Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Can You Write ……… Code?

Charlie Sheen

As I stared aimlessly at the computer screen this weekend trying to conger up an image of a post, I covered the whole spectrum. Child Bloggers, New Software, Bloggers Making Trouble, New Plug-Ins, Charlie Sheen’s Torpedo Of Truth Tour. Nothing came into focus. I just could not come up with a subject. I call it “Bloggers Block”. Anywho …… writing for a once a week post which has really turned the tables for me from the standpoint of not only traffic, but actual readership, is a completely different animal ( Sorry Bob Parsons ) then say writing a daily post which was a disaster for me.

I’ve also become more personal instead of technical, I’ve moved most of that material over to Blogging Extreme and it can be a tough read, to be sure. Oddly enough I have gotten away from writing about “Learn How To Make Money Blogging” here at Bloggers Market and started to Blog about whatever hits me at the moment. However, the quality of writing has been improved as I have more time to compile, write, and edit, instead of writing a technical post on the fly everyday.

I’ve leaned that if you have a clear voice that you can compete with the millions out there. However, it takes your readers a little longer to get back to you with all the great Blogs to read these days. Honestly you would have to provide some pretty unique insight and information to get a reader to return to you “EVERY SINGLE DAY”.

Writing for your Blog is only half the effort though. You have the other side of the tracks ……… writing the code to manage the Blog. I can only image that “The Huffington Post” has one group of folks to write content and other group to code the site. However, if you are a small independent you have to go it alone. I see so many these days ( especially the “Mommy Bloggers” ) who are stay at home types who just want to share the special moments in their lives only to run head long into the harsh reality of “CODE”. I’ve seen Bloggers quit over it.

I look at a lot of Blogs and the code behind them and it never ceases to amaze me the amount of poorly written code that exists in Blogs today. I’m afraid at this stage of Internet development it’s not enough to just be a good writer and social media darling, you also have to be able to speak like a geek.

There are dozens of aids that will help you along with the task …….. none of them is any good. I made the comment the other day in one of my posts that the “WYSIWYG” editors of the day were not very good, I couldn’t really get any of them to work for me. And as far as “Plug-in” magic goes, it really is more trouble than it’s worth.

The moral of the story or post as the case my be, is to take the task at hand and jump in there and learn how to “hard code” the thing. Leaning code is best done a little at a time. Over the period of a year, you should be able to do some amazing things with your own Blog.

I Googled “simple code for Bloggers” and came up with usual “1,098,844,573,572,582,352,295″ results that is the norm for a Google search ( I guess they don’t get that most of us only look at a page or two for our results ). So to streamline things a bit I’m going to be giving you some ideas for code ………. next week!

Thanks To Glynis Jolly For The iframes Code Displayed Below!

Codebox displayed for Barry Wells.

Finished Codebox displayed for Barry Wells.


  1. Adrienne says:

    Hey Jeffrey,

    Oh darn, does this mean I’m screwed???

    Hey, I learn as I go and boy have I learned a LOT since starting online. I know the basic coding and when I want to learn something I now ask some of my close tech friends (yep, met them through blogging) or I just Google it. I think it’s kind of fun though, this whole learning process. I do feel SO proud when I figure something out when in the past it would have been so over my head. But, I don’t feel so stupid anymore that’s for sure.

    Enjoyed this post, kind of fun really! Thanks!

    Adrienne recently posted..Triberr- The Gift That Keeps on Giving

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Adrienne,
      Ya, you’re screwed alright. You just have to wait a bit for the hammer to hit.

      Screwing around with plug-ins and Google and W3C at the wrong time when you’re on the fly is a real deal killer. Managing a Blog demands that one stay on point and face deadlines. Nothing breaks that deal quicker than having to go search for code when you have to get it done.

      I wasn’t under a deadline, but this post is a perfect example of what I am talking about:

      If you commit yourself to learning a page or two of basic code, your Blogging not only looks great, you can maintain a healthy momentum that is kinda fun. That my dear Lady will make you really proud and will deliver you to the steps of moniker: “ProBlogger”!

  2. You wrote a funny post here :-) . For my shame I do not know anything about code but i want to learn a little bit. If you can get me some advice I’ll be grateful!
    Patel Urvisha recently posted..Medication For Diabetes In Dogs

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Patel, thanks for returning here. I’m working on a very expensive static site build; I have given up on counting the lines of code that run into the thousands. I’m closing on the end though. I’m down to the written pages.

      As I was finishing up on writing out a list of services for this company, the code suddenly went bad. Now, not that bad, but it would not validate. After I finished, the code looked like hell, but it validated at that point. I thought to myself, there has got to be a better way. I have always defined my list and then the items in it. Now I have tons of extra code, just so that I can please all of the browsers out there.

      I spent an extra 90 minutes that I did not need to spend. Thank goodness WordPress is a little easier to work with. This does not have to be a painful process. You can look great with just a little code!

  3. Barry Wells says:

    Hi Jeffrey, I can do some HTML but that’s about it my friend. I always thought that PHP stood for Pee His Pants as that’s the feeling i get from it :lol:

    I’m interested in learning some code as being a one man band I realise that I will need to know about these things as I’m not going to quit this journey, regardless of the hurdles I face.

    I look forward to the start of your code lessons Jeffrey.

