Monday, December 18, 2017

A Word Of Caution For The Part Time Blogger

We all see the ads or the copy that one reads from time to time about the Internet Marketer or Blogger that is working two hours a week or month or what-have-you and makes a killing Online. How cool is that? Only thing, it’s a myth ……. kinda.

I was looking at a program that was compiled by an ingenious chap and the more I looked at this program the more I liked it. This guy was offering all the toys with his package. I really can’t go into the details because the program was, well ……. detailed. He went on to discuss the particulars in his sales copy and stated that his program could be on your desktop in 5 minutes and earning you real money in 10. Hey, now that’s what I call “Get Rich Quick”. The only problem was that his program really could make you real money Online. ……. just not tonight.

Tangle Web Of Lies

As I sorted through his tangle web (get it) …… web of lies, I started to compile exactly what it is that you would need to earn bundles. First and foremost, this thing is rigged to go off like a bomb, so you would have to know some coding to exert some degree of ongoing control. You’re going to have to have some HTML, XHTML, PHP, JAVA, CSS, and a touch of PEARL and RUBY to boot.

Next, you’re going to have to have a supporting infrastructure; like a Blog or Website that does nothing but support Affiliate Offers. So your site has to have detailed server support with security features that will work with a shopping cart (which at the time was not as easy as it is today to integrate).

Your going to have to have some support apparatus available for your customers, as there were sure to be questions and problems along the way to riches. You would probably need phone support as well, along with an Online support client. I never got to look at the written materials that I am sure would be needed to support this product.

Your SEO needs to be specifically targeted to your market and your PPC budget would have to be pretty hefty. And this product would do particularly well with social interaction to promote it. So you would have to cover the social media angle as well.

The Plot Thickens

Now …….. I told you that to tell you this; this guy gave all sorts of supporting documents of earnings after he launched his products. At the end of the week, he was earning a grand a week. Not bad for a “15 MINUTE DEPLOYMENT”!!!

OK, bottom-line; you’re going to need at least 6 to 8 months of work setting the infrastructure in place, and you’re going to have to work at least 12 hour days to establish the site to work on “AUTO” as the saying goes. Not to mention the amount of money that you will need for paid advertising. And as any self-respecting marketer knows, shelf-life for Internet Marketing Products is relatively short.

Now, I’m figuring about 6 to 8 months of your time which will have to be capitalized, after all time is money. Then your PPC investment. The cost of the product and software needed to deploy.

Alright …….. you are now ready to start earning 1000.00 a week for the next year to 18 months before the product plays-out or becomes dated and is replaced by someone else with something better.

The Bottom Line

Let’s look at our haul. $1000.00 a week for 18 months equals $78,000.00. Taxes out of that …. being an Online Marketer, you will be filing as self-employed. So you’ll have to pay self-employment tax so that comes to about. $28,000.00. Next you have your cost associated with putting the program on it feet, let’s call it $124,000.00 in time based on $50.00 an hour. I think that is a respectable goal to shoot for in this business. However, that cost is relative, so let’s discount that for the time being. You now have 2 years of work in to deploy a 15 minute program that earned you, let’s see ……….. $25,000.00 a year for two years. That’s $2000.00 a month. I’ll take it !!! If I don’t get sick or meet with another one of life’s unfortunate events that will throw a monkey wrench into the gears of the machinery.

What I’m trying to say here is this. This gentleman’s assertion of a 15 minute deployment was a little disingenuous, don’t you think? He had the entire infrastructure that he personally built already in place when he launched. However, you need to look at the $2000.00 a month in profit that you will be earning for your nearly 9000 hours of work.

What In The World Am I Trying To Say Here?

I may miss my mark here but, I don’t think you’re going to be able to hang with it on a part-time basis! You’re kidding yourself if you think you can compete with the masters of this game to earn a part-time living Online. You’ll never be able to maintain your momentum. It is a grueling chore for those of us who do it full-time.

I’m not saying that you can’t earn a little money Online if you so desire on a part-time basis. However, you would do much better with a part-time position waiting on tables!


  1. Adrienne says:

    Wow… You really chopped that one up my friend. But you are SO right.

    I get so tired of hearing how some people are such great marketers. They are the ones really selling the products and kicking it into high gear but the truth of the matter is they are misleading their prospects. They are selling them stuff like this to people who are brand new and are never going to understand how to even begin to put all of this into play. That’s what really makes me mad.

    The same things goes with network marketing. You have those guys standing up on the stage, selling their rags to riches story and bragging about how much money they make now. They fail to tell you it took them 15 years of very hard work to get there. They didn’t just join this industry two years ago and are now at the top. What’s wrong with these people!!! What happened to good old honesty?

    Okay, I’m walking away from this one before I blow a gasket! Thanks for being truthful Jeffrey, someone needs to call people out on this type of stuff. You are just the guy to do it.
    Adrienne recently posted..Are You A CommentLuv Fan?

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Adrienne,
      “I’m just the guy to do it” …….. I was afraid you or someone else was going to say that.

      You mentioned that Marketers fail to tell you of the 15 years of work. The extreme cruel truth to all this is “WORK” doesn’t sell. You have to have a sense of urgency to your marketing methods to get people to act. If they grasp that this is going to take a while then there is really no reason for them to act this day and buy your products. No sense of urgency; no sale.

