Wednesday, February 21, 2018

I Just Want To Write

Many Bats Flying

As I teeter on the edge of losing focus here at Bloggers Market, I come to this post with a desire just to write. A broken database provides me with this opportunity. I really can’t get back to work here until I straighten this mess out.

I was looking over my library of Blogs and trying to determine a direction for the whole lot, now that I have resolved the first killer database break I had experienced back in 2009. This I’ll have to admit has caught me off guard. I’m into everything from Bats to Extreme Blogging. As I look over the lot, there is plenty to do …… I’m just not so sure that I want to do it.

I think when I started out I had this idea of immaculate syndication. When that didn’t work out, I thought I would take on the task myself. I knew a lot about the subjects that I was writing about ……… just not enough.

I’m bummed on “The Europa” now that NASA has given up on the space thing. Of course they’ll tell you different. They talk about the dawning of a new age so on and so forth. Really all that you will hear are the talking heads trying to keep the few dollars left rolling in so they can at least eat for the next couple of months.

I’m totally blindsided by “Nascar Cowboy” and “Superbikes Extreme“. Just keeping up with the standings is a full-time job. There are 14 others that join these. I have no idea what I am going to do with them. I can’t sell them for what I have in them. So I guess I’ll tread the waves until I figure something.

On top of all this challenge I have another three ready to come online. If I had it to do all over again …………

I do know one thing though. I love to write!


  1. Maria Pavel says:

    That’s the best thing you can wish for in this business, to have love for writing. I guess you’re one of the lucky ones, and i also feel lucky when i meet someone like you, because that love can be seen in the actual articles.
    Don’t lose this, Jeffrey!
    Maria Pavel recently posted..Certified Nursing Assistant Practice Test

  2. Jeffrey says:

    Hi Maria,
    As I started down this road I had tremendous potential; knowing also that I could at least express myself to some degree. I’m into this thing 24 / 7, so I have really grown with both my computers skills ( I program now in 5 different languages ) and with my writing.

    The real challenge for me is to split the “hare” between providing boring marketing information and intriguing real life experiences ………. to be or not to be !

  3. Somewhere deep down you gotta love it. The writing part.
    Otherwise it’s like going to the dentist.
    And so far, I don’t know anyone that get’s excited about a dentist appointment!
    At least I’ve got that going for me.
    I ain’t got no traffic, but I do have a desire to write!
    Peace out,
    An Authentic Life recently posted..Momma- How Much Does Time Weigh

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Katie,
      One thing that I have experienced over the past two years ( Bloggers turns 2 years on March 18th ) is that ( at least for me ) reading all of the “Internet Marketing” material which is mostly written by males is killing me day by day, I mean it’s just painful to read. Most can’t write. I find it hard to follow and it leaves me with this feeling of “there’s got to be a better way”.

      With the ladies, it’s a whole different ballgame. They write for the love of writing and goodness does it show. My favorite was by a lady by the name of Jean Sarauer of “Virgin Blogger Notes“. I’ve seen some smokin’ hot Blogs before, but hers takes the cake; comments would run anywhere from 100 to 200 per post. Unfortunately, this took it’s toll and finally knocked her out in short order. She turned the Blog over to a lady by the name of Mary Jaksch and returned to a quite life of writing hard cover books. The Blog now stands at 302, 995 on the Alexa scale. If I remember correctly Jean had her Blog around 30,000 when she turned it over to Mary.

      Hang in there Katie, you have a good Blog. Your writing is good. Eventually your traffic will pick-up and I foresee a popular following ………… that’s when the trouble starts!

  4. Alex says:

    I spent the last year ‘just writing’ along with a little marketing on the side.
    Only now am I starting to reap the benefits of all the hard work.

    Thank God a guy called Jeffrey told me to not ignore my blog ;)
    Alex recently posted..The 30 Day Article Marketing Challenge

    • Jeffrey says:

      Alex, listen carefully …….. I know of only two people who are dynamically impacting Internet Marketing for the beginner. You’re one and the other is Brandon Connell. Brandon probably has the edge on you for the time being. Man, is this guy tenacious or what ?