    R&R Barry
    Barry Wells recently posted..Creating New Traffic With Blog Carnivals

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Barry,
      Oddly enough I’m working on a coding solution at this very moment that started with your lessons over at your site. I’m working on a way to nest a code box within the comments section. I think I’m about half way home and it is really proving a challenge. I’m about finished with the box for the comments section and I’m working on a “Select All Code” button for the the code box for the WordPress Post or Page sections.

      The challenge lies with the fact that I’m trying to build these boxes without the help of a javascript which is the way that most are designed. The trigger to select the code is written in java for most of these things. I’m not sure whether that’s necessary for what I am attempting. I want to do this all in XHTML.

      I think this is to be my first lesson ……….. when I know what I am doing?

      Here’s what I have so far: (Box below did not display at time this comment was originally written)

      <textarea rows="3" cols="40" onclick="this.focus();">
      This is the way of the future. To have this tool for your Blog is to
      have a very useful tool.  Now you can share code with your peers.
      Now that you have this tool you can do all types of coding.</textarea>

      What do you think Barry? Pretty impressive I know! No need to thank me, no need to thank me!

      All the text and no box, Jezzzzz, I should have been a plummer! You can check out what I have above the comments section and take a look at the bottom of the post to see the code box displayed ………. now if I can just get it to work in the comments section. Those WordPress Guys …….. Dang!

      Hi Barry,
      I’ve been working throughout the day on this issue as I explained above and have gotten the code to display in the box just above now. It is basically showing the code for the box itself. WordPress comments section will not allow certain HTML Tags as you know. This is controlled in the wp-includes section of WordPress in the “kses.php” file. I have written back to the fuctions.php file of the child theme here and this is giving me my result. However as you notice I have lost the box feel and look as you see it at the end of the post. The work goes on ………

      • Jeffrey says:

        Hi Barry,
        A day later and I have finished my work on the “Codebox” for the WordPress Post. I have also all but finished my work on the “Comments Codebox”. I’m going to combine the both of them into a Plug-in. But am not sure when I will have the time to finish-up. Here is what the finished code looks like for the “Codebox” for the WordPress Post.

        <pre><code><center><textarea rows="4" cols="60" 
        style="border:ridge 5px gray; background: #E8DCCE;" 
        Your code will go right here in the box above.</textarea></center>
        <br />

        I am going to post the “Codebox” at the end of my post above. All you have to do is copy this code and (for now anyway, until I get the plug-in done) paste it into any post and all your reader has to do is left click and either “Select All” and “Copy” or click “Copy”. Thats really the magic behind the box. You don’t have to click and drag across the text. The bad news is that if you want to rip the code in the comments section above you will still have to click and drag and the click “Copy”.

        • Barry Wells says:

          Hi Jeffrey, sorry for the late reply, I’m still offline a lot with my mum’s situation.

          You’ve been very busy Jeffrey and the work you’ve done is very impressive. I will try and implement the box ASAP and see how it looks on the blog. I’ve got to attend more meetings for my mum today, tonight, tomorrow and tomorrow evening but will get on this ASAP.

          One question Jeffrey, would i be able to enter HTML codes into the box and display the code in full, including the more than less than symbols? Of would it display just the anchored text?

          As i said Jeffrey your work is very impressive and I’d keep doing it……. being a plumber is ok if you can Tap into it, but i wouldn’t Faucet :lol:

          Thanks for all the extra help here Jeffrey, very much appreciated my friend.

          Respect and Regards, Barry
          Barry Wells recently posted..Learning Some Basic HTML Can Help Improve Your Articles

          • Jeffrey says:

            Hi Barry,
            Looking back over my notes to the build, looks like a nightmare! I really did not think it would be that hard. Codeboxes are nothing new, however they are when it comes to WordPress, therein lay the problem.

            With the code above, I was looking for the cleanest code I could write so that you could work with it on the fly while you were writing and visiting other people’s sites while giving the Codebox some degree of customization for the user.

            As of now, you can place several of the languages that you would use with WordPress and display them in the Codebox ( HTML, XHTML. PHP. PERL, PYTHON, JAVA). I have a syntax escape on the off chance that you write something that in and of inself will mess with the code of the Codebox. I can’t possibly know all computer languages so some code is sure to mess with the codebox. But I have found nothing within HTML that upsets the applecart. No yet anyway.

            The code for the comments Codebox is a whole new ballgame. I’m talking total pain. That’s spelled, “PAIN, PAIN, PAIN, PAIN”. There is now way anyone is going to write that code on the fly! I’ve got about 30 lines of code right now and I’m not quite finished. I really wanted a “CODE: Select All” button for both Codeboxes and am having trouble with both. I have to have three languages to get them to work.

            Have you got that Barry ? Or are you as confused as I am ? In the end ….. Jimmy Cricket I’ve got to write a Plug-in for this thing and combine both Codeboxes. WordPress by it’s very nature will not nest HTML within the comments section. It’s a trick to get it to work with the post also, hence why you have an “HTML” editor with WordPress.

            The reason why no one has crossed this ocean yet, is that most of this type of “Code Social Interaction” between people is handle with “Forum Software” or “Bulletin Board Software”. That would work fine for me over at “Blogging Extreme” but really is inappropriate at “Bloggers Market”. I just needed something on the order of quick to work here and at others peoples Blogs when the need arises to share a short line or two of code. My Suffering goes on …………..

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