      Just wait till you see what I have going for the first of the year. I’m going to provide you a “Private Jet” to take you anywhere you want to go in the Blogoshere and I’m going to be dropping an owner’s manual in your lap with a “Thanks For Your Business” and “Good Luck, You Can Do It Too” pat on the back………………….. I think I’m going to skip the part about the two to three years it’s going to take you to learn to fly the thing!

  2. Rick Byrd says:

    Wait! You mean to tell me that I am being lied to by my many online marketers? Come on, if they can make money with working only 2 hours a day, why can’t I. After all I am a smart guy and if they can do it so can I.

    Ohh I see! I am only being told the part truth. These people are only telling me the easy part and not the real pre-work to get to the point of working 2 hours a day.

    October 3, I will become a full-time marketer. What I have learned over the past couple of years was that I can not do it part-time, at least not yet…

    Keep preaching the truth brother!

    - Rick
    Rick Byrd recently posted..Rick’s Favorite Movies – Not An Affiliate Marketing Lessons

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Ya Rick,

      I could just go on all night long on this subject. As I close in on the first of the year launch, I’m left with the challenge of marketing my own product line. I’ve really struggled with this. Now you might say that maybe the product is not popular or needed or is not designed right. This in and of itself can led to a great deal of confusion when trying to market your wares.

      However, I’m right on. I know exactly what I am doing. It is after all what I do. I’ve got about 30 sites, themes, and plug-ins that I’m releasing the first of the year. Every single one is spot-on. Each one validates. Except for the occasional bug, I’m good-to-go!

      The only thing I’m suffering from is ………………….. “SALES COPY!!!!!

      I’m afraid ……… very afraid, that in the end I’ll be joining in with the ranks of the “Carnival Barkers” and the “Carpet-Bagger Elixir Salesmen”. Hey, I gotta eat too ya know!

  3. Barry Wells says:

    Hi Jeffrey, you got your teeth into that one and ripped it apart.

    Thank heavens that some people really look deeply into this sort of thing. Personally I’ve never been one to read these get rich quick salespages. Mind you I don’t read many salespages at all these days, I don’t like spending (tight ass and all that ;) )

    It amazes me that some people really believe there’s a get rich scheme that works, even full time we’d have our work cut out with this one.

    I’ve seen people come and go so quickly after buying one false promise after another and then they realise they’ve been mugged off and think we’re all at it then.

    I’d much rather plod along at my pace and know that one day my hard is going to pay off….. I just wish it would hurry up :lol:

    Thanks Jeffrey, looking forward to your launch of Jeffrey Morgan .com

    Take care mate,
    Barry Wells recently posted..The Top Ten Traffic Sources Of My Recent Video Blog Challenge

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hey Barry, how goes it ?

      With the new launch I’ve got about a dozen sites that are all tied in togetther. Outside of and Blogging the whole thing is one big sales funnel “Cash Sucking Machine” (“I’ve always wanted to use that phrase).

      It’s an auto-system that has about 9000 hours into it as mentioned above. At the point of launch, instead of spending my days in Las Vegas for days-on-end partying like Alex Jeffreys, I’m going to be spending my days hustling my ass off, selling door to door ( in this case ISP to ISP ) themes, plug-ins, software, E-Books, used tires, lingerie and lawn-furniture.

      I’m going to eat, sleep, think …….. nothing but sales!!!

  4. Bruce says:

    Nice way to rip apart a ridiculous pitch and state it for what it is! I think your comment near the end is what really hits home — you are competing against seasoned veterans in whatever you do, so no, a part-time effort will not lead to a full time income.

    Whenever I read someone’s ‘master plan’ for getting rich, I always find it full of holes or that they’ve glossed over the extreme amount of grunt work that is necessary to get anything significant off the ground. Often, they just tell you to outsource everything, and then make some bogus claims about how cheap/reliable/easy it is to manage a team of foreign workers. Uh-huh.

    Also, I’d appreciate it if people could just give realistic earnings for the kinds of activities that they promote doing. “You’ll be working for less than minimum wage.” I’ve yet to hear that.
    Bruce recently posted..Biofeedback Machine Review

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Bruce, thanks for stopping by today!

      You’re going to love it here. I’ve yet to earn minimum wage at Blogging! There I’ve said it.

      Anyone that knows me will tell you of course that I’m a special case. I make most of my income from my technical skills that I have learned over the years by building Websites, Blogs, Themes, and Plug-ins. It’s still pretty tough, but at least I can hack it.

      I’ve been at it long enough to know that it comes down to 1. Traffic 2. Advertizers 3.Affiliate Partners. In that order.

      1. Traffic will definitely require you to be popular ……… as a Blogger.

      2. Advertizers are a bear to deal with.

      3. Affiliate Partners come with their own set of challenges.

      Bloggers like Huffington Post are the traditional method of Blogging for a good income.

      Bloggers such as you and I stand little chance of becoming six-fiqure players outside of this model.

      I think I’m on to something here, let me know what you think ………. it really comes down to “Bruce”, and the marketing of “Bruce”. The entire world has to come to your sites to get “Bruce”. They cannot get it anywhere else except your sites.

      That is where the true wealth in Internet Marketing lies!!!

  5. Shubham says:

    Amazing article.
    Shubham recently posted..Counter-Strike 1.6 Demo Player

  6. sai krishna says:

    very inspiring story mate :) very nice explanation .. thanks for sharing your experience with us
    sai krishna recently posted..How to Install Android 2.3 Gingerbread On Xperia X8/X10 Mini Pro

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