Sunday, December 17, 2017

Happy Third Birthday To Bloggers Market

Well, it’s that time of year again. Happy third birthday to Bloggers Market! I actually thought I would be doing something different this month. Since moving over to “”, I thought I would use this platform to pitch products. However, I’ve sorta slid into a gray area of future products management and paying the bills around the place!

Trending … Maybe …

Anyhoo, I’m needing new content here so I thought I would take the day and celebrate, and tell some tall-tales about that Internet Lifestyle that I’m living these days. Hopefully I’ll have all things in place next month for the marketing plan.

Did Someone Mention Products?

I guess I could mention a little about what is to come here at Bloggers Market. I’m working on three projects at the moment. Two will be forthcoming and the third will be delayed a bit.

The first two will be products that deal with Blogging. I’m not sure of the timing here which has me babbling a bit as I write this, but I’ve got a “how to build and sell websites” product and the big one, which I’m about a third of the way through at this time is “Blogging Extreme”.

I’ll have to admit that its been a bit more challenging to provide myself a roadmap for products than I had originally thought. I’m not sure of the market at this time and the economy still has me a bit of stride.

Yoda Of WordPress Strikes Again!

As you might have noticed the Twitter API has been on the blink here of late. I spent an entire night re-writing the code for the API, before realizing that I had a dry feed; Yoda of WordPress strikes again. In other words all I needed to do was to tweet something and it would have come right back. I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve not had time to tweet the last month. So much for that Internet Lifestyle that I mention earlier.

That Internet Lifestyle Development Environment

As I worked through a killer security problem with, of all things, the WordPress Permalinks Structure, I realized that there was a huge security breach in the back-end of secured files and directories out-side of the WordPresss structure. I know, I know …… WHAT??? There is no way that I can address this issue here in this post and it will probably run too several pages on the WordPress Forums. In the end I found no security breach, rather it was how I had structured my development Environment. I know, I know …… WHAT???

No Fun Being Yoda Of WordPress

The WordPress Permlinks thingy was killer enough …… 12 hours worth, but the perceived “security breach” was the real killer, chasing a problem that did not exist …… Internet Lifestyle indeed! I should have been a dog groomer!



  1. Julie says:

    Happy birthday to Bloggers Market! I’m looking forward to read your forthcoming posts about Blogging, keep up the good work!
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  2. pnr status says:

    Happy Birthday to bloggers Market! Some messages are displayed fine until the date and wish the same to go further with next posts.Yoda WordPress Strikes Again-I made ​​this blog and visitor waiting for the next posts.Thanks.

  3. Laura says:

    Wow! 3rd birthday already? Time does fly… Keep guiding us for many more years! Happy Birthday, Bloggers Market!
    Laura recently posted..When it is not what it looks like – Dandruff

  4. Lily Rose says:

    Happy Birthday! I wish you as many more as you wish for yourself!
    Lily Rose recently posted..Healthy Trim ingredients: what’s in those capsules?

  5. Steven says:

    Happy 3rd birthday to your blog, hope this is only small part of the whole journey!

    But looks like you have really bad luck with Yoda but hope this wont bring you back of creating new products, services ans websites.
    Steven recently posted..Vocabulary Level E Answers

  6. Nichole says:

    Happy birthday to Bloggers Market. I hope this site is still be able to continue living on.

  7. abhinav says:

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  8. alex says:

    3rd birthday?! Happy birthday to Bloggers Market! I hope you guys will keep with up for 3 more years at least!


  9. Making it long in this blogging industry isn’t easy. So, happy birthday and congratulations to bloggers market! I hope that the Yoda project wouldn’t hold you back from bringing and creating more products!

  10. Arjun Rai says:

    I’m late but Still Happy Birthday, I hope this year you’ll get more and more readers and full of success.
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  11. Happy Birthday!! Looking forward to more great content :)
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    Belated birthday Bloggers Market. I know I am late. I always find useful information with good content from your site. So, keep posting, waiting for your forthcoming post.

  13. eddie says:

    Happy Birthday Bloggers Market! More success! You`ll easily reach 33 years! Keep up the good work guys.

  14. VPS says:

    Happy Birthday to Blogger Market! And congrats on providing such an amazing content for free over the years…

    Great stuff and keep up the great work!

  15. Congratulations on your 3rd year anniversary! I hope you continue to enlighten all of your readers in the years to come. Cheers!

  16. Happy Birthday Bloggers Market!!! 3rd Birthday, eh? and you’re still busy with projects.. Keep us posted. We’ll be waiting for your next updates. Take care!

  17. Elena Anne says:

    3 years that sounds great. From the looks of it you are doing well that a great victory report for bloggers everywhere. Blogs are known for being started and quitted quite frequently.
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  18. Happy Birthday bloggers market!
    Wish you get more success in upcoming feature with more traffic.
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  19. Alan says:

    Happy Third Birthday. This is quite a milestone. I look forward to seeing your products. I know that they will be great.

  20. Bruce Harbough says:

    Happy birthday, It’s nice road behind you, and even more to come :)
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