      It is only a matter of time before you are standing on top of it all ( Lose the thought that I’m trying to shine you on ). When you arrive, it is imperative that you cement your position by (1. Being available, and (2. Continue to work consistently at your site. This site has your name on it, this is your brand and should be carefully protected.

      Lead on Alex ……. you are indeed the future!

  5. When the passion meets work you will get success. If is one thing that keep me online that is writing. I love to write from when i was a litlle boy, my father has this passion to and probably inherited it from him.
    Patel Urvisha recently posted..Medication For Diabetes In Dogs

  6. Jeffrey says:

    Hi Patel, thanks for coming by today!
    I once had a music teacher who told me that “Everyone wants to sing, it’s part of our nature”. Indeed, I think in much the same way writing is a part of our nature. However, like any pursuit it must be practiced to be perfected.

  7. Barry Wells says:

    Hi Jeffrey, I got here at last mate. Sorry for the delay but i’m still spending time with my mum.

    It’s funny but i kinda knew you liked to write :lol: and I have to say that your writing has helped me out numerous times, thanks.

    I don’t mind writing myself but to be honest I really have to have complete silence when i do so as to focus on it. I know that it goes hand in hand with my work online but i really have to pick my times for when the house is empty, especially for reports and such like.

    I see for the comments above that you have had your 2nd birthday, congratulations.

    Catch up again soon Jeffrey
    Respect and Regards, Barry

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Barry, thanks for dropping in today!
      I can’t explain it, but I have to have a T.V. on when I write. My thoughts get tangled bad if I’m in total silence. I write and and listen and actually comprehend, both what I am writing and what I am listening to.

      The T.V. gets lost if I’m into something really technical. I guess that why I like to write so much; I can write and listen to the baseball game at the same time.

      Here’s hoping you and your family good spirits and God Bless! And don’t be a stranger. Come on back to give greetings from time to time.

  8. jared smith says:

    I appreciate this post so much, Jeffrey. I thank you for sharing this. For some time, i thought that you must think of some niche or focus on something that would be good for your readers. The title of your post made me realize that there’s ‘me’ in this online world and ‘I’ matter. And freely writing what’s going on in my mind is the best gift I’ve ever received.

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Jared, thanks for coming over today!
      I going to finish your comment by adding that freely writing what’s going on in your mind is the best gift that you can give to your readers!

  9. I think that the best way to succeed in blogging is to write for a pleasure. If blogging is just your hobby you will manage to succeed in it. Of course, it may take some time before your blog becomes popular and one day this happens and you will understand that your blog is your online business.
    Terje Sannarnes recently posted..Entrepreneur Training on Website Promotion in Google Maps

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Terje,
      Are you out spamming folks again? I found your comment in my spam folder after having been unceremoniously tossed aside by the Akismet troll. Not to worry! I’ve pulled you back from the edge and have approved you for further comments. Thanks for stopping by.

      I really hate to work, well, not really ……. but I would much rather write. I have posts jump into my head at all times of the day and night. I really just want to write. If you follow my comments to those good folk who come by to say hello, you will see where often times my response is longer then the post that they are commenting on.

      A little money from my “hobby” would be nice though!

  10. If you just want to write then never stop doing this. The most creative works are done when bloggers just want to write. So, if you want to write now, just go ahead and expess your emotions in writing.

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Terje,
      I was thinking of a cool post for the middle of July, but I’m afraid that it breaks the rhythm of what I wrote on the week before. I kinda like for one post to follow the next with some sense of order. A big problem with my writing is that I’m all over the place, writing about “Adwords” one week and “Alice In Wonderland” the next. I’ve all but made my mind up to write about different areas of life under my names’ .com, .net, .me ………… like I said “I love to write”.

      Thanks for stopping by to see me today Terje!

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