Friday, December 15, 2017

Database Thoughts

Image Of Database

I have so much going on this week, that all my Blogs and Blogging is getting tangled up in my mind. As I stated last week I just can’t break away from what I am doing with the Product Launch, yes the saga continues with “WordPress Secrets”, and with the rebuilding of most of my Blog inventory. If you recall I have a huge database problem with most of them that has to be straightened out before I move ahead with any of them. And that takes time.

I thought that while I do this work I might take you along for the ride as boring as it might seem, if you follow my post you will pick up some cool tips. So for now and for the foreseeable future, I going to be doing the “Blogger” and the “Blogging” thing over here at Bloggers Market because I have nothing else to write about.

Blogger if you remember is my personal log and it got tangle up with a “Forum” that was meant for another Blog that I was building for a client of mine. It crunched my database. I kinda figured it would. That’s why I was using it over at Blogger Extreme instead of the site that I was building. I was on a time line to finish the new site and I figured if anything went wrong it would be better if it happened on a site that I could come back to later.

I know, it sounds like a real stormy romance. Indeed it is. But I would like for you to take this with you when you leave. All of what you do on WordPress, all the posts, all the artwork, all the coding, everything just about, goes right to the database! So if you deleted your Blog from your server or host and reinstalled a brand new version of WordPress, the whole thing will come back up just the way that you had it, if the database is not deleted or damaged.

WordPress is just the software we work with, it’s the database that is the brain of the whole mess. It will pay big dividends for you to back-up your database and when you have a few spare minutes, forget about reading about the newest plug-in and do a little study on database management. You’ll be glad you did. :)

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