Friday, December 15, 2017

Code? … Boring!

Cat Sleeping On Computer Keyboard

Last week I made mention that “to do your own coding for your site will really help you along”. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that my post was going nowhere towards the advancement of my readers Blogs last week until close to the end. ( Excuse me the cat has just jumped up on the table and is chasing the cursor around on the screen. Oh joy, now lying down on the keyboard itself. Yeah, that looks comfortable, I’ve thought of doing that myself on occasion) ……………….. now where was I ?

Code in and of itself is rather boring. I don’t think anyone really digs code. The problem being, ( for the most part ) that folks still have to write and view every single line of it. The only magic in code is the speed of execution. You can do some cool things now-a-days with code, but by and large folks just want to write it and go; it’s kinda like a chore. Browsers aren’t so orientated. Browsers feed off the garbage.

When doing code, I write it in an editor. I don’t use any type of WYSIWYG type of software. I write code just like I write a post for my Blog, I start off with a title and go from there. I strongly urge you to do the same thing ( at least with your Blog anyway ). Now you won’t need an editor for your use on your Blog, but you should use raw code that you write.

WordPress and Theme designers are always looking for ways to remove the coding efforts from your concern. However, we are still a number of years away from having a solid solution to this challenge. Also, with the removing of the chore of writing code the designers of software and themes continue to “BLOAT” their own products.

I say do as much coding as you can on your own and keep it as clean and simple as possible. To this end, you really don’t need to know a ton of code to get this done. Unfortunately when I Googled for solutions, I came up with a ton of useless pages. I have an E-Book I’m working on “The Bloggers Market Guide To HTML For Bloggers”, but I’m afraid I’m only about half way through the work. So for now just the meat and potatoes.

First know this; when you write your code, you can’t assume that you are all set. Everyone else can’t seem to get the job done. So all of those affiliate links you have on your site, guess what … you are going to have to re-write about 95 % of them. Youtube code is the worse code of all. I can’t get it to validate no matter what I do. So I don’t carry very much of it on this site and certainly none of the homepage.

I can see where this post is going …….. and I really did not mean for this to happen. But such is the nature of code. I have yet to even mention “Good Form” for your code and other considerations. So, as I am fond of saying …….. “we’ll look at that next week”.


  1. Adrienne says:

    You want to know how I understood HTML code? I Googled it and found a website that spells if out for me. Not being a computer whiz or geek, some of this stuff is just so over my head. BUT, it is necessary in certain cases so I understand why this topic is important. Thank goodness we have people like you Jeffrey to help us understand.

    Thanks again and am enjoying reading your blog. Oh and LOVE the photo! Too darn cute.

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    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Adrienne,
      Thanks for noticing the photo. I work really hard on the photos area of this Blog and no one seems to even mention the cool photos. Now what is really weird, is that my cat rarely jumps up on my computer table and for the second time in a week she jumped up on my desk as I was writing this comment.

      Ah code! The thing about it is that all of the code is starting to run together now. There are so many languages that where you execute needs to be told which is which. So if you run five languages together, you have to design each and everyone separately so that they don’t cross over on their instructions. In short, when you have ( (,9k9*?<<<$%) in your line of code, it can mean 5 different things. To clarify they write more code ( probably in a different language) That’s total crap! So that when you go to teach simple HTML instructions, you have to cross over to other languages and explain that you can execute a PHP script with HTML instructions. That’s crap!

      To run a very simple “Contact Us” form, takes five languages. That’s crap! I know for a fact you can write it in one. The only thing is, everyone is working separate from one another and don’t want to take time to work out the details of writing it out in one language, because they can piece it together in 5. Then they tell you to do the same thing. Are you confused yet Adrienne? That’s the intent! And that’s crap!

      Worse when you go to find help on the subject of languages, the help is written by the same geeks who write the code. You just can’t think this stuff up!

      I’m going to put an end to this foolishness! HTML is intense. That’s crap! For the Blogger (not a professional web designer) the path is extremely simple. And no one is writing on the subject. In my new book I think I have like two dozens lines of code. If you commit to learn these few lines, you can literally rule the world.

      If you can’t tell by now ….. I’m totally burned to the wick with the ongoing never ending lines of HTML that no one really needs, yet is being offered up as “Education”. No wonder people give up on Blogging. As if the challenge of marketing wasn’t enough, you have the technical issues to really confuse things.

