Sunday, December 17, 2017

I Should Have Been A Blogger

Fireman Fighting A Fire

I know a little code …….. actually a lot of code ………. well just enough to be dangerous. OK, we’ll call it half-baked; jeff-of-all-trades, master of none! Ahhh, leave me alone, I’ve had a bad week.

Everyone keeps asking about “Down The Rabbitt“, and it’s coming but I’m struggling with a Facebook Fan-page. I understand that I could slap one up on the fly, but that’s just not my style. I wanted a pretty cool Twitter and Facebook page to mirror the Blog, which is way cool. I’ve even seen Bulletin Boards that provide Facebook Fan-page coders and designers. Whatever, I guess everyone needs something to do.

When “Down The Rabbit Hole” is finally released, it’s going to be pretty awesome that’s for sure, but it’s just a theme, it’s a great resource, but it’s like really boring …… it’s all about computer stuff. Ya know, WordPress Themes, Plug-ins, Linux Operating Systems, and Apps for Linux and well, ya know ……… boring stuff.

It’s got a supports forum, that’s pretty rad!

After I’m finished with this project, I’ve got plenty more to occupy my day. I’ve a project that will remain nameless that I have been working on; off and on, for the past 18 months. The code is about to kill me. I’m probably looking at about 25,000 lines and yes I’m dealing with each and every line ……. surely there must be a better way.

I program in five different languages now, HTML being one of them. However, if you really press me against the wall, you can get me in trouble. Reason, I’m not trained in HTML. There are pros that do nothing but spend their days coding in HTML. I’m trying to let my knowledge build slowly but surely with real everyday experience, kinda like picking-up a musical instrument and just banging away on the keys; you’re sure to have a big time, but I doubt if you’ll ever give Beethoven a run for his money.

I’m going to pick-up a sixth programming language in the next couple of months, but I thought I would let you vote on which one you think I should take on. Please click this link and make your choice and place that choice in the comments section below. Now I understand, all things given to reason most everyone is going to recommend “ZZT-oop“. I’d still like to see your recommended choice in the comments section below. And I would like to thank you in advance for the 9 hours it will take you to come to an informed selection.

Now if you’re wondering what in the world is up with this rant; I can’t really tell ya! I just started writing, to divert my attention from the dragon that is my daily grind. I’m hiding from the coding gremlins …………. I should have been a Blogger, or at least a professional Baseball Player ……….. maybe a Fireman!


  1. Trudy says:

    Well you know more code than I know, and I think I was meant to be a blogger. Oh well…its not such a bad wrap!
    Trudy recently posted..Top Free Show Sites

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Trudy,
      When you mention bad rap ……. are you thinking about being a Blogger or coder ? Oh by the way, I’m really grooving on your Blog. Sweet!

  2. Joshua says:

    It ain’t about losing hope or getting frustrated, instead its about taking things a step further. If you have not been able to achieve what you wanted in a single go, I would recommend having it done in a few steps further. Take a break, have sometime off and then start afresh with the same zeal, and this time- I believe you’ll get things done!
    Joshua recently posted..Plumbing Training in Arkansas

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Joshua, how goes it ?
      I’ve had the time off as you can tell by the date of my response to your comment and I’m starting afresh with the same zeal ……… and I’ve decided to let you do the coding.

      Hey Joshua did you see that way cool coding list I linked to in the post ?

  3. Adrienne says:

    Ah, a Jeffrey rant! I love those!

    You kind of sound like me in a way. Have had some difficulties with a few areas but I have no where near the skills you do which is why it takes me so much longer. Or then for the most part I have to actually hire someone to do that work. I’ve got another Facebook Fan Page I want to create right now too but have absolutely no idea how to even begin.

    Okay serious though, you want me to vote on a programming language? Like I even know what any of those are. My goodness Jeffrey you’ve only got tons of them to chose from. I think you wouldn’t appreciate my opinion since it would probably end up being a random choice. So forgive me now for not participating! You probably would rather hear from someone in the know!

    I have no doubt that you will accomplish your tasks though. You don’t ever let anything kick your butt! Go get em…

    Have an awesome week. It WILL get better…

    Adrienne recently posted..The Secret To Making The Most Out Of Your Day

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Adrienne,
      I was hoping you would make the selection as this would relieve me from making a choice!!! I get timid and head for the covers of my bed when ever I look at that darn list.

  4. HTML is the easy stuff man. You won’t have a problem learning all of it. It is things like C# that take awhile to learn properly.
    Brandon@Make Money Blogging recently posted..Making the Most of Your Blogging Career

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Brandon, thanks for coming by today.
      I can’t say I was really happy about your comment though, as I’m going to have to learn C# at sometime in the future. I’ll agree that HTML is pretty straight forward, however I get into trouble when I have to mix and match with CSS.

  5. Stephan says:

    We have the same problem when mix and match the html and C#…. it takes time
    to get familiar with it.
    Stephan recently posted..Mr Ticket Advises on How to Beat a Speeding Ticket in California

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Stephan,
      I’ve yet to get into C sharp and I can’t say I’m looking forward to it. Maybe if I stay on the Linux side of the fence ???

      For those who are curious. C# or C sharp is intended to be a simple, modern, general-purpose, object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft.

  6. Code stuff remains an unsolved puzzle to me. You are the master. And I’d love to learn about code from you. Bertrand. It’s like the name of my favorite philosopher Bertrand Russell. LOL.
    Andrew Walker recently posted..Cosmeticlensescouk Coupon Code

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Andrew and Welcome Back !

      The Bertrand you mention is indeed the one that the language is named after. Bertrand (named after Bertrand Russell) is a computer programming language for creating constraint programming systems. The language was created by Wm Leler in the mid-1980s as part of his doctoral research. Bertrand has a declarative programming syntax and differentiates itself from other programming languages by use of a technique called augmented term rewriting.

      Hey ……… I’m just sayin’

      I’m intending to add more to the list, but as you can probably tell, IT’S HUGH !!! More information about the languages will be added as time allows. Would you like to learn something new Andrew? Stay tune my friend.

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