Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Going Like No Blogger Has Gone Before

Worn Out Blogger

Well I’m ahh going alright! It’s now two weeks before the end of the year and I’m busier then ever (I’m about to drop, I’m so tired). I sit here trying the best that I can to visualize what the next month will look like, and I just can’t do it. However, I do know that things will change dramatically. As I learn more and more about Blogging; and by Blogging I don’t necessarily mean writing, I mean writing and running a business, the more I continue to press into the future with a well-defined approach.

The demands for my time on the technical side have really grown this past year and I am having to accommodate this trend. All things given to reason I will not be here at Bloggers Market Full-Time next year. As a matter of fact tomorrow will be my last post for the year. I’ll be taking down the site at midnight for a complete re-build. Oh joy!!!
I love to tinker!

As I stated above I’m not really sure where it is that I will land in the coming months, but I do have some sort of fuzzy picture. Bloggers Market will become more like ….. well a Bloggers Market. More on that later. It’s best if you just see the site at the beginning of the year. I’ll be posting to the homepage instead of “Jeffrey’s Corner” and I will only be posting once a week on Saturday’s. The content will be much more focused as I have a better idea of what it is that I want to provide to the Bloggers of the Blogosphere.

I’d love to find my niche and go for it, but I’m afraid I’m not wired that way. I have a number of projects in the works and will provide details as they become available.

See ya tomorrow.

The Magic Of Comment Spam

Spam In A Can

This post kinda hit me at the right moment. I just got through going through my spam folder here at Bloggers It would really be nice if everyone involved with Blogging had a Gravatar, but they don’t. I hate to discard anyone who really wants to comment on the Blog yet gets caught in the vortex of the funnel that is “Akismet“.

I dutifully go through each and every comment in my Blogs Spam file, at least up until this point. I’m slowly losing momentum. I have so much to do that I just can’t justify the time any longer. If I had as many real comments as spam comments I’d be ruling the world. However there is gold in them-there-hills.

If you look closely at some of these sites that are spamming you, you will notice that some of these sites have a treasure trove of information on their sites that you can mine for your own uses. You’ll have to use your imagination here.

I’ll be releasing new rules for my comments section in the future. I should have them in place by now, but I was hoping against hope that I would not have to do this. I’ll continue to mine for gold of course. I’ll just have to adapt a hit or miss strategy. After all, I think that’s what Gold mining was all about for the 49′ers back in the old days.

The Needle In The Haystack

Needle In A Haystack

It’s a rough day here in the south. Rainy, a little cold …… raw. I’m in to the year-end thing I wrote about a week ago. I’m thinking about and working for next year now. No real organized effort to educate the public. I’m afraid you’ll have to read my past posts. Today ………….. well, today, I’m just thinking out loud.

Very seldom do I take this Blog in a personal direction. But with the end of the year upon us ………. why not.

I was thinking about my readership and the way of the future for myself and well as the Internet marketer and their Blogs. I couldn’t help notice that Frank Kern has a new Blog, maybe website would be a better description …… maybe landing page would be a better description! I can remember when I started down this road and heard about Frank Kern taking the world by storm with List Control. I had to get to know this person, only to find out that he had closed all his Internet marketing sites and was only taking private clients. Great I thought, right when I find the hottest thing in Internet Marketing, he decides to fold and move to the Caribbean (San Diego actually).

I’ve got this uneasy feeling about the big guns coming and going, while I steadily go bow-legged and blind trying to keep up my Blogs. The kings of the Internet always seem to be absent from the Internet some how. I wonder if in the long run that will be my fate.

I like Blogging. I like my Blogs. However, I’m making my monies elsewhere. I really want to be a Blogger. I not so sure that I like the idea of David Risley’s “Hamster Wheel” though. That thought took me in another direction ………. thinking about all the Hamster ……. err, Blogs in the world. What a monster we have created. Everyone wants to be a writer or Blogger as the case my be. With the easy access of the Internet, the whole world now has a voice. The only problem I’m afraid, is not enough readers.

No one reads, everyone writes. Very few prosper.

I like to read. I just can’t find what I am looking for on the Internet. I follow about 70 Blogs for the time being and I can count the ones that I really enjoy reading on both hands. That’s one of the reasons that I try to stick to the technical parts of Blogging as opposed to being a bore with my chatter.

So much noise and not enough readers. With a bazillion Blogs now on the Internet, it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack …………. or sandbox.