Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Alex Jeffery’s And Sally Neill Podcast

Sally Neill And Alex Jeffreys

I just finished-up with the Alex Jeffrey’s / Sally Neill Podcast and I thought I would give a brief update. The podcast was very good. It started on time at 7.00 P.M. and for the most part went pretty smoothly aside from a glitch or two with “Go To Meeting” software.

Alex was introducing his latest mentor program titled “Automated Profit Funnels” and is available for those who are interested at this link. Alex is one of the foremost Internet Marketing trainers available today. While his mentoring will challenge you financially. (It sounds to me like a great program. I”m just a few hundred short.) The program goes for $1997.00.

What I can tell you is that this was my first time meeting Alex and I have known Sally for a year or so. I’ll have to admit that I like what I heard and was able to pick up some great links to some new Internet Marketers that I have yet to meet nor even know. Here is that list:

Jay Abraham
Brendon Buchard
John Carlton
Michael Cheney
Mike Filisame
Andrew Fox
Jason James
Frank Kern
Tim Knox
Rich Schefren
Marshal Silver
Yanik Silver
John Thornhill

As for the Alex Jeffreys system. He breaks it into 5 phases. It really is pretty straight forward stuff and I’m sure it’s nothing you have not heard before. The big difference is that Alex asks you to focus on this system …… the same system that has made him a good living. He brings you back time and again to the fact that there is a ton of distraction out there on the web and most of the noise that you hear you don’t need. Just take the principles that he gives you and work them. Period. Here is what he has provided at the Webinar today:

Create A Free Product
1. Create An Opt-in Page
2. Create A Thank You Page
3.Automate The System
1.Add Traffic By A Number Of Methods
2.Affiliate Attraction Offer
1. E-Mail Marketing
2.Back End Offers

There are a ton of extras that go with his mentoring program (which lasts an entire year by the way) and if I had the money I would be signing-up.


  1. Alex says:

    So Sally has moved up in the Alex Jeffreys world I see.
    Is she now a partner, or was she just the one savvy enough to conduct the webinar?

    How you been anyway mate?

    Where is my guest post? where are you in the blogosphere man? I thought this year was the one!
    LOL – peace
    Alex recently posted..5 Ways to Massively Increase Your Conversion Rates and Make the Most of Your Traffic

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Alex,
      I think that Sally is just working with Alex. The way the Webinar worked is that Sally lead-off and introduced Alex and he took it from there and ran the whole thing until the end.

      As for me, I’m write in the middle of building a Website for a local builder and a Website for a consignment shop. I have to pay the bills somehow …….. and Blogging ain’t getting it right now!

      As far as the other Blogs. I’m at least stable with all of the Blogs. I have another three that are due to come online this year. Down the Rabbit Hole which is going to be my WordPress Plug-in and Theme site. And Linux Squared which is going to be my Linux OS site. I’m not sure weather I told you about my Linux OS that I am developing.

      As for a guest post ……… submit your request to “” :roll:

      Really, I’ll get something together here before too long. I’m currently working on an .htaccess post for someone and I’ve been offered a full time gig ( like your thing ). I not sure I’m going to be able to handle that though. I’m busier than a one arm brick layer in Baghdad! ( I heard that somewhere).


  2. Sally says:

    Hey Jeffrey,

    Yeah I do work for Alex Jeffreys now, you are correct.

    I am not feeling so bad about using the wrong name in another post now as you used that photo of me that I hate, that was before I discovered blonde highlights ha ha.

    But thank you for the free exposure once again, so very kind of ya.

    Sally x

    ps. love the one armed brick layer thingy, need to remember that.
    Sally recently posted..OMG I’m ENJOYING Email Marketing Again Faint

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Sally, Thanks for coming by today. I’ll have to say I really miss your writing. As for the brick layer thing; I wish I could claim credit, however it was something that Alex Whalley came up with. If you stop and think about it, it really sounds like him instead of me. :cry:

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