Wednesday, February 21, 2018

How To Make 52.5 Million In A Month


Killer post title don’t you think?

I, like anyone else, loves to read the details of life changing deals in Internet Marketing. However, most have little usable intel. And, as stories go, this one is so fortuitously stupid that it really isn’t worth going over here. It involved the sale of a business and two domain names. There, you have the scoop!

This story, indeed this post, goes much deeper though. It involves the greater issue of leverage that such online activities bring. With that leverage comes the ability to market where one could never have marketed before, because of the exposure that such deals provide.

Some do so well online that they can now provide the details of “success” for the online marketer to a hungry market, gaining even greater exposure. Only problem is, that they have no idea what they are talking about. They truly can only speak of their experiences, yet for some reason they go beyond that to establish themselves as authorities in many other areas of internet marketing. Talking or writing about affiliate marketing, or domain name mining or such, with absolutely no experience at it what-so-ever.

Those that troll online for opportunities for years are the ones in the trenches that have the real experience. They are the real ones; the authorities; the ones with true experience with depth. Those who troll, spend years looking at a bewildering amount of online earning opportunities from every angle, earning as they go. I’m afraid that those who are trench diggers, those that we really need to hear from, are those that we will never hear from. Reason being, is that they are busy doing it and not writing about it.

Eventually, most will surface explaining how they registered 10,000 domain names back in 1990, and sold them in social media packages, through social media for millions. Great, you could register domain names for free prior to 1995, however, things have changed. You now have carrying cost for domain names that would make such opportunities for the most part, useless now.

Just because you make a lot of money online does not make you an automatic authority in all areas of online marketing, and those in the trenches can understand as much, it’s the new guy who take such propaganda as fact and has to endure the consequences of lost opportunities and worse …… lost time.


  1. John says:

    Haha 52 million, wow that is such bs. Good post man, how much do you earn on this site? I’ve got my own mmorpg site new mmorpg 2013 which i hope will get more visitors as time pass.
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    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi John,
      Thanks for coming by today!

      Actually …… Not $52 Million. However, I am working on it. I remain prayerful! By the way the story re-counted is a true account. Now, remember that I have not seen any type of contracts of course, but that story is a well know story through-out the web. It just kinda hit me as strange.

      Good luck with your Website, looks cool!

  2. sudha says:

    This sure is a killer title. I agree that you cannot trust just anybody online and newbies are affected so much by all this. Good post.
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  3. NJ Agent says:

    Killer title Jeffrey! Got me to read it, which is the point after all right?

    • Jeffrey says:

      That and the fact that there really are folks out there that are knocking it down …… and don’t know it all! I’d just like to earn a living at it.

  4. Making money from blogging is not at all an easy task. First, one needs to put a lot of effort to build up authority. Its best if you are selling your own products or have joined an affiliate program instead of contextual ads.
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  5. anis says:

    Very nice article, Thanks for sharing.
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  6. Sidler says:

    This is a well-written article! The title of your article is very much catchy too. And I totally agree that making money online by blogging is really difficult. The newbies are very affected on this because truly we can’t just trust anyone on the internet. Thank you for this post!

  7. Salman Ahmad says:

    WoW, SUch an amazing article, Thanks for sharing bro
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  8. Wooww,, very nice, thanks bror
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  9. Anupama says:

    Your article had given us some important information. It had proved useful for us. Your article is nice and interesting. Thanks for sharing this with us. Your article is good and interesting. It has helped me a lot to gain knowledge about something new.

  10. dedi yono says:

    Really intriguing post :D , i thought it was a how to guide :D , but really if one can make 52.5 million per month i’d like to learn from that guy on how they got his/her blog to become such a money machine.
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    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Dedi,
      This is actually a true story, but it is kinda of ridiculous. This guy who made this money has a rather tough time of it when it comes to Internet Marketing. He actually sold a business, of which I’m not sure what the deal was there. But the bulk of the money came from selling a couple of domain names, not from running any kind of Websites or Blogs.

      I read a pretty good bit on his take on Internet Marketing, and I’m just not convinced that this guy understands what is going on in the trenches of everyday marketing Online.

      In the final analysis, the guy just got lucky and all in one month! I need to get lucky …… I have a hard enough time getting people to pay their hosting fees at my hosting company!

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