Sunday, December 17, 2017

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One thing that has always fascinated me is the fact that so many Bloggers write for other people or other websites. I understand the motive behind the “Guest Post”, but those who already have a Blog actually writing for others seems like a ton of work. That’s just me. I hate to consider what a journalist goes through on a daily basis for 45 years.

To get the process started you apply by filling out Demand Media’s blog application. Their editorial team will review your blog and they will notify you if your blog is approved. Once approved they then start crawling your blog to ingest your content. A combination of editorial selection and contextual matching determines which posts appear on which sites.

Through Demand Media’s Blogger Workdesk you will gain valuable insights into where your posts have appeared, how many views your posts received, how much traffic was driven back to your site and (here’s the good part ) how much you’ve earned through their revenue share program. All revenue share is paid out monthly via PayPal.

As a member of Demand Media’s Blog Distribution Network your blog posts are eligible to be featured on their network of websites. Visitors will be able to read your posts in their entirety directly on their network of distribution sites. These syndicated posts will contain your byline and links back to your blog.

It is important to note that the pages containing your posts will be crawlable by search engines. This means posts that appear on Demand Media’s network of distribution sites can appear in search results for keywords related to the post.

Potential benefits include increasing the visibility of your name in search results and increasing the SEO value of your blog from backlinks from high page-rank sites.

As mentioned above, all eligible blogs become part of their revenue share program, where you earn revenue based on pageviews your posts receive on their sites.

Details are kinda sketchy at best. You will have to knock around the site and go through the application process to get to the heart of the opportunity.

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