Friday, December 15, 2017

Akismet With Whitelist Configuration

Hi Barry,

Here you will find the method to my madness. I’m not sure why, but Akismet should have a whitelist app packaged with it. It might be that they have the feeling that the intuitive learning process of the software is all that one needs. In your case, this process has failed to work.

I’m not really sure if your problem can be tied to Akismet, but we will see.

This special plug-in allows you to add trusted domains or email addresses that you want to bypass Akismet. This does not mean they will be auto-approved, but they will bypass Akismet. This method is not perfect. It does, however, prevent the annoyance of having to dig through the Akismet spam folder to approve someone who is always marked as spam.

First, be sure to add your “Akismet API Key”, than you can put in a domain to match the commenter’s URL or an email address in the textarea provided.


That would whitelist any, as well as any author URL of, OR an email address of

Once you make your changes to the textarea field don’t forget to click the “Udate Configuration” button at the bottom of the screen.

Once you have the address that you wish approved and it no longer is going to your spam folder, deactivate this plug-in and activate the current version of Akismet ( DO NOT RUN BOTH VERSIONS OF THE AKISMENT SOFTWARE AT ONCE ). This should solve the problem. In other words, Akismet should learn not to send your address that you are having problems with to the spam folder.

If not let me know and I will look into intergateing this with the current version of Akismet. I’m not really sure if this is a good idea or not as I’m not sure of the consequences of doing this.

I would like for you to use this special needs plug-in as a tool to be used and then deactivated. It might very well pose a security breach that I am not aware of as I am not that familiar with the programing of Akismet.