Friday, December 15, 2017

Hey, Check Out My New Video

Youtube, Tubepress, Videopress, Viemo, JWPlayer, HDVideo, Frame Compression ………. I’m in Depression! Talk about going in circles. Not only am I compressed depressed, I’m dizzy …….. again!

Every time I start down that road of improving my Blogging skills, I can’t help but think of the sea of pitchmen hawking Blogging as “Easy As E-Mail”. Nice metaphor, but hardly representative of the art. This week it’s time to go down the road of video torture, and I’m looking at a learning curve that just won’t quit. If I had an sense cents at all I would out-source the work.

It’s Good To Have Choices

As Bloggers we really have only two paths with which to work and I understand that there is always some 14-year-old kid who is going to think outside the box, but for the most of us, we have either the Webcam or the Studiocam. The Webcam is that gizmo that you mount on top of your computer. If you set your sites on a 1080p then you can get one for about $100.00 and you’re all set. That’s the easy part. I’m not really concerned about the Webcam anyway, as I don’t really intend on doing any one on one or Skype or pod-casting, at least for the foreseeable future.


What I’m looking at is the “Studiocam”. Yes that big bad video machine that is used by Internet Marketers to provide content to their clients. As I see it you need a couple of major pieces. The camera and the software to edit. I’ve looked at a ton of this stuff and I’m lost …… what’s worse there aren’t any real good websites that are dedicated to the art. Probably because of the expense involved. I mean, to do a hands on review of a Cannon EOS 1Ds Mark III with goodies and you’re looking at 10 grand and that’s a tad bit more than reviewing an E-Book or Plug-in. You can find several sites online for general video use, but from the standpoint of Internet Marketing video – forget it.

Software Options

I’ve looked at a little of the software and this really gives me the headache. I mean, I’d love to toy around with the camera and all, but when it comes to the software I don’t really think I want to tie on any new miseries by trying to learn a new software package. Hell, I’m just now beginning to understand GIMP after four years.

I’ve done the flying thing by the seat of my Blog for the past couple of years with varying degrees of success. I don’t really care to think about doing the video thing half-ass! This kinda has me worried because I’m coming up on needing this equipment and software pretty soon.

The options are endless of course. Known as a course in capitalism, I just don’t have the space or the energy to go over even the very best of the choices. I really have no idea what I am going to do, which is not the best position to be in when I should be dispensing reliable information here at my Blog.

I guess I could just snag a Sony HVR-Z7U and a copy of Adobie Creative Suite 5.5 Master Collection and go to it if money were no object. Of course seeing as how I’m just starting out on this epic voyage, money is “no object” seeing as I have none.

In the coming months, I’ll be letting you know how I fair. So keep an eye out. This is sure to be an interesting journey.

Check Out What I Wish Were My New Videos

In closing, I wanted to place some videos at the bottom of my post for your entertainment. My focus here is to show you the power of video and software used together. I just wish I had these skills. However, make no mistake; you and I Blog, these folks do videos ……… period. I lead-off with the ending to the first “Sherlock Holmes” film by Guy Ritchie. I’ve seen this film ten times I know; I’ve seen the ending credits about fifty times. This is some smokin’ hot video folks. Now the interesting part about this is that below that video is one that shows you how the credits were produced.

The next video is from J.K. Rowling’s new video announcing “Pottermore” which is a good example of when money really is no object!

The Way Of The Future

This work featured below is truly amazing and the art shows plenty of potential for the future. I remember an interview once with Ted Turner where he was speaking on the infancy of the video arts and entertainment. Being just so many years young and all, “the sky is no longer the limit”! I do know that when the discipline grows-up and enough imagination and money come together we are going to simply be amazed at the power of it all ……. can you just imagine …….. can you imagine when they can bring something extraordinary to video …….. say, like …….. “The Lord Of The Rings”. That would be something , wouldn’t it ? Enjoy !!!


  1. Adrienne says:

    What, you haven’t mastered the video world yet?

    Really cool examples of fabulous video creations Jeffrey. I only wish I knew a quarter of how they do that. Really thought the Pottermore was too cool. To have those things walk across the pages like that. Now that’s art…

    You are right though, they are experts in video, we’re just bloggers. But, I did shoot a video for my post today so I do know a few things. Hey, I know a little more than I thought I did.


    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Adrienne,
      I saw your new video ……… I like the one bedroom! I tried to pitch-in for the event, but I was just too tired from the weekend. I’m all in with the e-publishing thing, and I mean to tell you, that whole concept while great, is truly a mess. Kindle this and iPod Extreme that, it’s enough to drive ya nuts.

      Anyway, now comes the time for the video thing. I’m working on Blogging Extreme 1.0 and it’s pretty difficult. I’m working with embedded video and it’s turning out to be a real challenge. As you know I’m trying to work myself into a position where I can be really fluid. That way, when inspiration strikes, I can just go with it, instead of waiting for an appointment with Sassy Dazzle the Video Guy!

  2. Rick Byrd says:


    Great, now you have my head spinning.

    Yes the videos you posted are awesome but the good news is we do not have to attain to such heights since we are creating videos for our blogs or for even a video course or membership course.

    I know you are a perfectionist but you do not have to be, at least not at first when it comes to video blogging. Just take it slow and show us your work as you go.

    What software are you going to use for screen capture videos? I recommend using a free open source program at I then make the necessary cuts/adjustments to the videos using with Windows Movie Maker or Sony Vegas Move Studio.

    Good luck and make sure you have that video posted by next week.

    - Rick

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Rick, how goes it?
      I’m way ahead of ya man ……….. been there; done that, here’s the first if you’re really that interested:

      My rocket’s red glare is a little slow to develop, but gathers momentum after about 4 minutes.

      As for perfectionist ….. yeah that may be, but I notice that even the junk products out there usually have a pretty cool video associated with them.

  3. Johannes says:

    If you have a mac you can start with iMovie. It’s free and you get running pretty quickly. Of course you can’t do everything with it but you can make video in no time.

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Johannes,
      Yeah a Mac seems to be the solution. However, I’m just a wheelbarrow short of cash. If I had that kind of money I would just outsource the task.

  4. Arjun Rai says:

    Really enjoyed this post with amazing videos, thanks for shaing this art with us
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  5. Arjun Rai says:

    all of them were really eye catching and really enjoyed this post a lot.
    Arjun Rai recently posted..Salvage Yards

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Arjun,
      Pretty cool collection I think. I just wish I could do videos like that. I’m afraid if I try I’ll wind-up burning tons of time I don’t have.

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