Monday, December 18, 2017

Cash Flow No More?

Blogger Making Shopping Decisions

I was thinking about all of my Internet Expenses the other day and how I was going to mange all of the services and I actually found a piece that had been written by an Internet Marketing Person that was in the process of selling me a plug-in that I need.  His pitch was that who needs the popular service when you can pay him a one time flat fee.  Well, I’ll admit ……… he was pitching directly to my need. Ahh yes, the goal of any self-respecting Internet Marketeer!

I’d been thinking about the course of growth for Bloggers that I visit and was noticing that the power Bloggers are as price conscious as any grocery shopper I’ve ever known.  Having acquired some knowledge of how to do what it is that we do, I’ve gained some insight into what the Blogger is spending to ply his trade.

How would you like to make a $70,000 dollar sale today ……. well, that would pay some bills! But have you ever noticed that those who make the big sales: yachts, private aircraft, luxury auto’s …… they come and they go. Yet “Apple” is just knocking them done ………. a dollar at a time.

When you look at those who can mange the best during a down-turn in the economy, it’s those who are in the “CASH FLOW” business. It’s not sales that make you rich ……. it’s cash flow!!! However, the trend is headed towards ……….. just making a sale, period.

When looking at different business models, the debate is wide-ranging and seemingly never-ending, and is clearly beyond the scope of this post. I’m just trying to make a simple observation and then pass it on to my readers for their refection.

In the end, I’ve noticed that the cash flow model is not a popular one within the Blogging business. It all comes down to making the single sale and living with it!

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