Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Free Traffic Anyone?

I had thought that I would be rough and ready by now with my 2012 Internet Marketing campaign ……… yeah well, “The Well Laid Plans Of Mice And Bloggers”. I’ll get there, I’m just not sure when. Until I can put the pieces in place, it looks like I’ll need some content to help fill-in until I’m ready to go. Soooo ……

This month I thought I would beat the dead horse; Free Traffic! I know, I know …… you have heard it before, but it is always at the front of my mind. I just can’t shake it. On that note; here we go again.

I thought I would Google “Free Website Traffic” and got about 100 million results. To bad I failed to Google “Targeted Free Website Traffic”. After having spent 3 years in this business, and reading more material than I care to admit on the SERP’s I’m now willing to admit that Google would be just as effective if they just returned 10 results for “Free Website Traffic rather than 100 million results. In other words, he who is able to hit the front page of the SERP’s of Google …… WINS!!!

OK …… time to do the math! 100 million minus (-) 10 equals (=) 99,999,990 that can be labeled as losers in the SEO game. Now, understand me; I’m not being negative, it’s just that stats bear me out here. I, like you, figure that there has got to be a few good apples in the 99,999,990 barrel, but to hell with them! It seems that the world only has need for 10. I guess that why Amazon, and Facebook along with Google are worth billions and you’re worth only a sale or two a year.

I understand that there are always the exceptions, but by and large, Online commerce is a really disproportional game when it comes to the “level playing field”. Let’s call it the world according to Google.

Of course what puts you on page 1 of the SERP’s is if you pay Google. Several took this path to the tune of $37.9 billion dollars in 2011. I’m wondering if all made it to page 1. At the same time I guess they figured that “Free Website Traffic” wasn’t working for them either.

There is nothing that has done more harm to my Online business than the concept of “Free Targeted Website Traffic”. They sold; I bought and it cost me BIG $$$$$$$$$$$$.

Well hell …… I guess it could be worse. I guess I could be in the Insurance business where a keyword will set you back $54.91 for a click!



  1. Dear fellow blogger you sound like me! It does take so much work to drum up traffic. Lately I’ve been participating in several blog giveaways and it does seem to be working. Cross promotion on my websites is doing well also since now I have more followers on at least one channel and only one twitter feed to maintain. Who knows if that will always be the case. Thanks for this article – Glad to know I’m not the only cynic in this world.
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