Sunday, December 17, 2017

Can You Write Like A Blogger? – Lesson 28

OK, you can spell Blogger……but can you write like one? As I mentioned last week, the Internet is becoming more and more competitive. Only the best and the brightest will survive. As one week blends into another, and two weeks become fifty-two, focus can really take a hit.

Most Bloggers would like to prosper at their chosen craft. The ongoing challenge of trying to find a few Affiliates to fill in the homepage, and the ongoing grind of defining your blog in that first year, can both take their toll. Yes, you will have to take at least a year before you can define your Blog. When you start out you really just have an idea. As the year drags on, little by little, you discover what it is that you’re trying to communicate to your readership.

For me, I knew after about three months of writing what it was that I was after, and who I wanted as my readers. But I didn’t start out as a full-time Blogger; so the idea really didn’t gel until about nine months. I’ve seen some who bolt right out of the box, only to change their Blog’s sub-title a dozen times a year before they arrive where they want to be. Or, they decided to sell.

There really is no problem with taking your time: you’re not going anywhere anyhow! Unless you are the exception (I’ve seen one, who is no longer Blogging,) or you have money to burn on Adwords or another advertising avenue that can take you to the top fast, you’re going to be hanging around for a bit. Here at Bloggers Market, I’m all about organic traffic. My readers provide an incredible strength, but overall growth is slow and measured.

For the first year it’s a good idea to concentrate on your writing. Without that you have no Blog.

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