Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Happy New Year !

New Years Clock

Well here it is a new year and it’s time to get back to work. As most will note …… Bloggers Market looks kinda like it did before the “big announcement”. Yeah, well ….. the best laid plans of mice and Bloggers! Around and around we go. It was extremely hard to get everyone on the same page ……. so the page remains the same ……… for now.

Eventually the site will make its transition, just a little slower than I had anticipated. One thing for sure; I’ve got a new schedule now. I’ll only be posting once a week at Bloggers Market and this should make for a better experience for the reader.

The last two weeks away from the site have proved to be an adventure for sure. I managed to pull off a huge website project for a client that entailed writing about 2000 lines of code …….. I had to write every line myself ( I’ve never really gotten along with WYSIWYG Editors ). I’m kinda old school in that regard. I also have a weird thing about “validation”.

I manged to get another two of my Blogs up and running that were down due to a killer database problem that would not let me upgrade WordPress or export or import records or tables in MySQL.
SEO Traffic and Blue Ridge Honey are now ready to rock!

I also finished a project for sale, that has taken a month to complete titled: Gated It had a killer header problem that just would not quit! I actually had to show a client the site as an example of my work with the header hanging by a thread looking like it had been run over by a truck! Very embarrassing. To make matters worse I displayed The Herbs And Remedies as part of my portfolio only to be confronted with a “404 Error”. Just great …. I had a violation of htacess rules!

Yeah …….. it’s time to return to work alright! Next week I’ll have an interesting take on Frank Kern. I just can’t help myself. :) Here’s hoping you have a great New Year!!!


  1. Rick Byrd says:


    I hope you enjoyed the Holidays.

    I’m sure you’re glad to get some of those other projects out of the way.

    I am interested in reading about your take on Frank Kern.

    Have fun!

    - Rick
    .-= Rick Byrd´s last blog ..How To Optimize Your Time Blogging =-.

  2. Jeffrey says:

    Hi Rick,
    How goes it? I still have a ton of work to do. Little time for Blog Hopping I’m afraid. I’ll catch up soon though.

    Hey Rick, check out my latest effort. It took 300 hours to perfect! Gated

    Stay tune to Frank Kern, you are going to love this post!

    Sorry you missed the way cool image for the post above, I just got the thing installed. I like to have images for both the homepage and inside of the post.

    I’ve got OCD BAD!!!

  3. Sally says:

    Hiya Jeffrey :)

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year, are my eyes deceiving me or is it snowing in here ha ha, neat trick, love it!

    Glad you got your other blogs sorted I know they were giving you a headache.

    2000 lines of code, I am lucky if I could write one line of code!

    Coding is not something I touch as I just dont have a clue.

    Must admit I am gonna check out the honey bee blog because the name really appeals to me, probably because I used to catch bees in bottles when I was younger, I never hurt them, just wanted a closer look ha ha.

    Sally :)
    Sally Neill´s last blog ..Go Ahead… Make Me Hop Onto Your Blog! My ComLuv Profile
    Sally recently posted..Go Ahead… Make Me Hop Onto Your Blog!

  4. Jeffrey says:

    Hey Sally,
    Hope the New Year is off and running smoothly! Just between you, me, and the fence post …….. I don’t really have a clue about the code either. I just keep throwing in the (,”) and the (!–) until the thing Validates!

    As a point of interest, Blue Ridge Honey was the first Blog I ever built. As soon as I built it … it broke! B-o-o H-o-o! :cry:

  5. Yoichi says:

    Hi Jeffrey,

    “2000 lines of code” that is a whole new language of its own.Huge props, that must have been some crazy focus on your part!

    “Next week I’ll have an interesting take on Frank Kern.”
    Frank Kern is, like many people,my favorite person to learn from because hes a marketing comedian.

    I’ll be looking forward to this post!


  6. Jeffrey says:

    Hi Yoichi, thanks for stopping by today! Yeah, I’m pretty tapped out after the holidays! I’m trying to cope with a bad database break within my Blogging system that I failed to catch before I had produced 18 Blogs. Once caught, I just had to have them lay there! The break wouldn’t let me export or import tables, back-up or upgrade WordPress! Ahrrrr!!! So while in the “mist” or fog of designing the above clients’ site, I was able to bring about 6 of the 18 up over the holidays. I had worked over the past year to bring another 5 up and the rest are still in a state of flux. The latest site to be brought back online was “Superbikes“. Now ……… where did I put that post about Frank Kern? :roll:

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