  2. Coding indeed gets you paid heavily but if you do not have interest in it, it is going to get boring day by day. The point is to have interactive stuff going on in your mind and to enjoy what you do, that is the only way to success here. Otherwise, you work is going to be less enjoyable and more of a burden on you with each passing day.
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    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi James, thanks for coming by today!
      The whole idea of this coding thing came about as I was writing code on post day. I really did not have time to research a post so I thought I would do some post on coding. I felt like I may be reaching.

      When I started this Blog with the theme of “How To Make Money Blogging”. I needed to have jumped right in with the marketing side of things. However I did not know how to make money Blogging. I did know how to Blog, so for the first 18 months I wrote on how to build and maintain your Blog and the resources available to do so. I had three comments …….. all spam! All the while the mommy Bloggers were blowing my shit into the brush ( I really could have used a Chain Saw at that point ). It seems that dealing with Diaper Rash was worth 141 comments, while how to use Thesis and Joomla weren’t really worth mentioning. I started to write about ground hogs and puppy dogs on my Blog and away we went.

      So when it came time to write about code, I was a little concerned. Sure enough, you’re my second comment to this post. That’s ashamed as it would appear from my travels that a good tech Blog about Blogging would do well. I’m back to talking about ground hogs and puppy dogs and now …… Chain Saw Cam!

      • It definitely looks like you are going to get getting benefited by one of my reviews on my blogs. Just Kidding.:)

        The fact is if you write about programming and stuff, you are targeting only a limited spectrum of people-the tech savvy ones. However, writing about social issues gives you a wider spectrum of readers and also its easy to comment on social issues than on C++ codes, what do you think?

        Anyways, its not something to be disappointed, just to be popularized in the right place so that it targets the suitable audience. Also, casual blogging is good, but the sad truth is, for commercial blogging, you need to hover around a central theme most of the times.

        So, to end up your despair, you first need to determine what kind of traffic are you getting. For this, have a close look on your backlinks and then start writing. And I will be visiting you often though :)
        All the best!
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        • Jeffrey says:

          Hi James,
          I can relate to your thoughts, although a little late. I sure wish someone had communicated that to me in the beginning. I really thought that everyone needs to know at least a little code with which to work with. I guess that most are outsourcing their work. I personally don’t see how anyone is going to be able to go pro with Internet Marketing through Blogging without knowing how to code.

          Oh by the way James, do you like my “emoticon” ? I guess I should have found one like him with a chainsaw! I’m designing a whole new series of emoticons for my Blogs. You actually have to hack the “vars.php” and the “functions.php” files in the wp-includes/ directory section of WordPress. The coding is kinda cool and looks and has the feel of ……………

  3. Shivam Garg says:

    Hi Jeffrey ,
    Very rightly said.This is really very good and innovative article.The coding part is really very boring. And the article really emphasized on both pros and cons of coding. It gets you heavily paid but it is too boring.

    • Jeffrey says:

      I really think that is the main reason for good pay, it takes a lot of concentration and somewhat of a mindless effort ( more like mind numbing ) to get the job done.

  4. Joshua says:

    Coding ain’t just about making big bucks in short time, its about passion, else it will become monotonous and will make you crumble to death! So hop in if you really love it, not just because you want to make big bucks! There are other ways for that! Peddle drugs! But don’t do code, it will be more painful to you!
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    • Jeffrey says:

      I never mentioned money in the post. However, now that you bring it up, I’d like to make some. Code is a pain, it’s monotonous and I crumble as I write this ( I’ve got a KILLER php / tinyMCE problem. When text is published, turns blue and loses it’s formatting.). This does not stop me from wading into the deep end of the pool, as I have to get the job done one way or another.

      • Joshua says:

        I have been a hard end coder at the time of B.E. in college and hence find it very interesting, rather than boring. This might sound unusual, but I love to code things, and come up with pretty unconventional results!

        Thanks for your comment!
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  5. Maybe it depends upon the person, I personally never loved coding, I hate it and I find it very boring but its the other way around to my brother, he really loves it and coding seems a fun thing for him to do!
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  6. I guess it all depends on the person. I personally don’t think that coding is boring. It is however troublesome and a pain to work with. Good thing, you can easily search in Google different pre-written codes for different functions. :o )
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