Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Affiliate Program

If you’re an online blogger or website owner looking to generate income and help take WordPress to a higher level by promoting products for one of the largest and fastest growing online blogging and website platforms then The Bloggers Market Group Affiliate Program is perfect for you.

Sign up is easy and takes just 3 simple steps. You must have an E-JUNKIE affiliate account setup to become an affiliate.

1. Apply

If you do not have an E-JUNKIE account, you will have to set up an account by clicking on this link. Join our Affiliate Program!

2. Find Products

Once inside e-Junkie select the “Get Affiliate Code” option, which is the second selection under “MANAGE YOUR AFFILIATE ACCOUNT“. You’ll then see a drop down menu under “SELECT MERCHANT” with a selection for “The Bloggers Market Group” products. Now select the orange bar titled “GET AFFILIATE CODE“. This will take you to the “AFFILIATE PROGRAMS BY THE BLOGGERS MARKET GROUP” page.

You can select the “COMMON AFFILIATE HOP LINK” that will take your visitors to our homepage or you can select “GET PRODUCT SPECIFIC AFFILIATE LINKS” that will take visitors to specific products (like “Bloggers Market WordPress Secrets”) on our site or landing pages. This is great for affiliates who want to list numerous products on a site similar to a store. Simply click on the orange bar titled “GET AFFILIATE CODE“. The HTML Code in the yellow box is the code that you will want to cut and past into your website. (See Affiliate Banners)

3. Linking and Banners

You can link to us using text links or banners. Once you have selected a product you want to promote you can then copy and paste the E-JUNKIE code into your Website or Blog.

Visit our Affiliate Bannerspage for instructions on linking and adding the affiliate code to your site.

Thanks so much for supporting The Bloggers Market Group and feel free to contact us at anytime via the affiliate section of the contact page or at