Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Changes At Bloggers Market

Home Page Of Bloggers Market

I thought I would give just a quick up-date as to the changes that have been made here at Bloggers This is the third re-build of the site since coming on-line back in March of 2009. While I am sure that most readers would rather read-up on topics of the site; “Learn How To Make Money Blogging”, this is really a post for my own understanding. When the next re-build comes around I will have slept since then and I will have forgotten almost all of what I did.

As you may have previously read, the team here at Bloggers Market could never come up with an idea for change, so I decide to do a quick face-lift, which torched my database.

First I started with what is essentially a new theme. I’m using the “church child” theme with the “Gensis Framework” from StudioPress with a new background. I replaced the header and the footer. I built new headline bars with new navigation buttons. They now appear as just small gray and white lines instead of a big block of gray color. I had to replace the very top RSS and COMMENTS button bar. This has been removed from the new theme, and I really like it, so I put it back. Not a pretty picture. I also centered the ad placement in the header.

Gone are a lot of the categories and pages (about a third) and I did a major re-arrangement of both for ease of navigation. Gone is “Jeffrey’s Corner” as this was really counter-productive to my readers. They were expecting fresh content on the homepage and as it turned out, I was doing this in Jeffrey’s Corner where new readers were not going ……. even with the large hyper-linked image on the homepage.

I designed a new widget for the sidebar that lets you subscribe to Google FeedBurner Updates of your content via E-Mail. There has always been a problem getting the studio press widget to work, so I decided to build a plug-in …… it’s my first. It’s called “StudioPress FeedBurner Subscriber”

I re-wrote a ton of code so that the site now validates ….. well so far as my code any way. There are still some issues with Aweber and Twitter on the sidebar, but for the most part I validate. I designed new ads for my “Blogs For Sale” and I designed a new tower banner ad on the bottom left sidebar.

While the site generally looks the same, a ton of work went in to its design. What will the future bring? Time will tell! Oh well, back to work!   :)

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