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ecto is an easy to use Blog editor for the mac users of the Blogosphere. Blog editors are not new of course and I’m not entirely sure why you would need such an editor. But, for the bigger outfits out there, it is sure to come in handy. So without further ado let me give you the Bullets.

* intuitive interface for creating and editing weblog entries
* smart, easy to use “create-a-link” dialog
* full local control of recently posted entries and drafts (with search function)
* a Rich Text and an HTML editor with spellcheck and search/replace
* syntax-coloring in the HTML editor
* quick access menu with HTML tag templates and keyboard shortcuts for the HTML editor (fully customizable)
* support of all available remote control options of MovableType API:
o posting entries with continuation
o summary
o keywords
o multiple
o categories
o trackback
o text-formatting
o comment options
* easily change the posting date of entries

Advanced Blogging Features include:

* convert, scale images and create thumbnails
* create poster movies or create thumbnails from movie frames
* save settings on a per-blog basis
* extensive help documentation accessible from within ecto
* support for multiple weblogs and servers (with easy-to-use Account Manager)
* embedded debug console to troubleshoot server connections
* full-featured HTML-rendered preview of entries using Safari’s WebKit
* hate the metal and icons? Set the window texture via the Preferences window and change icons with the supplied switcher!

There you have it. You can check out the editor or download at:
Unfortunately it’s not a free download, you’ll have to pay $19.95 for the pleasure. But for an operation with several people, it could be just the ticket!

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