Friday, December 15, 2017

How Dedicated Are You?

In the course of a conversation with a peer, the subject of “Caching” with PHP Scripts became a topic. PHP is by far the most popular programming language in use today for web apps. In fact PHP is the main foundation for WordPress. So you might find this post of interest if you can read between the lines.

“My Peer” mentioned that he was having caching issues with a very popular Wiki Software and had been sighted with a violation of T.O.S. with his host. The host in question is one of the more popular hosting services and even carries the Wiki Software as part of it’s offings. He mentioned that the information that was forwarded to him to provide him with proof of a problem was for the most part useless as he had no access to his “shared server” to verify any of it.

He decided to approach tech-support, and was told that he would have to resolve the caching issues for the host to remove a “hold” that they had in place on his account and his sites until the issue was resolved. When he ask about some of the more popular caching programs he was told that those programs were not available to him in a “shared” environment. However, if he were willing to move to a “dedicated” server, they would take care of him.

He told me that he had not even really begun to use the resources that were available to him on his shared account so there was no need for him to move to a dedicated server at this time, especially when the jump would mean a 10x increase in hosting fees. He asked the support staff if they could recommend any type of caching techniques that could be used to resolve the issue and was told they couldn’t help him.

He told me that he felt that this was really strange as his tech support had pulled the rabbit out of the hat several times before, yet all of a sudden they could not help with a caching issue on one of the most popular programming languages with one of the most popular Wiki Softwares that they offered as part of their services. And without access to the server to determine what the real issue was, he couldn’t do a thing.

He further explained that with current fees for a dedicated server (within the cloud or otherwise), three months of fees would buy him a state of the art server for his home. Another three months of fees and he could afford all of the software that his current host offers him. Only problem is that his ISP has T.O.S. issues with hosting a server out of his home with his current services. You know, the same issue that the phone company has with local phone service; for your home it cost about $24.95, however, for your office located down the block from your home, local service for the same exact services is $895.00 a month. That type of issue!

He mentioned that he was considering just going with a wholesaler of dedicated services, however, that left him with a rented server with no software!

At this point I said that I was sure that I could hear my mother calling me, and besides I had to take out the garbage anyway, so I had to go!

As I lugged the garbage to the curb, I couldn’t help but think the situation could be worse; It could be “me” instead of my friend that has issues with being dedicated to his Blogging business. I’m just not that dedicated to my Blogging business …… not yet anyway!