visible in each of my categories. Now most everyone has a setting for the homepage that can be found in their template settings, but I was after the settings for the rest of the categories. Sooo ….. off I went in search for a plug-in or whatever. I have a killer category plug-in called the “Advanced Category Excluder” or ACE for short. However this plug-in just lets you turn categories off and on, it won’t let you set the number of posts displayed. Sooo ……… off I went in search of a hard-code.

I arrived at the Codex, only to find posts and posts of ongoing lines and lines of code to be inserted into the “category.php” file. I thought to myself that surly there has to be a numerical setting in the “category.php” file. I don’t think I have to re-build the entire file. However, I may have to originate a new file like “category id=4.php” file to cross reference or to be called from “category.php” and limit the number of posts that way.

I spent about an hour looking at this code in “category.php” just to come away with a feeling that there has to be a better way. All I need is a short line of code to limit the number of posts. Off to Mother Google again to search through all the really old code fixes just to come away with the same impression. There’s got to be a better way.

90 minutes into my coding efforts, I ran up on this truly simple mind that erroneously fantasized about how he thought the setting was in the “Settings > Reading > Blog posts show at most” area of the “Dashboard” ……. Iggeit !

I had looked all over the template settings and the “Posts > Categories > Add New Category” area of the Dashboard and I didn’t see anything that would help …… I didn’t think it would be in “Settings”, but I had nothing to lose ….. except my pride! You got it ….. there it was clear as day …… set from 10 to 3 and I’m good to go!

Hey, anytime you need me to tangle your WordPress Blog installation or trash your template, give old Yoda here a call. And remember I’m just an E-Mail Away!   :roll:


  1. Rick Byrd says:

    Hey Jeffrey:

    You are a brave soul oh short, green one! Every time I think I’m going to make a change to my template, I go look at the code and then I run away. Even though I back up my blog first, I’m still nervous about making changes.

    I would like to change the code to be able to show a summary of each post without using the “more” tag when writing my blog post.

    Take care Master Jedi!

    - Rick
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  2. Jeffrey says:

    Hi Rick,
    It looks like snow again ……. for tonight anyway, I guess it’s just raining down around your parts though. I finally finished integrating the widget I mentioned above. I built a plug-in called the “StudioPress FeedBurner Subscriber”. It’s my first. I have at least half a dozen in development, but I’m afraid that building these are not for the faint of heart. I have code scattered all over the desktop. Along with various WordPress themes under development. All this and more gets move over to “Down The Rabbitt” in the next few months.

    I just hope that something simple and stupid doesn’t derail me.

    StudioPress has just such a setting as you mention in your comments, although I have yet found a personal need for it. I have a hard enough time just finding someone to read the Google Index for my site. See ya soon, Rick!

    A Drawing Of A Green Yoda

  3. Dana says:

    Hahahaha… you are surely a wordpress Yoda after do this long journey of limit the shown-up feed post.
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  4. Alex says:

    Mmmm teach me teach me you shall. Mmmmmm
    Lol mate love the title!
    I can just picture you tangled in a metaphoric mess that is your WP backend!
    Still, kudos mate – I wouldn’t dare!

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Alex, I lost my DSL, about the time you posted and am just now getting it back as I write this. A tree feel across our lines.

      I have spent so much time over the last 45 days or so re-building sites, that I am now convinced that all WordPress Problems have to be solved by hard codes.

      Maybe I should just stick to the Bozo The Blogger routine. Thanks for dropping by Alex, I hope you are getting along well my friend!

  5. Barry Wells says:

    Hi Jeffrey, you know me and code don’t really go together :oops: :cry: is the normal results i get ha ha

    You’re a braver man than me Jeffrey and deserve the title “Yoda of wordpress” whenever i come to anything php i kind of php my pants and come away from it.

    Catch up again very soon Jeffrey

    Respect and Regards, Barry

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hey Barry,
      You might be surprised at the meekness of the Wizard behind the curtain. Being bad to the bone means taking php and inserting it into your Blog, like you do with your HTML.

      I’m afraid I’m not that brave. I take whatever it is in my head and run around the corner to “Bloggers” and break that Blog, then come home to Bloggers and write about the experience like I’ve just returned from a lunar mission!

      I do have fun though. See you soon Barry. Thanks for coming by!   :smile:

  6. Adrienne says:

    LOL!!! OMG!! I’m NOT alone! Ah ha… You told on yourself too. Man, I feel so much better. Thanks for that Jeffrey…

    I’m STILL coming to you when I run across something. As I have noticed here, you figured this out before I did so I’m sure you will have done the same on my next problem.

    Thanks my friend. LOVE the post!!!

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    • Jeffrey says:

      Thanks Adrienne for your support! Please keep this in mind, By rule of law, you must have two pilots to fly a turbine. If anything happens to that jet in flight, it is imperative that two pilots interact to arrive at a safe response. While our blogging consequences are not quite that dire, it is a good idea to have the both of us to work out any problem that we may have. I look forward to working with YOU to arrive at a productive result ……. for THE BOTH OF US!!!

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